Eternal Reverence

Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011: Inception Copper Key

The Quicksand Star Domain was very far from the Crosswise River Star Domain. Li Fuchen took several days to reach there.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, the Crosswise River Primogenitor was a regular unparalleled lord and if he couldn’t even resist for a few days, he was simply too weak.

After all, a lord wasn’t a creature of the Forbidden Grotto.

Creatures in the Forbidden Grotto didn’t have dense energy like the lords and they were also rather dumb.

The moment Li Fuchen detected the Crosswise River Primogenitor and the Dusk God Lord, the Dusk God Lord had also detected Li Fuchen.

“Is he here to rescue the Crosswise River Primogenitor?” The Dusk God Lord frowned.

“Crosswise River Primogenitor, I am here.” With a flash, Li Fuchen appeared at the vicinity of the battlefield.

“Primary Extreme Lord.” The Crosswise River Primogenitor let out a breath of relief and felt very emotional.

He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to rush over so quickly as he thought Li Fuchen might hesitate for a moment.

“Dusk God Lord, give me face and spare the Crosswise River Primogenitor.” Li Fuchen looked at the Dusk God Lord.

The Dusk God Lord sneered and said, “You should be giving me face. Leave now and don’t interfere with my matters.”

“Does it mean there is no room for negotiation?” Li Fuchen drew the Primary Extreme Sword.

If there was no room for negotiation, there was no need to continue the talk. Let the action take over.

“Courting death.”

Seeing Li Fuchen’s arrogance, the Dusk God Lord was enraged as he felt that Li Fuchen didn’t respect him at all.

“A mere 12th ranker thinks he can overturn the sky?” The Dusk God Lord thought to himself.

With a turn of the hand, a black rod appeared in his hand.

When dealing with the Crosswise River Primogenitor, the Dusk God Lord had yet to fight at full strength.

Most importantly, he didn’t think anyone would come and interfere.

Boom Boom Boom Boom…

The duo didn’t waste words and immediately started an intense battle. The horrific shockwave spread in all directions and even scattered the universe law.

“Tier 7 extreme-grade weapon.”

With arms getting numb, the Dusk God Lord retreated repeatedly and couldn’t help looking at Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword.

A tier 7 extreme-grade weapon was extremely rare. His Death Ink Rod was only tier 6 extreme-grade.

“Energy Halo.”

A purple halo appeared from the Dusk God Lord’s body, and it caused his entire qi presence to become denser.

“Back off!”

Wielding the Death Ink Rod, the Dusk God Lord was like a god that smashed rods after rods at Li Fuchen.

“Just in time.”

Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword danced and easily blocked all of the Dusk God Lord’s rod attacks.

“What? I can’t suppress him.” The Dusk God Lord was shocked.

He was already fighting at full strength and was still unable to suppress Li Fuchen. Li Fuchen wasn’t even at any disadvantage.

“The Primary Extreme Lord’s strength is superior to the Dusk God Lord.” The Crosswise River Primogenitor was amazed.

In terms of qi presence, Li Fuchen was inferior, but in terms of strength, Li Fuchen was superior.

“Dusk God Lord, are you not going to stop?” Li Fuchen asked loudly.

“Speed Halo, Concentration Halo, Thorns Halo…”

On the Dusk God Lord, there were all halos of various colors. These halos each had their own effects. The Speed Halo could boost the speed, the Concentration Halo could boost the observation skill, the Thorns Halo could reflect a portion of damage…

The strength of the god race wasn’t just a rumor. In terms of innate abilities, no race could be compared with the god race.

“Receive my rod!” Beaming with resplendent halos, the Dusk God Lord smashed his rod at Li Fuchen.

“Infinite Sword Body.” Seeing the situation, Li Fuchen didn’t hold back anymore. With 20 times the burst of energy, he brandished his sword.


Like a tsunami and earthquake, everything within a few light years was trembling intensively.

Bang Boom!

The halos on the Dusk God Lord were all shattered as he was sent flying.

“If you want a battle, then battle!”

Li Fuchen didn’t let go of his advantage as he followed up with lightning speed and slashed repeatedly on the Dusk God Lord.

100 swords, 1000 swords, 10,000 swords…

The Dusk God Lord was dizzy from all the attacks. He was indeed from the god race and 10,000 swords were only able to exhaust an insignificant amount of his energy. But it was still not comfortable to be slashed 10,000 times.

“Dusk God Domain!”

The surrounding universe law had been forcefully evicted by the Dusk God Lord. It was replaced by the dusk law which was in the middle of the light and dark.

Once Li Fuchen’s sword made contact with the dusk law, it immediately slowed down as though it was falling into quicksand.

Using the opportunity, the Dusk God Lord immediately pulled the distance between himself and Li Fuchen.

“Very good, you actually forced me to use my Dusk God Domain.”

The Dusk God Lord was like a god that dictated this dusky world and he was looking down at Li Fuchen from high above.

The god domain was a transformation of the god race’s innate ability, the halos.

Once a god race member was able to transform their halos into the god domain, they would immediately become a pinnacle unparalleled lord.

For god race lords with god domains, they were able to easily evict the universe law within their god domain, isolating the universe source energy. It wouldn’t allow the enemies to use the universe law and universe source energy to battle.

Of course, there was a price when using the god domain too. It would increase the energy consumption by an insane amount and it couldn’t be used for a long period of time.

Otherwise, the Dusk God Lord wouldn’t have used the Dusk God Domain until now.

“It seems like I cannot underestimate the god race.” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

When fighting with the Dusk God Lord, it was the same as to battle a water dao cultivator in the Water God Tomb. Unless he was able to fight outside of the god domain’s range.

“This is the god race?”

Even after living for countless years, the Crosswise River Primogenitor had yet to cross moves with any of the god race members. The strength of the god race remained in his imagination until now. He finally understood why the god race was titled the no.1 race in the universe. Even the mighty titan race was inferior.


The Dusk God Lord burst out with energy and it felt as though night had descended in the Dusk God Domain, instantly extending the range by a few dozen light years.

Inside this domain, apart from the dusk law, all universe law had been evicted. Apart from the dusk source energy, all universe source energy had been isolated.

Anyone who fought against him inside the Dusk God Domain would have strength that was suppressed by one or two levels. His strength was already extremely powerful and it wasn’t possible to further increase it by one or two leves, but it was still possible to boost it by half a level.

With a significant difference, it wouldn’t be a problem to severely injure Li Fuchen. If he disregarded everything, he could even kill Li Fuchen.

“Do you really think you have an edge over me?” Withdrawing the Primary Extreme Sword, Li Fuchen burst out with calamity power and blasted a fist at the Dusk God Lord.

With the Hand of Calamity at middle state, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength wasn’t very inferior to his sword dao strength. With the Calamity Immortal Body, he could forcefully contest with people stronger than him.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

There were dreadful shockwaves emitting from between the Dusk God Lord and Li Fuchen as they crossed countless moves.


When Li Fuchen changed a different energy during combat, the Dusk God Lord was already very shocked. But this energy was actually not weakened at all inside his Dusk God Domain.

“Hand of Devil, you actually know the Hand of Devil?”

The Dusk God Lord recognized the Hand of God, but in the god race, the Perennial God’s signature move was called the Hand of Devil instead of the Hand of God.

The intense battle continued as the Dusk God Lord was suppressing Li Fuchen. But when facing Li Fuchen’s Calamity Immortal Body, his attacks were ineffective.

Days later, both parties had exhausted a significant amount of energy.

If they continued the battle to death, it was unknown who might emerge as the victor.

“Primary Extreme Lord, I admit that you are qualified for me to treat you seriously.”

After scanning a look at the Crosswise River Primogenitor, the Dusk God Lord said, “I can spare the Crosswise River Primogenitor, but he must hand over the inception copper key, otherwise, I will not stop unless I die.”

“Inception copper key?” Li Fuchen looked at the Crosswise River Primogenitor.

The Crosswise River Primogenitor explained, “In the Inception Star Domain, there is a mystical hazard land called the Land of Inception and it is filled with great treasures. At the depths of the Land of Inception, there is an Inception Palace and there are plenty of rooms inside. Each room has a universe treasure. The inception copper key is used to open the rooms. However, there are superior inception silver keys and inception golden keys. There is an unknown number of such keys and they are scattered across the universe.”

“I see.” Li Fuchen nodded.

He knew about the Inception Star Domain and it was rumored that it was the first ever star domain in the universe. The substance and energy inside were extremely dense, it was even firmer than the universe law. Most of the major power factions had established their headquarters in the Inception Star Domain.

Li Fuchen knew about the Land of Inception too. It was the most mystical hazard land in the Inception Star Domain and also the most mystical hazard land in the universe. But it was unknown if it was the most dangerous hazard land in the universe.

The inception keys were the only things that Li Fuchen didn’t know about. But it was rather logical that anyone who obtained the inception keys would have to worry about inviting trouble. Therefore, the possessors of the inception keys would never tell anyone, while people who had information would never spread the information either. After all, it was unknown when they might obtain the inception keys one day. By then, they would naturally hope that lesser people knew about it.

“According to what I know the Land of Inception would open once every 10 million years. There are still 2 million years before the next opening.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t very interested in the inception copper key. He had cultivated about 2000 years, by the next opening of the Land of Inception, he might already be a half-god. Universe treasures would be useless to him by then.

The Crosswise River Primogenitor said, “There might be 2 million years before the next opening, but if 9 of the inception keys are found, the Land of Inception would also open. I remember during the past 100 million years, there were several times when there were more than 9 inception keys found.”

“There is something like that?” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

One inception key corresponded to one universe treasure and it was hard for anyone not to be tempted. Even Li Fuchen was rather tempted.

Li Fuchen wasn’t tempted previously because the next opening was still 2 million years away and it was too long.

“Primary Extreme Lord, I know you are in a difficult position. But it is truly a waste of a fated opportunity for me to give up the inception copper key to the Dusk God Lord. I would rather hand the inception copper key to you, I wonder what you think about this proposal?” The Crosswise River Primogenitor asked Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen asked in return, “What do you want in return?”

The Crosswise River Primogenitor replied, “I hope I can comprehend the World Fruit for 100,000 years.”

“Alright, I promise you.”

Li Fuchen wouldn’t possibly give up this opportunity. Even if he wasn’t thinking for himself, he had to think for the others around him.

Li Fuchen didn’t care if he had to offend the Dusk God Lord in return.

Li Fuchen didn’t think that by handing over the inception copper key, the Dusk God Lord would treat him better. Once the Dusk God Lord had confidence, he might just come to deal with Li Fuchen.

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