Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Chapter 9 - Hating me

Chapter 9 – Hating me

“Xiao Qiao……”


“Do you hate me?”

Gong Xiaoqiao, who was eating after suffering bitterness, finally raised her head up. “Ah? No ah!”

Gu Xingshen’s look was a bit stunned, “Since four years ago you broke up with him, perhaps earlier, from the time I went and studied abroad, your attitude towards me is very different. Still blame me for studying abroad and leaving you?”

“Sweat….. How can it be! I am not a child anymore! I can’t be so ignorant ah! I have grown up, of course I can’t stick you like I used to!” Gong Xiaoqiao hurriedly explained.

“Is that true.”


Don’t want to rely on you too much, because one day you will leave me.

Just like when I was a child I hated the people of the Gong family, just like when you were nine years old you went to study abroad with Gong Hannian, just like one day you would marry her to start your own family, so many irresistible reasons.

What do I do when you are gone?

After a moment of silence, Gu Xingshen suddenly opened his mouth, “Xiao Qiao, are you still unable to let go of Qin Yao?”

Gong Xiaoqiao trembled all over, her hands shaking so much that she couldn’t hold her chopsticks.

Gu Xingshen hurriedly patted her on the back, “Relax…”

Qin Yao, this name was like a curse, every time it was pronounced it caused her to react intensely.

Even if she had been cured four years ago, these residual could not be removed.

He had always wanted to ask, whether she was angry with him because of Xiao Rou’s betrayal of her, so she was alienating herself from him day by day, but after all, he did not open his mouth to ask.

His body suddenly became stiff, because Gong Xiaoqiao had slowly reached out and hugged him.

He no longer remembered how long she had taken the initiative to get close to him.


“Oh….. that…..” Gong Xiaoqiao buried her head in his arms. “Xiao Qiao just gave brother Shen a hug…..”

Gu Xingshen was stunned, as if in an instant he had been cured of the past hurt in his heart by her awkward hug.

In the middle of the night, it was snowing outside.

The north wind rattled the windows and the gusts of wind sounded like a hundred ghosts crying at night in the house.

Gong Xiaoqiao having messy hair, wearing pure white pajamas, shook all the way to Gu Xingshen’s bedroom door holding a pillow in her arms.

Pushing open the door, then hands on the edge of the door, dark bright eyes secretly looked at the man on the lying on the bed in the bedroom.

Although it was only a slight sound footsteps, Gu Xingshen was awakened.

In fact, he wasn’t asleep at all. The fragrance from earlier, the warm fragrance played repeatedly in his mind, he never thought that just a hug would have such a great impact on himself.

Gu Xingshen rubbed his messy hair and raised his body. The quilt slid down from his shoulder, revealing a large piece of honey-colored skin that spread to the lower abdomen covered by the quilt.

Those cold eyes on normal days were now blurred and defenseless at this moment. After seeing the white figure lying by the door, Gu Xingshen eyes seeped, then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. There seemed to be a bit of helplessness between his brows.

Gong Xiaoqiao touched the pillow in her arms and looked at him carefully. She wanted to say something, but seemed unable to. “Gu Xingshen, I can’t sleep. Let me tell you a story okay?”

Gu Xingshen had already laid down to sleep again, his mood not very good now, very bad, especially did not want to see her, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Listen then sleep again, okay?”

“……” The one who couldn’t sleep was her, why would he want to hear a story?

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