Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2564 Communication

Chapter 2564 Communication

Of course, be it Lin Luo or Chess Immortal Jun Yu before him, none of the Nine Palace Subtle Steps were as precise as the black-robed woman's steps that the Martial Dao Prime Body saw when he underwent Tribulation Transcendence.

Just as Su Zimo was pondering, Jun Yu broke free from the encirclement of Meng Yao, Sword Immortal Yue Hua and the other three and counterattacked without stopping!

Arriving before Meng Yao, Jun Yu raised her palm and slapped down on her face.

"Heaven Essence Strike!"

Jun Yu hollered.

The center of the Astral Chessboard was the Heaven Essence position. This secret skill was equivalent to turning the entire battlefield into a chessboard. By occupying the Heaven Essence position, one could mobilize all the power of the entire chessboard and release their strongest attack!

Meng Yao and the others attacked flawlessly but Jun Yu managed to break free.

With that, Meng Yao and the others were instantly disadvantaged.

It felt as though both parties were playing chess. Jun Yu's single amazing move had turned the tides completely!

The battlefield was a chess game and every single step was a gamble!

Although Meng Yao had the advantage in numbers, she was merely Jun Yu's chess piece in this chess game.

Meng Yao's heart skipped a beat as she retreated hurriedly. At the same time, she raised her ancient zither and condensed True Essence to shield herself.


Jun Yu's palm landed on the bottom of Meng Yao's zither with a dull sound of defeat.

Meng Yao shuddered!

Even with the ancient zither to defend and neutralize a lot of the power of the Heaven Essence Strike, Meng Yao could not defend against it. Her organs vibrated and she spat out a mouthful of blood.


Not only that, one of the strings on the zither was snapped by a single palm strike from Jun Yu!

The string snapped so close that Meng Yao could not react in time.

The snapped zither string was incomparably sharp and whipped Meng Yao's cheek, leaving a bloodied wound.

Her peerless face that was initially devastatingly beautiful was now left with such a wound. Her flesh was overturned and she even looked a little menacing.

Many cultivators were shocked when they saw that.

Right now, Meng Yao was coughing blood and her long hair was scattered. She was in a sorry state and no one would associate her with the four great fairies.

Of course, for a Perfected Immortal, such a wound on the face was superficial.

With a little rest and recuperation, she would recover to her original state without any scars.

However, this matter still dealt a huge blow and damage to Meng Yao!

She loved the feeling of being the center of attention and being high and mighty.

She was long used to countless cultivators surrounding her and kneeling beneath her skirt, revered by everyone.

Right now, her wretched and menacing appearance was witnessed by millions of cultivators—this was an unprecedented blow for her!

It would also have a huge negative impact on her reputation!

"Jun Yu!"

Meng Yao realized something and shrieked with hatred in her eyes.

However, at that moment, she was no longer in the mood to fight. She seized the opportunity to withdraw from the battlefield, wanting to heal the wound on her face right away.

Jun Yu did not continue chasing.

The moment she attacked Meng Yao, she moved her feet and the Astral Chessboard spun rapidly, smashing towards Perfected Immortal Wu Feng on the other side!

Perfected Immortal Wu Feng's pupils constricted with a grim expression.

At that moment, he felt as though a vast and mysterious starry sky was surging towards him—he had nowhere to hide!


Perfected Immortal Wu Feng roared and condensed his True Essence. He slashed left and right at the starry skies before him!


Sparks flew when the broad sword and gigantic axe collided against the Astral Chessboard!

Perfected Immortal Wu Feng felt a sharp pain in his hands. His palm was torn and the broad sword and gigantic axe flew from his hands. His arms were numb from the shock.

Perfected Immortal Wu Feng's expression changed starkly as he turned to flee without hesitation!

At that moment, the Moon Essence Sword and Spring Wind Sword had already arrived before Jun Yu.

The sword beams were cold and sharp.

The Sword Dao was the most lethal and Jun Yu did not dare to be careless. With a single thought, more than ten black chess pieces sped over and landed on the body of the Spring Wind Sword.

It was as though those chess pieces possessed a powerful demonic power that was attached to the Spring Wind Sword and could not be flung off.

Sword Immortal Chunfeng's Sword Dao was exquisite and it was pervasive like the wind.

But now, there were more than ten black chess pieces piled on the Spring Wind Sword. Suddenly, Sword Immortal Chunfeng felt that his Destiny Dharmic Sword was extremely heavy and could not release any exquisite sword moves.

On the other side, more than ten white chess pieces were attached to Sword Immortal Yue Hua's sword.

The advantage of the Moon Essence Sword was in its speed.

Sword Immortal Yue Hua pushed the speed of his Sword Dao to its limits. That was the reason why he was able to gain his current reputation.

However, there were more than ten white chess pieces piled on the Moon Essence Sword and his sword moves became incomparably slow, losing their greatest threat.

Any Heaven Immortal present would be able to dodge it, let alone Chess Immortal Jun Yu.

What was even stranger was that there seemed to be a mysterious connection between the black and white chess pieces.

Although the two sword immortals were attacking Jun Yu, their Sword Dao trajectories had already deviated completely under the influence of the black and white chess pieces—they could not even touch the corner of Jun Yu's clothes!

Even as Jun Yu fought against the four Perfected Immortals, she did not stop attacking the other Perfected Immortals!

Those who were proficient in chess were extremely terrifying in the grand scheme of things.

Once the dozens of Perfected Immortals attacked her, it would be equivalent to falling into her trap and everyone would be under her control!

Poof! Poof!

A Perfected Immortal expert from Flying Immortal Sect and the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom respectively was killed by Jun Yu's black and white chess pieces and died on the spot!

Of the strongest four Perfected Immortals, Meng Yao and Wu Feng were forced to retreat while Yue Hua and Chunfeng could be severely injured at any moment!

Even with the power of the two sword immortals, they were struggling to defend against Jun Yu's attacks.

The other Perfected Immortals were crushed like chickens and dogs in Jun Yu's chess game!

Not long after the fight, including Jue Wuying, ten Perfected Immortal experts died in Jun Yu's hands!

The smile on the face of Immortal King Qing Yang gradually disappeared as he frowned.

Initially, he had no intention of interfering. He wanted to see how much of a mess this group of juniors could cause.

However, the scene before him had already exceeded his expectations.

Chess Immortal Jun Yu was even more domineering and decisive to kill than he had imagined. She did not have the slightest bit of gentleness a woman should possess and was fearless!

In fact, Immortal King Qing Yang suspected that if he did not stop her, Jun Yu might even be able to kill Meng Yao, Yue Hua and the others!

Just as Immortal King Qing Yang was hesitating, his expression changed. Suddenly, he reached into the void and grabbed a messenger talisman.

When Immortal King Qing Yang saw the messenger talisman, he narrowed his eyes slightly and pondered for a moment before standing up. He released the might of an Immortal King's spirit consciousness and descended on the Divine Firmament Hall!


The tremendous spirit consciousness pressure descended and both parties on the battlefield could no longer continue fighting.

Sword Immortal Yue Hua and Sword Immortal Chunfeng were already drenched in sweat and looked pale.

If Immortal King Qing Yang was a half-step slower, even the both of them would have to flee!

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