Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2563 Astral Chess Pieces

Chapter 2563 Astral Chess Pieces

The moment Jun Yu attacked, she wanted to take on dozens of Perfected Immortal experts singlehandedly!

Even Mo Qing and Yun Zhu could not help but praise internally when they saw that.

If one wanted to fight for the title of Supreme Perfected Immortal, they would have to possess extraordinary methods and shocking boldness!

"Jun Yu is indeed very powerful, but she's still slightly inferior to him."

Suddenly, Mo Qing thought of someone and could not help but recall the scenes in Avici in a daze.

Immortal King Qing Yang leaned against his seat and looked at everything calmly with a faint smile on his face without any intention of interfering.

He wanted to see how today's matter would end.

A battle at the Perfected Immortal realm was much more interesting to him than the Divine Firmament Immortal Meet.

The central region of the Divine Firmament Hall had already turned into a battlefield!

The battle between the Perfected Immortals was terrifying and many divine weapons, divine powers and secret skills streaked through the battlefield.

Every single collision was earthshaking!

The aftershock of the collision between the Perfected Immortals could kill many Heaven Immortals with ease and the surrounding cultivators retreated repeatedly.

This time round, Meng Yao fiddled with her fingers and the sound of the zither lingered.

The dozens of ferocious beasts and living beings summoned by Mo Qing's Painting Book gradually could not hold on any longer. Their Dharmic Dao vanished and dissipated.

Led by Sword Immortal Yue Hua, Sword Immortal Chunfeng and Perfected Immortal Wu Feng, the remaining dozens of Perfected Immortal experts released a torrential storm of attacks at Jun Yu!

"Astral Chess Pieces!"

Against such pressure, Jun Yu's fighting spirit intensified. She threw the chessboard in her hands in midair and released a unique supreme divine power!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The chessboard spun slowly and the 361 black and white chess pieces on it bounced up rapidly, shooting towards the dozens of Perfected Immortals in the surroundings!

Every single chess piece on the Astral Chessboard looked like they were not much larger than a fingernail.

However, in reality, every single chess piece was refined continuously by a star and fused with the Dharmic Dao before condensing.

Although they looked like chess pieces, they were actually stars!

Otherwise, Jun Yu would not have been able to injure Jue Wuying with the power of a single chess piece.

The release of 361 chess pieces was equivalent to 361 stars charging out at the same time with an unstoppable might!

The expressions of the dozens of Perfected Immortals changed starkly!

Meng Yao had a grim expression as the halo released by the Dao Fruit spread continuously.

She strummed her zither with all ten fingers and increasing precision. At the same time, the sound of the zither became more hurried and a murderous intent was triggered, as though it had materialized!

Meng Yao had already pushed her zither skills to their limits and tried her best to help the other cultivators resolve the 361 black and white chess pieces that were charging over.

The sound of the zither was bleak and endless.

Ripples appeared in the void and collided against the 361 black and white chess pieces.

In reality, if Meng Yao had not stepped in this time round and used her zither sound to defend against the collision of the many black and white chess pieces, more than half of the dozens of Perfected Immortals would have died!

Even Jue Wuying could not defend against it, let alone the other Perfected Immortals.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 361 black and white chess pieces broke through the obstruction of the sound of the zither and collided against the divine weapons, divine powers and secret skills of the dozens of Perfected Immortals, letting out a series of deafening sounds!

Sparks flew and light burst forth!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Even with the Zither Immortal's attack, she could not neutralize the full power of the black and white chess pieces. Half of the dozens of Perfected Immortals spat out blood and fell after being severely injured.

There were also a few Perfected Immortals who were not strong enough and died on the spot after being struck by a few chess pieces!

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd.

The Chess Immortal was so domineering that she could even gain the upper hand against so many people!

Even the combined forces of the Zither Immortal, Sword Immortal Yue Hua, Sword Immortal Chunfeng and Perfected Immortal Wu Feng could not suppress the aura of the Chess Immortal!

A few black and white chess pieces smashed towards Meng Yao.

Clang! Clang!

Meng Yao had a calm expression as she plucked the strings of the zither a few times.

The sound of the ancient zither condensed into divine weapons that collided against the incoming chess pieces.

With a series of crisp sounds, the divine weapons formed by the sound of the zither dissipated and the power of the black and white chess pieces was almost depleted.

Meng Yao waved her robes and brushed away the chess pieces with ease.

Sword Immortal Yue Hua, Sword Immortal Chunfeng and Perfected Immortal Wu Feng used their respective methods to defend against Jun Yu's supreme divine power.

That move alone was enough to tell the difference between the other Perfected Immortals and Meng Yao's group of four.

Jun Yu's attacks did not stop.

After releasing the Astral Chess Pieces, she leaped onto the chessboard and sped towards Sword Immortal Yue Hua.

Sword Immortal Yue Hua had just resolved the attack of the black and white chess pieces when Jun Yu stepped on the Astral Chessboard and closed in!


Sword Immortal Yue Hua did not have time to think as he slashed in reverse against the Astral Chessboard.

Immediately after, Sword Immortal Yue Hua channeled his blood qi to its limits and released his Bloodline Phenomenon!

At the same time, Sword Immortal Chunfeng, Perfected Immortal Wu Feng and even Zither Immortal Meng Yao attacked. They released their Bloodline Phenomenons together and charged towards Jun Yu.


Jun Yu did not hesitate either. Suddenly, a boundless starry sky appeared behind her, vast and mysterious.

The starry skies seemed to be her chessboard.

As for Jun Yu, she stood in the Heaven Essence position[1] of the chessboard as though she was invincible and could rule over the starry skies and control their power!


The Bloodline Phenomenons of both parties collided and devoured continuously in an earthshaking manner!


Sword Immortal Yue Hua and Sword Immortal Chunfeng released the unique sharpness and killing power of the Sword Dao. The two of them joined forces and finally broke Jun Yu's starry skies into two!

Of course, the Bloodline Phenomenons of the four of them could no longer hold on and swayed.

The four of them attacked once more.

Sword Immortal Chunfeng's sword technique was incomparably delicate and relentless. His attacks came one after another, sealing the space around Jun Yu completely!

Sword Immortal Yue Hua's edge was ferocious and his sword technique was even sharper.

Their sword techniques were one tough and gentle, one Yang and one Yin. Coupled with one another, their combat strength increased exponentially.

As for Perfected Immortal Wu Feng, he wielded his sword in his left hand and axe in his right. He joined forces with Meng Yao and coordinated with her, cutting off all of Jun Yu's escape routes!

The four Perfected Immortals joined forces and released shocking combat strength!

Even Yun Zhu and Mo Qing, the two bystanders, felt that something was amiss and frowned slightly.


Unhurriedly, Jun Yu suddenly took a step in a direction.

This step was incomparably mysterious and imperceivable.

However, with just a single step, she broke free from the encirclement of the four Perfected Immortals and withdrew herself!

"Nine Palace Subtle Steps!"

When he saw Jun Yu's movement technique, Su Zimo's heart skipped a beat as he murmured softly.

This footwork was released by a black-robed woman when the Martial Dao Prime Body underwent the True Martial Tenth Tribulation.

Later on, he found out from Lin Luo that this footwork was called the Nine Palace Subtle Steps and was imparted to her by Fairy Ling Long.

Up till now, in Su Zimo's knowledge, Fairy Ling Long and Lin Luo were the only two people who knew the footwork.

Even Lin Lei and the Human Monarch did not manage to learn it!

Back then, by some freak coincidence, he released it once.

However, in reality, he had not mastered the Nine Palace Subtle Steps and it was merely a flash of inspiration that was difficult to replicate in the future.

To think that he would see this mysterious and strange footwork reappear on the Chess Immortal today!

[1] Center of the chessboard

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