Everyday, Boss Is Pretending To Be Weak

Chapter 61.2 - Extra 1.2

Extra 1.2 No Responsibilities (2)

The four walked towards the boarding gate. He Zhou and Wen Renyi walked in front, holding hands while Ye Xiao was a step behind them, and Fang Mingzhong lagged a step behind his master. Seeing his grand master and Senior Wen Ren holding hands on the peripheral of his view, Mingzhong couldn’t help but feel envious.

He then shifted his gaze towards Ye Xiao’s cold face and only felt his heart quiver.

It was about five in the afternoon when the plane had landed in Jing City. Ye Xiao had wanted to tell them that he had ordered dinner for them. However, He Zhou and Wen Renyi both declined, saying that they were returning to the villa, so Ye Xiao and Fang Mingzhong exchanged a meaningful glance agreeing that they wouldn’t bother them further.

The news that He Zhou and Wen Renyi had returned to Jing City had spread throughout the Guwu circle of Jing City. Everyone was eager to flex their muscles, prepared to leave a good impression on them on the day of the young master’s son’s coming of age ceremony. After all, these two people were reputed to be of great talent in the Hua Country’s Guwu world. Everyone knew they were the only cultivators in Golden Core Stage. It was even said that they were about to break through Nascent Soul Realm.

The Nascent Soul Realm that has only ever existed in legends!

Furthermore, He Zhou was also proficient in arrays, now coupled with the firepower of a golden core, his strength was simply unimaginable. It was also because of this that the He family had become the top family in the Guwu circle of Hua Country, they had even carried their in-laws the Zhao family up towards the skies.

Some people asked. Wen Renyi was He Zhou’s partner, so shouldn’t the Wen Ren clan be a step further than the Zhao Family? The person who was asked had a secretive expression on and he shook his head and smiled, saying that these kinds of gossip shouldn’t not be mentioned any longer.

The Wen Ren clan was too short-sighted. In the past, they had Wen Renyi, but they forcibly made Wen Renyi lose heart in them. Later on, they had Wen Renyu, but because of the trifling reason that Wen Renyu was a girl, they refused to let her become family head, so Wen Renyu went back to live in seclusion and shed off all cordialities with the Wen Ren clan.

In these 50 years, no geniuses had been born from the Wen Ren clan anymore, so they could only continue to eat their assets away, and soon, their spirits withered. If they didn’t seek help soon, their future may perhaps be…

The next morning, guests had arrived at the He Family residence creating a lively scene. He Ye sat in his study, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

Today, he was already 70 years old, but he only looked to be a youth of about 27 or 28. Currently, he was telling his descendants the right way to treat guests.

“Grandpa.” A big boy pushed the door and came in. He had a handsome appearance and a tall figure very similar to He Ye, so he was also doted on the most by He Ye.

He Ye beckoned to him, “Are you ready?”

He Xu walked towards He Ye. He was only eighteen years old and looked young and tender, but his cultivation had already reached Sky Rank, proving him to be a rare genius.

“Grandpa, I’m ready. When is Uncle Grandpa coming back?” He asked, referring to He Zhou.

He Ye assumed that He Zhou should be arriving soon, so he got up and brought the whole family downstairs. Just as he arrived at the hall, someone excitedly rushed to inform him that He Zhou’s car had just stopped by the doors.

He Ye was delighted, he was about to go out to welcome them when two figures had already appeared in the hall. He couldn’t help but twitch his lips. This speed was really fast, completely beyond his strength!

“Big Brother, Brother-in-law!” He Ye had wanted to step forward and hug He Zhou, but was heartlessly pushed away by Wen Renyi.

Tsk, Brother-in-law still hasn’t changed his habit of eating vinegar.

He Zhou smiled slightly, his eyes falling on the excited He Xu, and he beckoned to him.

He Xu immediately scuttled towards him with a smile, “Uncle Grandpa! Wen Ren Grandpa!”

He Zhou touched his head. “Today is your coming of age ceremony, so grandpa Wen Ren and I prepared a small gift for you.” He said as a bracelet appeared in the palm of his hand with a diamond on shining brightly.

He Xu’s eyes curved as he received it. “Thank you Uncle Grandpa and Grandpa Wen Ren!” However, in his heart, he murmured to himself, how could he wear such a feminine-looking bracelet?

Seeing his expression, He Zhou knew what he was thinking, and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Wen Renyi could only explain on his behalf: “Xiao Xu, this is a spatial array that your uncle grandpa and I had developed together just recently. The space inside the bracelet is not small, you can feel it for yourself.”

Having such a huge surprise hit him on the face made He Xu gape, not knowing what to say. Upon hearing this, the words that flashed through his head were: Must! wear it! and quickly! put it on!

When everyone heard this, they widened their eyes in amazement, and they were overwhelmed with many emotions.

Spatial Array! These two people were too ‘overpowering’! To be able to develop something like this! The big bosses were indeed big bosses!

Among the guests, a junior from the Wen Ren clan lurking in the corner looked at He Yan with an envious look, he thought to himself. What of it?

If the Wen Ren clan were not so shortsighted, they would’ve been incomparable to the He family and wouldn’t have been in such dire straits that they had lost the courage to speak to senior Wen Ren.

He Zhou was having fun with the He Famliy until someone had come to inform them that He Feng had returned.

This was such a pleasant surprise!

He Xu quickly put the bracelet on and excitedly called out, “Cousin Grandpa!”

Amidst their talk, a tall young man who was dressed casually had stepped into the hall, instantly attracting everyone’s attention. His arrival had attracted greater buzz than compared to He Zhou’s and the reason for that was because He Zhou had been married for a long time, whereas He Feng was still single.

To clarify, He Feng was currently a Foundation Establishment cultivator, and was very close to He Zhou. He also held the status of an ancestor in the He family, and not only was he single, he was also good-looking and outstanding. A lot of people wanted to marry him, so one could only imagine the sensation he had stirred with his sudden arrival.

As soon as He Feng entered the doors, his eyes met with He Zhou’s. Although there was no smile on his face, there was a touch of joy in his eyes as he reached He Zhou.

“Brother Zhou.”

He Zhou embraced him with a smile, “Xiao Feng, welcome back.”

This time, Wen Renyi did not ‘heartlessly’ push He Feng away. A cloudy rain had brewed in Xiao Ye’s heart. Why did brother-in-law treat him so differently? He was the biological younger brother of his elder brother!

The two people broke off their embrace, and He Feng nodded towards Wen Renyi before shifting his gaze to He Ye again. “Xiao Ye.”

He Ye’s ‘old face’ flushed. Being called “Xiao Ye” in front of so many children always felt oddly wrong.

“Brother Feng!” Despite that, he still hugged He Feng fiercely, “Thank you for coming!”

The corner of He Feng’s mouth hooked into a smile. After releasing He Ye, he looked at He Xu who looked like He Ye, “Xiao Xu, Today is your coming of age, and for that, I have no rare treasures to give away, but here is something I polished recently as a gift for you.”

The crowd immediately made another uproar.

He Xu took the exquisite dagger excitedly, and pulled it out of its sheath. Upon seeing the cold glint of the edge, he felt that it was sharp and exceptional!

Everyone knew that ever since the devil’s head was destroyed 50 years ago, He Feng had left the He family without letting anyone know his whereabouts. It was only until a famous weaponsmith had started to gain more recognition that people gradually realized the said weaponsmith was He Feng.

They didn’t know whether he had learned the method or developed it by himself, but the weapons he refined often carried some rare attributes, each of which is different, however, these attributes were still quite useful when necessary.

At this point, He Feng’s reputation had become so renowned that any weapon he made would cost at least a thousand gold.

Everyone was wondering what attribute the dagger in He Yi’s hand had when a disturbance resounded outside.

“Sir, sir, you can’t go in without an invitation!”

Everyone, including He Zhou, turned around to look and saw a tall man standing outside the hell. His sharp-edged eyes were directed towards He Feng which immediately turned befuddled.

The man who had just uninhibitedly entered the courtyard promptly turned soft once he saw He Feng, and he remained silent.

He Feng looked at him for a while, feeling stunned, before he calmly called his name. “Qin Zhao.”

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