Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2265 - 2265 Ashes

Chapter 2265 - 2265 Ashes

2265 Ashes

In the depths of the Yan Yang Palace, more and more cultivators gathered outside the Parasol Tree Secret Ground.

Through Feng Yin, news of the change in the Parasol Tree Secret Ground spread through the palace at the fastest speed and attracted countless cultivators.

Apart from the major sects and factions, even some of the other princes and princesses of the Yan Yang Palace came over to watch the show.

“What’s going on? I heard that the Parasol Tree Formation was activated and Su Zimo died inside?”


“Yes, this must be Tianhong’s doing. Why else would he be here?”

“Xie Qingcheng is arguing with Tianhong? Does he have a death wish?”

A few princes of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom conversed with their spirit consciousnesses in secret.

“What’s going on?”

The elders of Heaven and Earth Academy finally arrived. They pushed through the crowd and rushed to the front.

“Fellow Daoists, my condolences,”

Xie Tianhong pretended to be sad and cupped his fists. “For some reason, the two of them went crazy and activated a formation in the secret ground. By the time I attacked, it was already too late.”

“Why did the two of them suddenly go crazy and activate the formation?”

The elders of the academy frowned.

Although they were not present, their intuition and experience told them that something was amiss—things were not as simple as Xie Tianhong had described.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow glanced at Xie Tianhong with an unfriendly expression and clenched fists.

Sensing something amiss, the elders of Heaven and Earth Academy shifted their gazes towards Xie Tianhong.

Xie Tianhong had a calm and fearless expression as he met the gazes of the Heaven and Earth Academy elders with a faint smile.

“Scarlet Rainbow, Your Highness Qingcheng, what’s going on?”

Elder Zhong looked at Xie Qingcheng and Scarlet Rainbow and asked in a deep voice.

Xie Qingcheng had a conflicted expression and opened his mouth slightly, wanting to speak but stopped.

In the royal family of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom, be it in terms of status or cultivation realm, he was way inferior compared to Xie Tianhong.

Most importantly, he had no evidence!

How could he accuse a prince who ruled over a territory without any evidence based on his mere guesses and suspicions?

If he stood out now, there was a high chance that he would attract trouble and become the target of everyone!

“I suspect that it was Xie Tianhong’s doing.”

After a long silence, Xie Qingcheng suddenly spoke in a shocking manner!

This was openly accusing a high status prince who ruled over a territory in front of everyone. Furthermore, it was a fallout between the royal family of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom!

More importantly, the person who died inside was the top of the Earth Ranking, Su Zimo. This concerned Heaven and Earth Academy and if this was not handled properly, there was a high chance that a rift would break out between the two factions.


Xie Tianhong’s expression turned cold as he said in an unfriendly tone, “Xie Qingcheng, how dare you slander me!”

“Xie Qingcheng is just a lowlife. Brother Tianhong, there’s no need to stoop to his level.”

Not far away, another prince walked over slowly with a mocking expression.

“That’s right.”

Yet another prince stood out as well. “Xie Qingcheng, even if father’s noble bloodline flows through your body, you can’t break free from the insidious nature of a lowlife!”

“Do you think that you’re qualified to ascend the throne just because you framed Brother Tianhong? You’re far from that!”

Before Xie Tianhong even had to explain himself, other princes of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom stood out and spoke up for him.

Xie Qingcheng was expressionless and his face was pale.

He was a prince of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and had a noble status in the eyes of others.

However, his background had always been extremely unbearable in the eyes of the royal family of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom.

His mother came from the lower worlds and even died for no reason!

Those things had always been buried in the depths of his heart and were the deepest scars.

Right now, those wounds were being reopened.


Right then, a streak of light sped over from afar at an astonishing speed with a powerful aura. In the blink of an eye, it descended.

Perfected Immortal Xie Ling!

When he received Xie Qingcheng’s messenger talisman, he rushed over right away.

He had not expected such an accident to happen in that short final hundred days!

“What’s going on?” Xie Ling asked.

Xie Tianhong repeated what he said earlier on.

Xie Ling looked at Xie Tianhong fixedly.

He was ranked second among the descendants of the Yan Yang Immortal King and was older than many princes and princesses present. He knew everyone’s temperament and actions like the back of his hand.

Naturally, he could tell that things were not as simple as Xie Tianhong made it out to be.

Furthermore, when he thought about how Xie Tianhong admired the Zither Immortal, there was a high chance that it was done by Xie Tianhong!

Xie Ling remained silent.

Those speculations circled through his mind but he did not say them.

For the sake of the big picture, there was indeed no need to expose this matter and let others gossip about it.

“Your Highness Xie Ling, please hurry and close the Parasol Tree Formation!”

Elder Zhong said hurriedly when he saw Xie Ling appear.

Xie Ling sighed gently and said apologetically, “The Parasol Tree Formation has been activated for a few hours now. Fellow Daoists, you should be mentally prepared.”

“Even if Su Zimo is dead, we have to see his corpse!”

Elder He said angrily.

Xie Tianhong shrugged his shoulders gently and added indifferently, “Once the formation is activated, a Grade 9 Heaven Immortal will have turned into ashes in an hour. You guys will be disappointed if you enter.”

There was no hint of apology in Xie Tianhong’s tone. Instead, there was a hint of smugness.

Turned into ashes without a corpse remaining!

The eyes of everyone from Heaven and Earth Academy dimmed in shock and anger.

“Your Highness Xie Ling, the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom has to account for this matter!”

Elder Zhong tried his best to suppress the grief and indignation in his heart and said in a deep voice.

“Isn’t it enough for two Grade 9 Heaven Immortals to die with him?”

Before Xie Ling could speak, Xie Tianhong asked instead.

The two guards he killed earlier on had extraordinary cultivation realms as well—both of them were Grade 9 Heaven Immortals!

“How is that comparable?!”

Elder Zhong shouted angrily when he saw Xie Tianhong’s nonchalant attitude.

Xie Tianhong laughed and asked coolly, “I’ve already killed the murderers on the spot. How else do you guys want us to account for things?”

The elders of Heaven and Earth Academy were indignant but had nowhere to vent.

Did they really want Xie Tianhong to die as well?

Notwithstanding the fact that they did not have any evidence…

Even if there was evidence, this was the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and that would definitely not happen!

“Su Zimo has just obtained the top of the Earth Ranking and helped Heaven and Earth Academy become famous in Divine Firmament Mainland. To think that he would encounter such a calamity…”

“He deserved it. He was too sharp and offended so many experts. It’s already decent for him to survive till this point.”

Many cultivators whispered. Some of them felt pity while others gloated.

“So what if you obtained the top of the Earth Ranking? Is it of any use if you die so quickly?”

The frustration in Feng Yin’s heart was swept away as he thought to himself with a smile.

Xie Ling sighed. “I’d better turn off the Parasol Tree Formation first. Let’s go in and take a look. Perhaps Su Zimo might be blessed by the heavens…”

Xie Ling did not manage to finish his sentence.

He knew that it was only a consolation.

At the side, Xie Tianhong chuckled and shook his head. “It would be a miracle if Su Zimo is still alive.”

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