Eternal Reverence

Chapter 1012

ER – Chapter 1012: Sword Dao Universe

“Dusk God Lord, apologies, the inception copper key cannot be handed over to you.” Li Fuchen said to the Dusk God Lord.

“Then it shall be a battle to death!” The Dusk God Lord charged towards Li Fuchen again.

This battle lasted for an entire month and Li Fuchen’s Calamity Immortal Body was ultimately broken.

It was mainly due to the replenishment speed being slower than the consumption speed.

But the Dusk God Lord wasn’t having a good time either as his Dusk God Domain was obviously weaker.

“Haha, time to die!” The Dusk God Lord was overjoyed and attacked Li Fuchen frenziedly.

Li Fuchen was replenishing his calamity power as he battled the Dusk God Lord with the Primary Extreme Sword Art.

He might have been suppressed even severely, but it was only the consumption of energy without much injuries.

Half a year later, Li Fuchen’s calamity power had finished replenishing.


Activating the calamity power, Li Fuchen used a palm strike to shake off the Dusk God Lord.

“Damn it.” The Dusk God Lord knew that Li Fuchen’s Hand of Devil had recovered.

“If this carries on, there will be no end. My energy will be depleted sooner or later.” In order to reduce the energy consumption, the Dusk God Lord had taken the initiative to weaken his Dusk God Domain. It was now only 50% as powerful as its prime state, allowing the consumption to be reduced by 100 times.

However, he only had one type of energy while Li Fuchen had two types. While using one in battle, the other type of energy could replenish. If the cycle continued, Li Fuchen didn’t need to worry about energy depletion. On the contrary, even if the Dusk God Lord had 10 times or 100 times more energy than Li Fuchen, there would be a day where it would be depleted.

“Tidal Sea God Lord, do me a favor…”

“Extreme Light God Lord, there is something going on here…”

The Dusk God Lord started to contact the unparalleled lords of the God Hall.

“Crosswise River Primogenitor, something isn’t right. Return to the Crosswise River City first.” Sensing the abnormal behavior from the Dusk God Lord, Li Fuchen advised the Crosswise River Primogenitor.

“Sure.” The Crosswise River Primogenitor nodded and left with a flash.

As long as he returned to the Crosswise River City, not even five Dusk God Lords were able to break the Crosswise Rivery City’s array.

His Crosswise River City had much tougher defense than the Divine Leaf City.

Within a month, three god race unparalleled lords rushed over. They surrounded and attacked Li Fuchen frenziedly.

“Primary Extreme Lord, let me assist you.”

The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor was first to rush over. Different from before, this time, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor was wielding the tier 6 extreme-grade artifact sword, the Cardinal Bright Sword. Everytime it flickered, the enemies would need to respond. It immediately helped to relieve plenty of pressure for Li Fuchen.

“Haha, how can I, the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor, not be invited to a battle with the God Hall? Scarlet Sword, unsheath.”

The second to arrive was the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor. His qi presence might only be ranked top 200 on the Lord Rankings, but his Scarlet Sword was a tier 7 extreme-grade artifact sword. A scarlet flash felt as though it could slice the entire universe apart.

“Union of Saber and Sword, Heaven and Earth Execution!”

The third to arrive were the Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord. With their Union of Saber and Sword, there was a huge increase in lethal power, producing saber and sword lights everywhere.

“Dusk God Lord, my apologies, I am late.”

While Li Fuchen’s help was increasing, the Dusk God Lord’s help didn’t stop increasing either. On this day, a heavy-weight god race unparalleled lord arrived.

“Ice Fire God Lord!” The Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor had a change in expression.

The Ice Fire God Lord was 4th rank on the Lord Rankings. His energy was neither ice nor fire, it should be said that he was in control of both ice and fire energy. It could either freeze the enemy or burn them to ashes. He was an extremely powerful pinnacle unparalleled lord.

“Ice Fire God Domain!”

Once the Ice Fire God Lord arrived, he immediately activated the Ice Fire God Domain.

As compared to the Dusk God Domain, the Ice Fire God Domain had more offensive capabilities. Everyone felt their energy consumption increased by more than 10 times.

The battle between the two parties produced commotions that attracted a nearby unparalleled lord.

The unparalleled lord was shocked when watching from afar. “What kind of battle is this? The weakest person in the battle is also a top ranker on the Lord Rankings. There are even the 8th rank Dusk God Lord and 4th rank Ice Fire God Lord. Is the God Hall having a war with the Swordsmen Guild?”

As time passed by, the number of spectators increased.

Those that dared to observe were at least regular lords. Those below lords couldn’t even see the battle clearly and if they weren’t careful, they might be injured by the shockwaves.

“Ice Fire God Lord, Dusk God Lord, do you think that my Swordsmen Guild is easy to pushover?”

There was a black and white sword light that swam around the battlefield, repelling many of the God Hall’s god lords.

“Taichi Sword Progenitor!” The Ice Fire God Lord’s expression turned dark.

The Taichi Sword Progenitor was the no.1 unparalleled lord in the Swordsmen Guild. He was 5th rank on the Lord Rankings and wasn’t inferior to the Ice Fire God Lord.

Li Fuchen was rather astonished as he didn’t invite the Taichi Sword Progenitor and he had never met the Taichi Sword Progenitor before either.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor transmitted a message, “I invited him.”

This matter was no longer just between Li Fuchen and the Dusk God Lord, it was a matter between the Swordsmen Guild and God Hall. The Swordsmen Guild would never show weakness, otherwise, they would be laughed at by the other factions, thinking that the Swordsmen Guild was nothing much.

“Many thanks.” Li Fuchen knew that the situation was a little out of control too.

More reinforcement arrived for both parties, from a few to over a dozen. The battle was getting increasingly majestic and it was truly a rare sight in a few million years.

“It is a good opportunity to observe the strength of both parties.”

Once the other factions got the news, they quickly came over to observe the battle.

Factions like the Saber Alliance, Dark Council, Battle God Tower, and the Eye of Judgment were here.

“Ice Fire God Lord, do you need help?” The Dark Council’s Dark Soul Primogenitor transmitted a message to the Ice Fire God Lord.

“No need.” The Ice Fire God Lord rejected promptly.

If he allowed the Dark Council to help them, wasn’t it the same as to tell people that the God Hall wasn’t capable enough and required help from other power factions

The Swordsmen Guild had also rejected the Saber Alliance.

The Swordsmen Guild and Saber Alliance were mainly led by the human race. They might be competitive against each other, but if the other party was in trouble, they were still willing to help out.

The God Hall was truly living up to its name. Even with the disadvantage in numbers, they were still suppressing the Swordsmen Guild. Within the same cultivation realm, the god race was nearly invincible.

Seeing the situation, everyone wasn’t surprised. In terms of overall strength, the god race or the God Hall were both no.1 in the universe. There was no debate at all.

“Taichi Sword Dao Universe!” During the fierce battle, the Taichi Sword Progenitor burst out with his kill move.

The human race’s martial dao was unique, first it was the field, then it was the world, followed by the universe.

The universe was equivalent to the god race’s god domain.

However, in the Swordsmen Guild, only the Taichi Sword Progenitor was able to use the sword dao universe.

“My Sword Sea Horizon is still in the sword dao world, it seems like it is necessary for it to transform into the sword dao universe.”

Li Fuchen had enough cultivation, but his sword move wasn’t perfect enough. It also meant that his current sword dao cultivation was totally able to push his sword move’s power to a higher level.

Boom Boom Boom…

The Taichi Sword Progenitor’s Taichi Sword Dao Universe was confronting the Ice Fire God Lord’s Ice Fire God Domain. The void between the two was constantly collapsing, as though countless bubbles were gathered and exploded.

“This is the sword dao universe?”

Li Fuchen wasn’t able to come up with the sword dao universe because his cultivation time was short and he had never witnessed it before either. After carefully sensing the wonders of the Taichi Sword Dao Universe, Li Fuchen had a burst of inspiration in his mind. It was as if there were countless lightning ravaging inside.

“Ice Fire God Lord, let me assist you.”

The Dusk God Lord had already withdrawn his Dusk God Domain. With the Ice Fire God Lord around, he didn’t have to waste his energy. But seeing that the Ice Fire God Lord’s Ice Fire God Domain wasn’t able to overwhelm the Taichi Sword Dao Universe, the Dusk God Lord quickly extended his Dusk God Domain, surrounding the Taichi Sword Dao Universe in the middle.

Bang Boom…

The Taichi Sword Progenitor’s sword dao universe collapsed.

When fighting against the Ice Fire God Lord alone, it was already lacking a little. Right now, there was an additional Dusk God Lord, therefore, he couldn’t even contest.

“The Bright God Lord isn’t here yet and our Swordsmen Guild is already not able to withstand. If the Bright God Lord is here, we cannot win.” The Taichi Sword Progenitor sighed and used all his power to activate the Taichi Sword Dao Universe.

It was a pity that the range of the Taichi Sword Dao Universe was getting smaller and it was almost insufficient to protect all of the Swordsmen Guild members.

“I see how it is now.”

Li Fuchen’s perception was absolutely terrifying. With the quintessence of the Taichi Sword Dao Universe exposed to him, he immediately saw the crucial part.

“There are times when taking reference is really important.” Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with radiance, “Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe.”


A bundle of primal sword radiance burst out from Li Fuchen.

“Sword dao universe?” The Taichi Sword Progenitor’s eyes lit up and was stunned.

He was certain that Li Fuchen didn’t possess the sword dao universe earlier, otherwise, he wouldn’t have used it only now.

After a slight deduction, he understood that Li Fuchen had created his own sword dao universe after seeing the Taichi Sword Dao Universe.

It was truly a terrifying level of perception. As compared to the other Children of Universe in the Swordsmen Guild, they were truly pale in comparison.

With Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe as assistance, the Taichi Sword Progenitor was finally able to stabilize the situation. He might not be able to expand the range, but it wouldn’t reduce drastically either.

Furthermore, he realized that as time passed by, Li Fuchen’s sword dao universe was getting increasingly perfect.

“What is going on?” The Dusk God Lord was dumbfounded. “How did the Primary Extreme Lord know the sword dao universe? Did he break through during battle?”

“Such an intriguing feeling.”

Li Fuchen felt as though he was the dictator of sword dao. Wherever the Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe expanded, the universe law would also avoid it.

In other words, the Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe might be born from the Sword Sea Horizon, but it wasn’t directly related. Sword Sea Horizon was still a sword move while the Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe was Li Fuchen’s sword dao ability. There was no difference if he was using a sword or not.

Of course, now that Li Fuchen comprehended the sword dao universe, his Sword Sea Horizon would be stronger, allowing him to easily trap the enemies inside and be able to use the inexhaustible sword qi to slice them to death.

With Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Dao Universe, the battle had turned back into a battle of attrition once more. Within a short period of time, neither party could achieve much.

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