Everyone Else is a Returnee

Chapter 20 You Want to Hunt With Me!? (2)

You Want to Hunt With Me!? (2)

The leopard, which was put in a situation where it was no different from having washed its face with a large-scale hedgehog, ran around wildly while howling in pain.

The effects of the bladed armor was better than Yu IlHan had imagined. He had inflicted more pain and damage than when he had blast open its eyes, so that was all that needed to be said.

“Aoo……! It’s so, fucking, swaying, so much……!”

[Yu IlHan, I’m getting sick……!]

“Don’t puke on top of my head!”

This time, Yu IlHan pulled out the blades from his gloves and boots and fixed himself on its face as if striking a nail into a cliff in order to not fall off from its body, when it was swaying its head so much.

Then, he nimbly avoided its front paw which was flung at him, and moved around. In that process, it was continuously damaged by the blades.

[But that armor, seems quite……! Useful!]



The leopard seemed to have realized that it wouldn’t be able to shake Yu IlHan off as it crashed towards another building. It tried to shake him off by smashing into the building! It may be a foolish action, but for an animal, which its front paws were not so free as a human, it was the best method.

Yu IlHan crawled up its face while kicking its face while he was at it(A small amount of damage was inflicted everytime he did that).

“I… should have… learnt… some… mountain climbing……!”

[You’re doing pretty well, now too.]

Was it because he had learnt the trick to everything due to the infinite labor? Even while making a big fuss, Yu IlHan could arrive on top of its head by moving his body just before he crashed with the building at a climbing speed that even Kn*ckl*s would cry after seeing him.

However, the moment after he fixed himself on top of its head by stabbing the boot-blades, he could feel an overwhelming physical shock. He subconcsiously moaned and his body leaned forward, so he desperately put strength into his legs and grounded himself on top of its head.



The leopard growled even more violently. It had realized that it couldn’t shake off Yu IlHan. It tried to shake him off somehow by continuously smashing its head against the building, but Yu IlHan, who had firmly nailed his boots in its body, comfortably positioned himself and held on while striking its head.


[Everything’s good but do something about that weird shouting!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit has become Lv2!]

The spear did its worth of having been reborn by the hammer and the anvil while bullying the leopard. Although the level of the leopard was unknown, Yu IlHan’s spearmanship, which was honed to a superhuman level, kept inflicting valid hits, and if a critical burst out, then the effect multiplied and gave a horrifying pain to the leopard.

Whether it was the skull mask or the armor or the leather inner wear, it was soaked in leopard blood, but Yu IlHan didn’t stop. No matter how the leopard smashed into a building, collapsing it, or going crazy, he didn’t sway and he struck the same place with an accuracy greater than that of a machine’s, frignteningly reptitively.

His arm muscles, which were trained to be as hard as steel, and the untrembling spear even with a shocking amount of physical shock, pierced its hide and pulled out blood!


At one moment, the leopard stopped trying to smash its head against buildings and it swayed as it couldn’t extend its front leg. It had become dizzy due to the blood loss from Yu IlHan’s continuous attacks.

This was the opportunity that the humans were looking for so much.

“It’s slowing down!”

“Corner it more, more!”

The moment the target was acquired, all the people in that area started an all out attack. The soldiers threw away their rifles, which were basically meaningless, and shot with heavy machine guns and cannons and tattered its hide, and the close combat attackers approached it from the other side of the artillery fire and slashed its leg and beat it.

The leopard was 2nd class, and it had a higher level at that as well, so to be honest, human attacks from around 1st class didn’t have much of a meaning. However, when it stacked ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand times, it eventually produced a result of the hide being pierced and the muscles being injured.

Human wave tactics weren’t scary for nothing.

At this moment, in front of the human’s will which agglomerted on survival, the monster kneeled.

At that moment, Erta spoke in a serious voice.

[Yu IlHan, finish it off quickly.]

“What is it, I think it’ll be over soon?”

[……This leopard, it might earn a 3rd class at any moment.]

Before her words even finished, the spear he was swinging bounced off. Was it just that? From its wound, where its hide and bones were ripped off, gross strands of muscles bursted out by cluttering in one place.

The scene was as if they had their own will while moving.

With the scene which made Yu IlHan pale in fright, as he had never confronted a monster which wasn’t out of an ‘animalistic’ form at least until now, albeit huge and absurdly hard, in front of her, Erta spouted out some words vaguely as if chewing her anger.

[It’s mutating! It will evolve into a higher class monster for real!]


The strands of muscles which came out from the wound assaulted Yu IlHan. He hacked its body while moving with a pale face, but the strands of muscles annoyingly agilely chased him, looking like a leopard’s ‘that’.

He could slash them apart if he swung the spear with both his arms with all his strength, but ‘they’ came out endlessly from the wound and assaulted Yu IlHan. On top of the leopard’s head, he stood firmly while swinging the spear and shouted courageously.

“Fuck you, you nonsensical monster! If you want to to shoot a tentacle video, then bring an elf archer or a princess knight to do it with, not me!”

[How can you be so leisurely! Do you even know that I can’t help you even if you die here!?]

“It’s because I might cry if I don’t spit out some jokes!”

While spouting out words as if he didn’t want to lose, he swung his spear.

Erta told him to finish it quickly just before. That meant that this thing haddn’t earned its 3rd class perfectly yet!


While swearing when he was slashing apart the strands of tentacles……muscles, a flash of lightning blanched his vision.

The effect of the lightning was considerable. A portion of the strands of muscles were destroyed after burning to a crisp, and the rest also received damage and were constricted. Yu IlHan didn’t let go of that opportunity to snap them off completely.

At that moment, there was something else other than lightning that came to his ears. They were the loud helicopter noises and a woman’s voice which didn’t get buried by such a sound.

“I can’t kill it with my attack! There’s too much of a difference in level!”

Although he expected it the moment the lightning flashed, it was the Empress’ voice.

Anyway, what’s she trying to achieve by saying that to me – Yu IlHan thought while dashing on top of the leopard’s head to stab the spear on the wound where the muscle strands were coming out from.

“I have a short-term buff magic!”

A buff? It sounded quite attractive. When he gestured that he was listening without stopping his attacks, the Empress’ voice came again.

“If I use it once, I’ll deplete my mana. Can you definitely kill it!?”

“Just give it to me first!”

Yu IlHan shouted towards the empress who was shouting at him while standing on the helicopter by grabbing onto the door. She should have just given it to him, why is she talking so much! Isn’t the stronget person here Yu IlHan!?

However, the Empress’s next actions made Yu IlHan accept it.

“Then I’ll believe you and leave it to you!”

With those words, the Empress, who jumped off the helicopter, had landed by grabbing onto his leg!

“The buff is all good, but it needs physical contact!”

“Did you mean that you will leave your life with me when you said ‘leave it to you’!?”

Well, it was very reasonable for her to ask if he was sure to kill it! However, without even a moment for Yu IlHan to say that ‘don’t leave something so heavy with me’, with a electrifying feeling, power boiled inside his body. The Empress’s buff had worked right away!

[Thunder Spirit dwells in you. For 30 seconds, attack power, movement speed, and critical rate increases by 50%. With a fixed chance, lightning power dwells when attacking.]

[From the moment the buff ends, all abilities will decrease by more than half for 3 minutes.]

[This woman is considerably good for a human. Just how good is she with her control of mana to have both an attack and a buff despite being in 1st cla……]

There was no time to listen to Erta. It was because the moment he heard that the time limit was 30 seconds, Yu IlHan positioned himself with the bladed boots and started beating up the leopard’s head.


“If we don’t kill it, then they said they’ll use a missle!”


And a mental buff from the Empress who aimed for that moment! He struck with his spear at a speed which made one wonder if this really was a speed of a living human.


The leopard’s muscle strands shot up before cracking apart and bursting out in blood. Its pain filled scream became higher, but even if it had a heartwrenching behind story, Yu IlHan didn’t even want to know. He only had the thought that he had to finish it before a missle flew at it and finished him off along with the leopard itself!

[Critical Hit!]

[Lightning Additional Hit!]

And while doing that, at one moment, when his spear flew towards its already deeply dug out head, it abnormally pierced through violently, and both a critical hit and a lightning attribute attack bursted out at the same time and a golden light colored their vision.

Immediately after, a huge amount of blood, which couldn’t be said to be a result of a normal attack, soaked both Yu IlHan and the Empress at the same time.



[You have earned 784,983 experience.]

[You have become level 28. Strength, agility, health, magic increases by 5 points each.]

[You have earned the record of Lv87 Giant Leopard.]

“Puhu……Uh, it’s dead.”

[You’ve done well, Yu IlHan.]

To Yu IlHan, who was looking at the green text which floated on his retina, and was dumbfounded, Erta spoke with a tired voice. Despite it being less than Yu IlHan, who was the one who fought the fight, she had become mentally fatigued as she didn’t know that a 3rd class monster would appear already.

However, in the end, they could finish it off before it evolved to a 3rd class monster. He thought that it might be possible if he worked to death, and it was possible. If Yu IlHan wasn’t here, then as the Empress said, they might have to use a strategic weapon, and if they did, loss of lives and damage of properties would have increased rapidly.

“Is it really dead?”

“……You didn’t receive experience?”

At the Empress’ honest question, Yu IlHan questioned back dumbfoundedly, but the Empress who was still clinging to his leg, became dejected after hearing his words and replied while looking down.

“Now that I think about it… We didn’t make a party……”

That was a really sorry thing. However, it wasn’t something that he should be sorry about as Yu IlHan only knew about the concept of parties as he was a loner.

Instead, he had thought that they would earn experience according to contribution when the leopard died, but it wasn’t like that. It was meticulously a winner-takes-all system.

[The duration of the buff ends. All abilities decrease by more than half for 3 minutes.]

With the buff being over, powerlessness assaulted Yu IlHan. It was probably because he drew out all the strength from his body.

He wanted to rest by falling down just like that, but on top of the leopard’s head, it was extremly dirty with all the sliced muscle strands and splashing blood so he held on with all his might. At that moment, to make matters worse, the leopard’s corpse fell down onto the ground as it lost all its power and made him lose balance.

Thanks to Erta, who thought that it may be too bad for him to die by being squashed under a monster’s corpse and helped him a little, he could hold out a little.

“W, we won.”

“We won! We really killed it with our own strength!”

We did it……We diiiiiid iiiiiiiit!”

“Sungdaein Bolt! Sungdaein Bolt!”

“Last carry from Empress was so awesome! Empress!”

When the leopard fell, everyone, who was at that scene, cheered excitedly. Whether it was the military personnel or non-military people, everyone was thinking the same thing.

We survived! We won! We did it! Earth will be able to push forward!

However, while everyone was cheering, only Yu IlHan’s expression paled rapidly. As it was covered by the mask, the Empress didn’t see that, but Erta ignored that and saw through his state.

[What is it, Yu IlHan? There’s no more enemy now. You have won completely.]


He looked at his surroundings. It wasn’t that he was looking at the destroyed buildings but he was looking at the wide back of the leopard.

At the hide which became tattered due to various magic and weapons.

“I can’t make a new leather armor……!”

[Ao. I should really.]

And he said he didn’t want to make a new one too! Currently, Erta truly wanted to smack Yu IlHan once.


Author’s notes

The will of a master who’s sad whether he has to make an armor or not.

Kn*ckl*s: A red hedgehog that comes out in Sonic Series. He’s famous for being able to do mountain climbing fast!


Translator’s notes

>“Fuck you, you nonsensical monster! If you want to to shoot a tentacle video, then bring an elf archer or a princess knight to do it with, not me!”

-Omg, this line is a masterpiece…lol

>While swearing when he was slashing apart the strands of tentacles……muscles, a flash of lightning blanched his vision.

-Princess knight is here! Oh wait…unfortunately(?) she’s not a close combat fighter… (No, Chamber does not like tentacles.)

>With those words, the Empress, who jumped off the helicopter, had landed by grabbing onto his leg!

-Yes! The princess knight is here for real! (No, I repeat, but Chamber-kun does not like tentacle videos)

This is from the next chapter’s ‘author’s notes’ but experience is given to the MVP if there was no party playing. meaning that the one who dealt them most damage takes the experience, not the one who deals the last strike. So kill steal is impossible 😛

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