Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak

Chapter 61.1 - Extra 1.1

Extra 1.1 No Responsibilities (1)

The Lin City of Province Gui had verdant hills, limpid water as well as beautiful scenery. It was an exceptionally good travelling scenic spot because every holiday, there would be a continuous stream of tourists.

The old town, Songhe County, was one of the major features of the scenic spot. There was a constant flow of people in the county everyday, from people who wanted to take photos to people who were here just to take in the scenery. On this day, the Jing Academy of Fine Arts had organized a trip for students to experience the beauty of nature and man-made work to help serve as their creative inspiration.

The students carried their canvases, slowly walking around the delicate and beautiful old county. In the near distance, there were green hills, jade water, blue skies and white clouds, and upon seeing all these, their faces brimmed with admiration.

“Look over there,” a student in the group tugged on the hem of his companion’s clothing. “That house looks so unique.”

As soon as he spoke, the other students had also discovered it.

In the quietest part of the county, a tall and lush locust tree stood, its canopy nearly covering the courtyard walls with its several thick branches reaching inside. The slight breeze blew, causing its leaves to shake slightly.

The courtyard was quaint and profound, unlike other houses that had been stained with a bit of modern taste. The door was covered from view, and the paint on it was chipping off.

Before anyone could stop them, some students went forward and knocked on the door.

After a while, the door was pulled open from the inside, and an incredibly delicate and beautiful face appeared in front of them. The seemingly cold young man swept them a glance. “Can I help you with something?”

The student leading the group blushed. Being stared at by such a person made his heart feel like it was going to jump out, and the words he had planned out to say in his head became stuck at his throat. “That, Um, Hi, We-We are Jing University’s Fine Art students and we’re here to sketch nature. Would you mind it if we could take a look inside?” The student were slightly amazed at how he was able to spout such impolite words.

The youth heard this and was slightly stunned before saying. “Please hold on a second.” Then, he turned around and returned to the courtyard without closing the door.

A few students furtively peeked inside. Although they could only only see a square inch of area, they could still see that the inside of the courtyard was without a doubt extraordinary.

After a while, the good-looking youth came back again, “You can only look in the courtyard, and not anywhere else.”

Master must have probably permitted them to come in and look to give face to Jing University. The young man thought while keeping a cold face. He stood under the eaves of the main house, monitoring their actions and words, and after seeing that they were treating everything inside cautiously, his expression eased slightly.

Master had promised to return to Jing City with him in the afternoon. Wouldn’t allowing these students to come in at this time delay them?

Agreeing to let these students tour around was the same as giving tacit approval for them to draw here, which was certainly going to take a while. In that case, should he use his ocular charms to enchant these students into leaving by themselves?

As soon as this thought flashed through his head, Ye Xiao mentally slapped himself. Since master had agreed to it, he shouldn’t go against his decision.

He stood at the side deep in ponder, unaware of what the students standing under eaves took in as their source of inspiration. Blue skies, white clouds, sunlight, green trees, quaint houses, and beautiful men, these gorgeous little things were enough to make people’s heart quiver.

Ye Xiao watched as his shadow gradually grew longer in the courtyard after an unknown amount of time had passed until the door behind him opened. He quickly turned around and respectfully greeted, “Master.”

His eyes had fallen on the face of the person in front. Fifty years had passed but time had not left any vestiges on the man’s face. He still appeared youthful and handsome, but all the more gentle and reserved under the passing of time.

The same could be said for the man beside him.

“Sect Leader Wen Ren,” he greeted the other.

He Zhou and Wen Renyi appeared together under the eaves, suddenly stupefying the students in the courtyard. One bewitching man was enough to entrance them, but there were currently two who were present at the moment.

Since the two people who had suddenly appeared had such remarkable looks, they gave people the fleeting desire of the otherworldly, it was as if they were immortals. One could only feel how breathtaking they are, and it was difficult to convey in words.

“Ah Xiao, you may go.” He Zhou’s expression was calm, his voice sounded like the river water, it was extremely elegant.

Ye Xiao had always thought about whether his master had also learned ocular charms, otherwise, how could he easily captivate people’s souls?

“But what about them?” Ye Xiao hesitated.

“No problem, I have asked your fellow disciples to come over.” As soon as He Zhou’s words fell, a few people stepped into the courtyard, and all of them were inexperienced youths. When they saw the three people inside, they respectfully saluted them.

After they eradicated Ji Wuqiu, He Zhou officially established a sect. At present, there were many disciples under it, and because the sect was especially built in the Lin City of Province Gui, there were plenty of disciples in the area to ask whether any of them could come over to watch the home and protect the courtyard..

Those disciples did not mind following an order from the sect leader himself, in fact they were extremely happy to receive his orders and talk to him at such a close distance.

Ye Xiao stared at their excited expressions, and his gaze sank. Their personalities were really similar to Ding Zhi, they were too lively, not a single one could keep calm.

“Once they finish painting, you may let them leave, and no outsiders would be allowed to enter. Do you understand?” Ye Xiao instructed them on He Zhou’s behalf.

“This disciple understands.”

A domain had been set up while they were talking, so the students couldn’t hear what they were conversing about, they merely felt their behavior was strange.

After the instructions had been given out, He Zhou turned his head slightly to Wen Renyi and said, “Ah Xiao is becoming more and more imposing.”

Wen Renyi rubbed He Zhou’s palm with his finger with a smile on his lips, “You should stop concerning yourself with everyday affairs, I’m almost about to retire from the position of Sect Leader, and by that time I can focus on enjoying dual-… I mean, cultivation. “

He Zhou had been together with him for so many years, so he naturally knew what he meant. However, he wasn’t as easily ashamed as before, and he changed the subject calmly. “Although Ah Xiao is earnest, his temperament is still quite cold. After so many years, I still haven’t seen anyone by his side.”

Wen Renyi heard this and his laughter could not help but deepen. Like Master, Like Disciple. The Master was slow in this aspect so the disciple was naturally the same. It seemed that a certain nephew disciple was really too pitiful.

By the time the three had arrived at the airport, someone was already waiting there for them. The man was originally sitting in a chair and when he spotted the three, he got up quickly. When he stood up, they found that not only was he very tall, he had a good body, and was very handsome too. With just once glance, you could tell that he was of mixed-race. His blue eyes first looked at Ye Xiao, before he quickly approached He Zhou and Wen Renyi, respectfully greeting them.

“Grand Master, Senior Wen Ren.”

He Zhou smiled warmly, “Mingzhong, your cultivation has improved again, not bad.”

Fang Mingzhong couldn’t help but laugh and smiled, then he turned towards Ye Xiao and greeted him as well, “Master.”

Although Ye Xiao was not as tall as him, he was still his master, so he resumed his imposing aura and asked. “Is it settled?”

Fang Mingzhong hummed in acknowledgement and curved his eyes, appearing even more threateningly handsome. The attractiveness index of just one person out of this group of four was already enough to make someone exclaim in admiration, and the sight of 4 of them altogether made people gasp in amazement. In fact, a lot of people who had passed by, stopped and stared at them.

“It’s all settled, we can board the plane now.”

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