Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak

Chapter 60.2 - The Demonic Head Is Finally Annihilated (2)

Chapter 60.2 The Demonic Head Is Finally Annihilated (2)

When the white light gradually dissipated, a dark shadow appeared in front of everyone, it was the missing part of Ji Wuqiu’s soul, however, because it was so weak, it appeared in the form of a ball made of darkness.

Ji Wuqiu swallowed it directly and started to absorb it, but after being separated for many years, such integration would take time, and unfortunately, it was too late for him.

Once He Zhou released his domain, Qi Changling and the others could not advance further and interfere. The blue dagger headed straight towards Ji Wuqiu who was too eager to fuse his soul, and because he was unable to deal with He Zhou, he rushed directly into Wei Mingzhu’s body.

Wei Mingzhu was not a cultivator, and her sea of knowledge was not powerful, so taking possession of her was an extremely easy feat. In Ji Wuqiu’s thoughts, as long as he was able to control Wei Mingzhu’s body, with He Zhou’s temperament, he would definitely stop attacking.

Ji Wuqiu’s spirit entered Wei Mingzhu’s sea of knowledge and started unleashing attacks. Wei Mingzhu couldn’t help but scream in pain from having her soul being struck by indescribable pain.

In the next second, Ji Wuqiu’s smile floated on Wei Mingzhu’s face. “He Zhou, you can come and kill me.”

He Zhou closed his eyes, sending his golden core stage godly sense out and entered Wei Mingzhu’s sea of knowledge, lending a helping hand to her. The smile on Wei Mingzhu’s face disappeared, and she recovered her original expression, a face of pain with a trace of determination.

She knew that Ji Wuqiu was trying to take over her body, and she couldn’t contend against him with her godly sense, but she had already predicted that this day would come.

Wei Mingzhu laughed out all of a sudden in front of the crowd, because at some point, she was holding onto a capsule in her hand.

Qi Changling and the others widened their eyes in shock. They were more than familiar with this drug. If it were not for this drug, they would not have been able to make such great progress in a short amount of time, but what was Wei Mingzhu planning to do!

Ji Wuqiu, who was in the middle of devouring Wei Mingzhu’s sea of knowledge, had also noticed this, he roared in anger as if he wanted to rip Wei Mingzhu’s soul apart. Wei Mingzhu started shaking, but fortunately, with He Zhou’s help, she had gotten a bit more time.

Ji Wuqiu rapidly summoned much more grieving souls to reinforce his own spirit when he was attacked by He Zhou’s godly sense. However, because the fusion of his souls was still incomplete, his soul had separated again, and in the end, he could not withstand the pressure given by both He Zhou and Wei Mingzhu.

Wei Mingzhu swallowed the drug. She was not a cultivator so the drug would not be able to enhance her cultivation, however, she could still improve her godly sense in a short amount of time and it rose in an explosive manner.

She didn’t immediately attack Ji Wuqiu, instead, she sought after the soul that had just been released and struggled to prevent their fusion. The piece of soul had been sealed for hundreds of thousands of years, hence, its strength had already deteriorated to an extremely weak state, and was comparable to that of Wei Mingzhu ’s current godly sense after surge. Wei Mingzhu resolved that it must die, and rolled across her sea of knowledge, as if she was about to absorb Ji Wuqiu’s piece of soul!

Ji Wuqiu was greatly alarmed. He quickly directed his men to attack He Zhou. Although he had a domain, he could not maintain it for long, let alone in such a large-scale, so all of the lackeys ingested drugs to fortify their strength and pounced on He Zhou.

Helpless, He Zhou could only withdraw his godly sense and focus on dealing with the monsters controlled by drugs. Originally, those people had a cultivation base that was inferior to He Zhou’s, but after taking the drug, they were in the same league as He Zhou. They had the advantage in their numbers, causing He Zhou to have a difficult time handling all of them, so he could only initiate the array.

This array had been surreptitiously set up quietly when he had stepped into this place. He could not carry any original stones, so in replacement, he used his own body as the source of the array power. This was just a simple array, but those who were delirious found it very difficult to escape the array.

Upon seeing this, Wu Jiqiu became increasingly furious, and coupled with Wei Mingzhu’s desperate struggle, he gradually felt his soul beginning to distort, and the grieving spirits he had just swallowed were starting to stir restlessly due to not having been fully digested.

Wei Mingzhu’s sea of knowledge had swallowed up a big portion of the ball of soul, making Ji Wuqiu incredibly impatient, and in spite of his crumbling soul, he devoured a new grieving spirit, reinforced his strength, and burst into Wei Mingzhu’s sea of knowledge.

Wei Mingzhu had wanted to weep blood, the effects of the drug were slowly wearing off with the passage of time. If this continued, her body would sooner or later be taken over. Thinking of He Feng, she swallowed a few more pills of drug once again.

The drugs could not be taken excessively, otherwise one would burst, this was especially the case for an ordinary person. Wei Mingzhu however, no longer cared. Her spirit suddenly soared, but did not head to attack Ji Wuqiu, instead she charged into Ji Wuqiu’s spirit at once, and filled in the gap where his souls were supposed to connect. Ji Wuqiu originally wanted to devour her, he would naturally not let go of those who sent themselves to his doorsteps and in fact, welcomed them with open arms.

The unadorned and heavy door in the lobby was suddenly opened from the outside, allowing the glaring light to illuminate the entire hall. Wei Mingzhu closed her eyes and smiled. She seemed to have seen her child, Xiao Feng, standing behind Wen Renyi.

Then, her soul exploded.

Because Ji Wuqiu had devoured Wei Mingzhu’s soul, he was also affected by the explosion of her soul. The already crumbling soul immediately split into 4 or 5 parts, flying away flusteredly from Wei Mingzhu’s overpopulated sea of knowledge. They all hovered mid-air, an evil face floating on each ball.

A cyan dagger ripped through the air, sharply slashing Ji Wuqiu’s spirit, Ji Wuqiu’s face distorted into a nefarious expression as he screamed madly: “I am God! I am your God!”

Ever since he arrived in this world, he had unbridledly absorbed the world’s vitality. At that time, he felt like a dictator. He had also acted against the Shen Yan Sect back in his original world, in order to seize more resources.

Ji Wuqiu was a crooked demon through and through. He Zhou’s eyes sharpened, as he and Wen Renyi cut off Ji Wuqiu’s route of retreat together.

Ji Wuqiu had no soul, and his spirit had also suffered a severe blow. Under He Zhou and Wen Renyi’s combined forces, he was eventually annihilated.

However, even though he was finally conquered, he had left a terrible mess. The special department would still need to carefully investigate whatever else was hidden in this underground work.

He Feng silently held Wei Mingzhu’s body and left quietly.

Handling Ji Wuqiu’s men was also another difficult problem, however, He Zhou couldn’t care less about this anymore. Using his own body to maintain the array in the entirety of the operation had almost exhausted him, so right after beheading Ji Wuqiu, he immediately lost consciousness.

How could Wen Renyi care about other matters, he quickly asked the accompanying Li family to examine him and once he heard it was only a matter of energy exhaustion, he breathed out a sigh of relief. He carried He Zhou, and left the place directly, leaving the rest to the special departments of various countries to handle.

He Zhou had slept for such a long time that Wen Renyi, the He family members, as well as his disciples had become extremely worried to the point that they nearly thrashed the Li Family’s hospital, until he finally woke up.

When he roused, Wen Renyi was sitting by the bed facing the computer, He Zhou looked at his serious working face, and couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

Wen Renyi froze, and immediately turned his head, causing two pairs of eyes to stare into each other.


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