Eternal Reverence

Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010: Dusk God Lord


When Li Fuchen eliminated the seventh Forbidden Stone Monkey, a grayish rock dropped from the body.

Once the stone was exposed to the air, it immediately started to absorb the curse qi presence from the surroundings.

“Rock of Forbidden!” Li Fuchen pulled the Rock of Forbidden over.

The Rock of Forbidden was naturally able to absorb curse qi presence and it was an artifact to dispel curses.

“Congratulations to the Primary Extreme Lord.” Seeing the situation, the Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord congratulated.

The duo wasn’t jealous either.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor promised them the reward even if they didn’t find the Rock of Forbidden. Otherwise, they wouldn’t come to the Forbidden Grotto either.

After spending one year, the trio finally eliminated all the Forbidden Stone Monkey.

To be accurate, Li Fuchen was the person killing, while the Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord were just assisting.

“Let’s go then.” Li Fuchen wasn’t interested in the secret of the Forbidden Grotto. Since he found the Rock of Forbidden, there was no more reason to stay.

“This is the Rock of Forbidden?”

At the Scarlet Sword City, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor’s hands were shaking as he received the grayish rock.

His granddaughter’s curse had just acted up again last year. The pitiful state made the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor feel extremely worried. It was great that the Rock of Forbidden was finally here.

“Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor, go and save your granddaughter first. We will wait here.” Li Fuchen said.

“That’s right, don’t forget our reward after saving her.” The Sky Saber Dao Lordess laughed as she said.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor laughed too and said, “I have already prepared your rewards in advance, I shall give it to you now.” Before the trio went to the Forbidden Grotto, he had already given them 30% of the reward. Right now, it was to pay the balance 70%.

“The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor is truly forthright.”

The Sky Saber Dao Lordess requested for peak-grade spirit stones and rare resources. As for the Earth Sword Dao Lord, he wanted elder points just like Li Fuchen.

“3 million elder points should be enough to learn some new secret technique or exchange some useful items.”

Seeing the 3 million elder points in his elder token, Li Fuchen was feeling much more confident. The 900 thousand elder points given by the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor earlier might seem a lot, but Li Fuchen was going to learn secret techniques next. Each of them was more expensive than the previous one and 900 thousand elder points were truly not enough.

After handing over the reward to the trio, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor quickly entered deep into the sword manor.

Shortly after, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor returned.

“Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor, is it effective?” The Earth Sword Dao Lord asked.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor was feeling relieved as he laughed heartily and said, “Effective, effective.”

The Rock of Forbidden was much more effective than his imagination. In the past, he did find artifacts that could absorb curse qi presence, but when facing the curse qi presence from his granddaughter, those artifacts would explode or break after absorbing just a trace. Only the Rock of Forbidden could absorb his granddaughter’s curse qi presence without any restrictions.

“That is great. You have to thank the Primary Extreme Lord, of course, we need to thank the Primary Extreme Lord too.” The Sky Saber Dao Lordess knew that there weren’t many places in the universe that could hold back Li Fuchen. Without Li Fuchen around, they would have been trapped to death in the Forbidden Grotto.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor nodded, “Primary Extreme Lord, I don’t have much, but I have plenty of elder points. You must not reject these extra 2 million elder points.”

While speaking, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor gave Li Fuchen an additional 2 million elder points.

If Li Fuchen didn’t bring back the Rock of Forbidden, he would only be receiving 3 million elder points, after all, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor couldn’t let Li Fuchen work for nothing. But Li Fuchen didn’t just bring back the Rock of Forbidden, he even brought it back within a short period of time. If the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor didn’t show some appreciation, it would make him seem a little petty.

Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t refuse. The elder points might not be as useful to the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor, but it was very useful to Li Fuchen.

After saying farewell, Li Fuchen immediately returned to the Sword Radiance City.

Among the extreme-grade secret techniques, the Eye of Sword God and Sword Lock World were rather ordinary extreme-grade secret techniques. There were better extreme-grade secret techniques that required tons of elder points.

“Infinite Sword Body. An energy burst sword dao secret technique. There are a total of 10 ranks and each rank allows the burst of two times the energy. At the 10th rank, it allows a burst of 20 times the energy. Exchange cost of 1 million elder points.

As compared to the Burst Battle Body, the Infinite Sword Body wasn’t just stronger by a little. The Burst Battle Body was only able to burst out 12 times the energy, but the Infinite Sword Body could burst out with 20 times the energy.

“God Sword Shift, sword shift secret technique. At sub-completion rank, it can increase speed by 9 times. At completion rank, it can increase speed by 18 times. At perfection rank, it can increase speed by 27 times. Exchange cost of 1.2 million elder points.”

A 27 times increase in speed was a terrifying notion. Li Fuchen’s speed was already unbelievably fast. If it was increased further by 27 times, no one would be able to catch up to him apart from half-gods.

However, the God Sword Shift could only be used for escaping. It wasn’t possible to use it for pursuit. When pursuing an enemy, one would require precise tracking, but the God Sword Shift emphasized on extreme speed. It was the same as comparing a bird with an arrow. The bird would be superior in agility while the arrow was superior at speed.

“Sword Lock Universe, a seal-type sword dao secret technique. At sub-completion rank, it can trap a pinnacle lord. At completion rank, it can trap a normal unparalleled lord. At perfection rank, it can trap powerful unparalleled lords. Exchange cost of 1.8 million elder points.”

This was the main topic, the Sword Lock Universe. It was an enhanced version of the Sword Lock World. At sub-completion rank, it was comparable to the perfection rank of the Sword Lock World. At perfection rank, it could trap a powerful unparalleled lord and it meant that if Li Fuchen was ruthless, it could kill a powerful unparalleled lord.

As of now, in the Swordsmen Guild, there was only one unparalleled lord who managed to cultivate the Sword Lock Universe. Not even the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor could cultivate it.

“It is a pity that there isn’t any stronger spiritual awareness secret technique.”

The Eye of Sword God was already the best spiritual awareness secret technique in the Swordsmen Guild. It was unknown if there was any stronger spiritual awareness secret technique, even if Li Fuchen had the correct connections.

Li Fuchen knew very clearly that the spiritual awareness secret techniques had a limit and it was restricted with the strength of the spiritual awareness. It wouldn’t be as powerful as a soul dao secret technique.

Generally speaking, a spiritual awareness secret technique that could injure an elite lord’s saint spirit was already the strongest spiritual awareness secret technique. For anything stronger, only soul dao secret techniques could achieve it.

In order words, at the lord level, spiritual awareness secret techniques were useless and it was hard to produce any decisive results.

Due to Li Fuchen’s overly powerful spiritual awareness, it forcefully upgraded the spiritual awareness secret technique by two levels.

Three elite extreme-grade secret techniques cost Li Fuchen 4 million elder points. As for the remaining 1 million elder points, Li Fuchen wanted to reserve it for emergency use.

Deep Blue Plane…

There were more individuals joining in the comprehension of the World Fruit.

Iron Cloud Saint Lord, Heaven Ruin Saint Lord, Jasper Flower Saint Lordess, Deep Blue Sword Saint Lord, Wind Cloud Sword Saint Lord, Red Leaf Sword Saint Lordess, and other friends that had ties with Li Fuchen were all invited.

As for the White Rainbow Heaven Lord, Sword Wind Heaven Lord, and others who were other plane heaven lords, they were unable to enter the Deep Blue Plane. Therefore, Li Fuchen planned to let them comprehend the World Fruit later on.

However, Li Fuchen knew that the World Fruit would actually deplete too.

Inside the World Fruit was the world source. With each comprehension, it would deplete the world source a little. But to be serious, the combination of everyone below the heaven lords wouldn’t use up more world source than one regular heaven lord. A regular heaven lord would use far less world source than a city lord-level heaven lord. A city lord-level heaven lord would use far less world source than a regular lord.

For the Immortal Lord, even if he was to comprehend the World Fruit for 100 million years, it wouldn’t be possible to deplete the world source.

Therefore, the number of people comprehending the World Fruit wasn’t important, it was the strength of those people. If a huge number of lords were comprehending inside, it wouldn’t last long before the world source was depleted.

Not joining inside the World Fruit, Li Fuchen was diligently cultivating the secret techniques.

Firstly, he cultivated the Infinite Sword Body.

This secret technique could break the limits of energy output, bursting out with 20 times the energy.

Of course, the price was also huge. To burst out with 20 times the energy was simply exhausting energy at 20 times the speed. It was actually depleting at 100 times or even more.

It was mainly due to the breaking of energy output limits. As it was breaking the bodily limits, therefore, it would damage the body source. A long period of energy burst would cause more damage. As such, more energy would be required to recover.

In simple terms, the energy burst secret technique was the same as overdrafting one’s own body.

Time passed by…

With three times space-time acceleration, Li Fuchen took 200 years to cultivate the Infinite Sword Body to the perfection rank.

It also meant that without using space-time acceleration, he would need 600 years.

“An elite extreme-grade secret technique is truly incredible!”

Li Fuchen continued cultivating the God Sword Shift next, leaving the most complicated Sword Lock Universe last.

Unknowingly, another 800 years passed by.

Li Fuchen had already cultivated the God Sword Shift to the perfection rank, but he was still lacking a little for the Sword Lock Universe and still stuck at completion rank. But he was already able to trap a regular unparalleled lord.

“Primary Extreme Lord, I am being pursued by the Dusk God Lord, please rescue me.”

On this day, the Crosswise River Primogenitor suddenly sent a rescue message to Li Fuchen.

“Dusk God Lord.” Li Fuchen’s face turned stern.

The Dusk God Lord was a pinnacle unparalleled lord of the god race. He was 8th rank on the Lord Rankings and his strength was enough to make anyone feel the chills.

Apart from the Dusk God Lord, there were two other god race lords on the top 10 of the Lord Rankings. The Dusk God Lord was the lowest rank among them.

If it was anyone else, no one would risk going against the terrifying god race to rescue someone that didn’t have deep ties.

“The Crosswise River Primogenitor’s timely message allowed me to rescue the Immortal Lord, allowing me the opportunity to comprehend the World Fruit. It then gave me a huge increase in strength. I must not forget this favor, I must rescue him.”

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen flew straight for the location that was sent by the Crosswise River Primogenitor.

Quicksand Star Domain…

The Crosswise River Primogenitor was in a rather miserable state.

After a huge group of unparalleled lords were killed in the Water God Tomb, he was fortunate enough to enter the Lord Rankings, officially promoting from pinnacle lord to unparalleled lord. However, he was only a regular unparalleled lord and when facing the 8th rank Dusk God Lord, he couldn’t resist at all.

“Primary Extreme Lord, you must rescue me!”

The Crosswise River Primogenitor wasn’t certain Li Fuchen would come to rescue him. In fact, if he was in Li Fuchen’s shoes, he probably wouldn’t come.

But he was in a desperate situation now and if Li Fuchen didn’t rescue him, he would be killed by the Dusk God Lord within a short period of time.

“Crosswise River Primogenitor, despair! No one will come to rescue you!”

The Dusk God Lord was a dark-blue skinned and muscular young man, he also had countless black patterns on his body. He had already laid down the god race’s imprint on the Crosswise River Primogenitor and no matter where the latter escaped, the Dusk God Lord would be able to catch up easily.

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