Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2562 Massive Battle

Chapter 2562 Massive Battle

One of the three great sword immortals, Jue Wuying, was dead!

The cultivators in the Divine Firmament Hall were shocked.

Even the death of Old Man Soul Collector in the hands of Book Immortal earlier on did not cause such a huge reaction.

After all, Old Man Soul Collector was only an ordinary Perfected Immortal with some special skills.

As for Jue Wuying, he was from the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom and was one of the three great sword immortals. He had been famous for many years with unfathomable assassination methods, often shocking the entire Nine Firmaments.

To think that he would die on the spot today.

Furthermore, in everyone's eyes, Jue Wuying was killed by Chess Immortal Jun Yu in a single move and was almost completely helpless!

In the entire Divine Firmament Hall, only a few people could tell that something was amiss.

Jun Yu was directly involved and could sense it even more clearly!

On the surface, Jue Wuying died in her hands. However, in reality, given the power she released earlier on, it was difficult for her to kill Jue Wuying within a single move.

Both parties would have to be in a stalemate for a moment.

In that short period of time, many variables could happen. For example, if Meng Yao, Sword Immortal Yue Hua and the others attacked, Jue Wuying would have a chance to escape.

However, the moment they exchanged blows, Su Zimo released his supreme divine power and struck Jue Wuying.

Under normal circumstances, the supreme divine power of a Heaven Immortal could not threaten an expert of Jue Wuying's level.

However, while both parties were in a stalemate, Jun Yu could clearly sense that Jue Wuying's lifespan was decreasing while the power within his body deteriorated as well.

That was the reason why Jue Wuying could not hold on any longer and his Essence Spirit was destroyed by her Astral Chessboard.

As for Jue Wuying, he died without a corpse left and no one knew about the changes that happened to him in that instant.

Rather than saying that Jue Wuying died in her hands, it would be more accurate to say that Su Zimo made use of her strength to trap and kill Jue Wuying!

Jun Yu glanced sideways at Su Zimo deeply.

She was entrusted by someone to protect this disciple of the academy. However, she did not know much about this scholarly cultivator and had only heard a little about him.

It was only now that Jun Yu realized that this person was indeed special.

To be able to release a supreme divine power that could threaten a Perfected Immortal at the Heaven Immortal realm meant that this divine power had already touched the threshold of a peerless divine power!

Even at the moment of his death, Jue Wuying did not expect that he would die in the hands of a Heaven Immortal.

Perhaps, that was his fate.

Back in Cangyun Mountain, Jue Wuying tried to assassinate Su Zimo and Su Zimo retaliated with Fleeting Moment. Unfortunately, Su Zimo failed to kill him.

But now, Jue Wuying had attacked Su Zimo for the second time.

Su Zimo looked for an opportunity and counterattacked for the second time. Finally, he made use of Chess Immortal Jun Yu to trap and kill the latter!

"The Chess Immortal is way too domineering!"

"That's right. Fairy Jun Yu scolded Perfected Immortal Mu Feng the moment she appeared and now, she killed Jue Wuying with a single move. Her combat strength…"

"I don't think things will end well for both parties today. Fairy Meng Yao's side is also filled with Perfected Immortals who have been famous for a long time. They have the advantage in numbers and won't retreat so easily."

A commotion broke out in the crowd.

"Fairy Jun Yu, aren't you being too ruthless?!"

A Perfected Immortal of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom shouted with a dark expression.

Among the Perfected Immortals of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom, Jue Wuying had an extremely high status. He was equivalent to Sword Immortal Yue Hua in Heaven and Earth Academy and Meng Yao in Flying Immortal Sect.

Now that Jue Wuying was dead, the Perfected Immortals of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom would definitely not let things go!

A sharp glint gradually appeared in Sword Immortal Chunfeng's eyes as he said slowly, "Fairy Jun Yu, since you insist on protecting this outsider, don't blame us for being merciless!"

Sword Immortal Yue Hua's aura intensified as he said in a deep voice, "Chess Immortal Jun Yu, since you want to challenge me, I'll do as you wish today!"


Yun Zhu chuckled with a mocking gaze. "She challenged you to a one-on-one battle and now, you're about to join forces with others? Don't you have any shame?"

"That's right!"

Yun Ting added fuel to the fire and shouted, "Sword Immortal Yue Hua, if you even have any dignity left, fight the Chess Immortal one-on-one!"

Sword Immortal Yue Hua's expression darkened and he remained silent.

How would he dare to fight the Chess Immortal alone?

If it was a one-on-one fight, there was no doubt about the outcome!

Furthermore, the Chess Immortal was clearly someone who had no qualms. If this woman were to go crazy, she would even dare to kill him!

In the hearts of many people, the Chess Immortal was a crazy woman who looked for people to fight everywhere—everyone wanted to avoid her.


Meng Yao plucked the zither strings and interrupted everyone's thoughts once more, attracting a lot of attention.

"Today's matter stems from the identity of Su Zimo of the academy."

Meng Yao said indifferently, "Anyone who isn't of our race will definitely harbor evil intentions. This lad infiltrated Heaven and Earth Academy and even wants to fight for the Heaven Ranking. Due to his nefarious intentions, he is a common enemy of everyone!"

"There's naturally no need for us to fight one-on-one against an outsider of another race."

Meng Yao's statement resolved the awkwardness of Sword Immortal Yue Hua temporarily.

"That's right!"

Perfected Immortal Wu Feng shouted as well, "Jun Yu, you can't protect him alone!"

Meng Yao and the others had planned this for a long time and had already launched an attack today. Now that things had come to this, it was like an arrow on a bow that had to be fired.

Yun Zhu smiled gently and declared, "Wu Feng, don't forget that Sister Mo Qing and I are still here."


Mo Qing did not say much but nodded vigorously.

"There's no need for the two of you to attack. Just protect him."

Jun Yu glanced sideways and said to Yun Zhu and Mo Qing.

Thereafter, she turned around and swept her gaze across Meng Yao, Sword Immortal Yue Hua and the others. "You guys can be considered as top-tier Perfected Immortals in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain. Since we're all gathered today, it saves me the trouble of searching for you one by one!"

"Let's fight!"

Jun Yu hollered and threw the Astral Chessboard in the direction of Meng Yao!

The Astral Chessboard spun in midair and instantly, everyone seemed to be in the starry skies with millions of stars surrounding them in a bedazzling manner.

In fact, everyone fell towards the Astral Chessboard uncontrollably.


It was way too fast!

In the blink of an eye, the Astral Chessboard arrived before Meng Yao!

Meng Yao's expression changed starkly!

Although she had yet to collide with the Astral Chessboard, the terrifying power contained by it made her feel suffocated and even had a strong sense of danger!

"So strong!"

Meng Yao did not have time to think and did not dare to fight the Astral Chessboard head-on as she fiddled with the zither with her fingers.

A zither sound sounded.

Immediately after, her figure seemed to have fused into the sound of the zither and vanished from the spot!

This was an escape technique that she had cultivated and would not be released unless she had no other choice.

She was under immense pressure from just a single attack of the Chess Immortal!

Meng Yao managed to avoid the Astral Chessboard thanks to her escape technique.

However, another Perfected Immortal of Flying Immortal Sect stood behind her.

Although Meng Yao was gone, the momentum of the Astral Chessboard was still strong. The Perfected Immortal could only watch as he had no time to react at all.

Instantly, a blood mist spread as he was smashed into pieces by the Astral Chessboard. His Essence Spirit was destroyed and he died on the spot!

Another Perfected Immortal was slain after Jun Yu attacked!

That exchange triggered the entire battlefield as Sword Immortal Yue Hua, Chunfeng Jian, Perfected Immortal Wu Feng and the other experts entered the fray!

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