Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2264 - 2264 Breakthrough!

Chapter 2264 - 2264 Breakthrough!

2264 Breakthrough!

Parasol Tree Secret Ground.

Su Zimo assumed a lotus position on the ancient Parasol Tree. He was surrounded by the divine phoenixes and the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi in his body surged as his aura rose continuously!

Initially, he could only cultivate to the mid-stage Grade 9 Earth Immortal realm in a hundred days.

However, because of the activation of the Parasol Tree Formation earlier on, endless Heaven and Earth Essence Qi surged into the secret ground and was absorbed and refined by the Green Lotus True Body.


Coupled with the immense power of the Jupiter Wood and the ancient Parasol Tree, Su Zimo absorbed all their life essence. In an extremely short period of time, his cultivation realm had already reached the peak of a Grade 9 Earth Immortal!

He was only a step away from becoming a Heaven Immortal!

Due to the augmentation of the flames of the Parasol Tree Formation, Su Zimo had already refined the Jupiter Wood completely—even the ancient Parasol Tree looked a little dispirited after its life essence was drained.

Of course, this ancient tree had existed for too long and the lifeforce it nurtured was immeasurable—it would not wither just like that.

In Su Zimo’s consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform spun slowly and transformed at every moment, emitting a resplendent glow!

The power in the Green Lotus True Body was already at its limits and could no longer absorb any Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

Everything was ready except for an opportunity!

Su Zimo took out the Parasol Tree Elixir from his storage bag and swallowed it.

The Parasol Tree Elixir was refined using the leaves and fruits of the Parasol Tree along with many immortal herbs and spirit wood. It could greatly reduce the obstacles Earth Immortals encountered when breaking through to the Heaven Immortal realm.

The moment the spirit pill entered his stomach, it exploded and turned into a scorching warm current that flowed through his limbs and bones. A tremendous amount of energy surged into his bloodline and struck the Spirit Platform of his consciousness, nourishing his Essence Spirit.

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the barrier of the Heavenly Essence realm was extremely close but he could not reach it.

The leap from the Earth Essence realm to the Heaven Essence realm was a major cultivation realm after all.

In just a hundred days, Su Zimo broke through from a Grade 8 Earth Immortal to the borders of the Heaven Essence realm. It was unimaginable and the difficulty was exponential!

He was just a little bit away from breaking through that barrier!

Right then, in his consciousness, the Hell Suppression Tripod that had been refining a few treasures for the past few days suddenly trembled gently.

The final tripod wall was completely repaired!

An ancient aura emanated from the Hell Suppression Tripod, as though it had reversed from the endless river of time and had seen through the vicissitudes.

The cracks on the Hell Suppression Tripod had already healed completely!

Su Zimo could clearly sense that the Hell Suppression Tripod was different from before. However, he could not pinpoint the exact difference.


The White Tiger Sacred Soul on the fourth tripod wall opened its eyes and released a chilling killing intent that was not inferior to the Heaven and Earth Slaying Sword Arts!

A lineage memory surged into Su Zimo’s mind.

At the same time, golden Sanskrit words appeared on the fourth tripod wall and connected perfectly to the Sanskrit words on the other three tripod walls.

The reparation of the Hell Suppression Tripod meant that the complete Prajna Nirvana Sutra had reappeared!

The golden Sanskrit words on the four walls of the Hell Suppression Tripod seemed to have fallen off and appeared in Su Zimo’s consciousness.

Su Zimo’s consciousness turned golden and shone like a sacred temple of the Buddhist monasteries. Sanskrit sounded endlessly and there were faint phantoms of Buddhas and the cries of dragons and elephants!

The endless might of the Buddhist monasteries surged within his consciousness.

Su Zimo could not comprehend the sutra on the fourth tripod wall within a short period of time.

However, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra was a Taboo Mystic Classic after all. After it was completely recovered, the golden light that spread out from the Sanskrit surged into the Green Lotus Essence Spirit and caused a change to the Creation Lotus Platform and Green Lotus True Body.

The Green Lotus True Body sat on the Creation Lotus Platform with a layer of Buddhist light around him. Wielding the Trinity Auspicious Jade, he lowered his head with a dignified expression.


It was as though a shackle had snapped within Su Zimo’s body.

He could clearly sense that his lifespan had increased to 300,000 years!

He had broken through!

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and an endless stream of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi surged into his nose and mouth from the Parasol Tree Secret Ground, surging within the Green Lotus True Body.

With the might of the Taboo Mystic Classic, the Prajna Nirvana Sutra, Su Zimo finally broke through the barrier and entered the Heaven Essence realm, becoming a Grade 1 Heaven Immortal!

At the same time, the Green Lotus Essence Spirit received the baptism of Sanskrit and was nourished by the Creation Lotus Platform. Its cultivation realm broke through once more and it was at the Level 3 Heaven Essence realm!

The transformation of Su Zimo was not over yet.

The Green Lotus True Body absorbed a large amount of energy from the Jupiter Wood and the ancient Parasol Tree. Coupled with the breakthrough of Su Zimo’s cultivation realm as well as the Green Lotus Essence Spirit realm, the Green Lotus True Body underwent a tremendous change as well!

In his consciousness, all the lotus petals on the Creation Lotus Platform fell off and regrew, turning emerald green.

After the tenth circle, the 11th circle grew and blossomed silently, revealing a flower bud that emitted endless lifeforce and a lotus platform filled with vitality!

There were already 99 lotus holes on the lotus platform!

The Creation Lotus Platform transformed as well!

The Green Lotus True Body was also breaking through and undergoing a complete transformation!

Grade 11 Creation Green Lotus!

Su Zimo’s blood qi surged and every single inch of his skin shone with a jade green glow. He emitted a faint fragrance and his lifeforce was immense!

Even the ancient Parasol Tree he sat on revealed a hint of fear and did not dare to sway, afraid that it would disturb Su Zimo.

This opportunity was way too important for Su Zimo!

If not for this 10,000 Year Meet and the Earth Ranking, it would have taken him at least a thousand years to break through to the Heaven Essence realm!

But now, in just a hundred days, he had gone from a Grade 8 Earth Immortal to the current Level 1 Heaven Essence realm!

Even Yun Ting could not match that speed of improvement.

Of course, such an opportunity was difficult to replicate and could only be chanced upon.

Such an effect could not be achieved if there was even a single segment missing.

If not for the sudden activation of this array formation in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground that forced Su Zimo to refine the Jupiter Wood and snatch the lifeforce of the ancient Parasol Tree, he would have had to return to Heaven and Earth Academy and continue his seclusion before he could break through.

Su Zimo’s breakthrough to the Heaven Essence realm did not merely raise his cultivation realm.

The Green Lotus True Body advanced a realm as well and his combat strength increased exponentially!

This was a complete transformation from head to toe!

Right now, Su Zimo was a humanoid Grade 11 Creation Green Lotus!

Right then, something crossed Su Zimo’s mind.

Under normal circumstances, after the Creation Green Lotus grew to Grade 9, there would be a huge change with every advancement and a treasure would be born.

The first two were the Nine Heavens Living Soil and Trinity Auspicious Jade.

Both treasures were extremely powerful and mysterious for Su Zimo!

He did not know what changes the Green Lotus True Body would undergo after this transformation.

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly realized that something had appeared in the hands of the Green Lotus Essence Spirit on the Creation Lotus Platform.

It was a horsetail whip with a jade green handle. It had snow-white threads that were spotless.

The Green Lotus True Body held the Trinity Auspicious Jade in his left hand and a horsetail whip in his right. A resplendent glow enveloped him and he was extraordinary like a god!

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