Everyone Else is a Returnee

Chapter 21 You Want to Hunt With Me!? (3)

You Want to Hunt With Me!? (3)

The first thing that happened after the battle was over was the rescue process. The people who couldn’t escape to another world in time, the people who were injured during battle, people who were trapped under rubble…… As the battle was big, the scale of casualties was big as well.

Yu IlHan and the Empress also went into rescue as soon as they got off from the body of the leopard, but the figure of Yu IlHan lifting up rubble weighing several tons easily after he looked feeble for 3 minutes due to the penalty time, was truly overwhelming.

“2nd class is really different.”

“His mask changed, didn’t it? Isn’t that monster’s bone?”

“Theeereee! Watch out for the buiiiiillding!”

When the rescue was about over, the huge leopard corpse also shrunk by about a half. Even though it was dereased by a half, the humans were agonized with the huge corpse in front of them.

It was because although the distriubution of the spoils of war was also a problem, there was no one, with high enough ability, who could do something about that corpse.

“I’ll try it.”


At the moment when one of the soldiers pulled out his knife, Yu IlHan, who just finished rescuing a soldier by flipping a Retona, objected and stepped in. Although he was a loner without social skills, he wasn’t an idiot who would make losses with his eyes wide open.

“I think the ratio of the corpse I should get is the highest, though……”


Although it was good to fight the monster with one mind, with the spoils of war after the fight, in front of them, human greed will always appear. Moreover, as they had clear proof that they fought with their lives on the line, no one would want to forgo their rewards to another person.

The problem was that everyone here had put their lives on the line to fight.

Yu IlHan looked back at the Empress and asked.

“What’s the fair ratio?”

As he couldn’t judge, he had to request another person, but it was difficult to believe another person’s judgement. So, he tried believing in her who left her life with him.

“60% to you, 20% to me, 20% to the rest.”

Unlike at the fight, the Empress replied in a cold voice, and Yu IlHan, who heard those words, exclaimed.

The world has turned into one where it revolves around MVPs!

However, one had to say that her calculation was accurate as an entire district would have collapsed, much less the people in it, if not for Yu IlHan.

“Does anybody have any objections?”



Yu IlHan looked around and asked if they agreed to her words.

In fact, as they couldn’t reject the two strongest people here, Yu IlHan and the Empress, coming out strong, they also couldn’t tackle the Empress’ words coming from experience when she was the one who fought more monsters than anyone in another world.

“60%, you say, hm.”

Yu IlHan cool-headely judged. There would be a lot of parts on that body which was as big as the Brown Big Bear he fought, even after that leopard’s body had decreased in size.

Even the leather, he wouldn’t be able to make an armor, but that was the armor. He would be able to make partial armors or gloves, and boots and those kind of things; and as for the bones, there was no need to talk twice about it – it will become a splendid material.

And above all.

Yu IlHan nimbly jumped and landed on top of the leopard’s head. Then, he shoved his hand, which was wearing a glove, into the wound he made with his concentrated attack to kill it. Then, he protruded the bone blade and efficiently dug up the flesh and muscles while looking for something. As a result.

“It’s really here. I kinda expected for there to be one.”

[As it’s one who might have acquired a 3rd class so the quality of the magic stone must be considerable.]

The thing he took out was the magic stone which emitted a clear blue light. It was not rice grain-sized, nor was it soybean-sized, nor was it almond chocoball sized, and it was as big as a F*r*r* R*ch*r!

“It’s a magic stone!”

“Whoa, a 2nd class monster’s magic stone……!”


Yu IlHan looked back at the Empress and asked. Her calculations were worth trusting.

No, in this situation, there was no one other than her to believe in.

“How is it?”

“That looks about 60%.”

Immediately after the Empress nodded her head, he naturally in-my-pocketed the magic stone.

“I’ll take this so you guys take the rest by yourselves.”

“No, but it’s a magic stone……”

One of the soldiers raised his voice when he shrank back down after receiving the glares from his surroundings. The gazes of the people who thought Yu IlHan’s achievement was amazing, and especially the gazes from those who were rescued by him, were sharp.

However, as humans were always foolish and and had always repeated their mistakes, there were quite a few people who were possed by greed at the big sized magic stone.

“Don’t we have to at least calculate the magic stone differently!?”

“I also put my life on the line, I damaged it a lot too!”

“Our party claims ownership of the magic stone! We can’t accept a distribution like this!”

The battlefield where everyone’s will had become one had instantly turned into a mess where greed clashed with each other. How could the situation change so fast! Even Erta, who judged the possibilities of Earthlings highly due to the battle just now, was dumbfounded at this situation.

[As always, lower existences are no good. I was foolish for thinking that everyone is like you.]

“Even if you praise me like that, I won’t give you anything.”

[It’s fortunate that you know it’s a praise.]

Yu IlHan smiled at Erta’s words and took out the magic stone which went inside his pocket once.

“Good, then let’s do that.”

“Hmph, you should have done that from the beginning.”

“It’s fortunate that you took it out before the situation turned ugly.”

Just who was ‘ugly’ in this situation? Yu IlHan had such questions but he didn’t say it out loud. They might be thinking that there was a problem with Yu IlHan taking the magic stone as the reward because they have a magnificent dogma and view of life.

Changing people’s way of thinking is not easy. Most thought that they were absolutely in the right so no matter how you bring the truth to them, rather than snapping their thoughts, they even treat it as a lie and attack you.

Of course, this didn’t only apply to them. Yu IlHan may also claim what is wrong as right some time.

And so, solving a dispute with words is in fact, impossible.

His mother, who realized that a long time ago, always told Yu IlHan this:

Why fight with words when you have those splendid fists.

Yu IlHan threw the magic stone with all his strength. The magic stone, which flew past everyone, flew and sunk deep, very deep into the leopard’s head where Yu IlHan took it out in the first place.

It was a throw that will make a mark in history.



The moment they looked at the unbelievable scene, the humans all became quiet while reminding themselves of Yu IlHan’s ability which overwhelmed the leopard throughout the entire fight, despite loooking slightly hideous at some times.

“Take whatever you want and give 60% to me.”

Yu IlHan declared in front of those people.

“If there is even a little bit less than 60%, I will beat you all up so keep that in mind.”

Yu IlHan lightly swung his spear and pierced the ground. The undamaged concrete floor cracked apart with a loud sound. Some might say it’s a threat, but in truth, it was an action he did to gather attention onto himself fearing that the passive concealment would activate again.

Silence flowed for a moment, but it didn’t last long. It was because they all knew that they’ll lose even if they fight all together against Yu IlHan.

Especially when he had become stronger, much less recover his strength, due to levelling up by monoploizing the leopard’s experience!

“……Take the magic stone.”

“Do as you want. Shit……”

“We……were too greedy.”

The abiili users who courgeously went up against him all backed off, scared. However, Yu IlHan didn’t laugh at them or anything. Instead, he confidently went on top of the leopard’s head, stabbed his spear, and reclaimed the magic stone without much difficulty.

That action, instead caused the people to shrink back more. It was because they knew that his leisure was not an act, but real.

“If you dismantle my share, then I’ll give you 40%…… Although I want to give you half, you took all the experience so to make up.”

However, there was someone who who was living lively inside that frozen mood, and it was none other than the Empress.

Only she kept her pace regardless of what other people said. Like the time she hunted the monsters inside the campus.

“Which part?”

“Although I need the bones, I think it’s better if you give me more of its hide.”

After the conversation, which sounded like they were at the butchery, ended, Yu IlHan immediately started dismantling. As the Empress’ share was 20% of the body, which counted as 40% after Yu IlHan took the magic stone, the Empress’s share of 20% was half of the leopard’s body!

After a calculation that was faster tha lightning, Yu IlHan started wielding his knife. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call his skills of splendidly stripping its leather and taking out the bones, godly.

Especially his skills in stripping exactly a half!

Only 7 minutes and 30 seconds had passed for the huge leopard to be stripped of its leather by exactly a half. Yu IlHan’s dismantling process was both unrestrained and precise so it was quite a spectacle, and the people could only look at it dumbfoundedly

The process was done.The high quality bones and leather which was piled up on one side was bigger than a person’s height so it was truly a spectacle. The Empress quietly muttered while looking at that.

“I should call for a car.”

Half of the huge leopard’s corpse. Although she had only took the bones and leather without the poisnous flesh, the amount was absurdly high. Even considering that she had to give 40% of it to Yu IlHan, it was still gery large.

The Empress took out her phone and called somewhere. While looking at her doing that so naturally, he had already expected it but it seemed like she was from a considerably well-off familiy. Or that she had made quite a fortune by herself at such a young age.

Regardless of which, Yu IlHan wanted to distance himself from her as he could feel the aura of a social butterfly from her.

“Should I move your share as well?”

“I don’t need it. I’ll leave first.”

The Empress, who seemed to have grown comradery while fighting together, as she showed good intent towards Yu IlHan, and Yu IlHan, who made an AT Field……A wall on his heart due to being uncomfortable with the Empress.


While he was producing an atompshere that he was about to leave naturally, the people panicked.

“Wh, what about our share!?”

“I don’t steal from others so don’t worry.”

Yu IlHan retorted in cold voice. Of course, he knew very well why the people were trying to hold him here.

“We can’t strip its hide by our stregth alone.”

“Even if we do, it will get all tattered.’

“The boens too. How can we pull those out? Do you want us to cut the flesh apart?”

“I want to earn the reward and go to the other world quickly……”

When one complaint erupted, it spread around like wildfire. Erta muttered with a rotten expression when she saw the people who were becoming of one mind again after the fight.

[I feel skeptical about my work. Maybe I should go to the countryside and make a farm or something.]

“Please do that. While you’re at it, please send Rita in your place too.”

[……I’ll try holding on for a while.]

Yu IlHan, who managed to shut Erta up, once again struck the ground with his spear lightly in front of the people.

“If you give me 50%, I’ll dismantle it for you.”

Although Yu IlHan was a loner, he was a loner with spirit.

To him, who did everything alone until now, there was no way he would be scared of 100 people or even 1000 people gathering up against him, when they won’t be able to do anything.

“Why is it 40% for the Empress and 50% for us!?”

“That ratio is very strange from the beginning! It’s just peeling work!’

“W, wait. If Sungdaein Bolt wasn’t here, we won’t even be able to get any spoils of war. Why are you so upset!?”

“Fuck, everyone’s so brainless!”

“If you don’t want it, then I won’t. If anyone says no, then that’s that.”

While everyone was split into 2 factions – one that supported him, and one that rejected him – Yu IlHan turned around. In any case, he had enough materials. When he said to give him 50%, that was just to bully them.

Like the time with the Brown Big Bear, he tied the leopard’s leather into a bag and put the bones inside.

During that time, a vote was happening between the people, but their opinions never narrowed down into one. Yu IlHan laughed at them and left the place without regret. He really didn’t care about them.


“I have another thing I want to request you with.”


Although he didn’t know when a vehicle had arrived and when everything was loaded, while commanding the vehicle with her share of monster byproducts, the Empress was following him.

Yu IlHan was slightly touched as this was the first time in his life that he was followed by another person. Then, at his question, the Empress truly accurately looked at his eyes between the mask and spoke.

“When I concentrated without taking my eyes off you, I could find you. It’s truly an amazing concealment skill.”

Leaving Yu IlHan, who was getting all fired up to tackle that he didn’t want to learn the concealment, the Empress spoke.

“I want to party with you. I don’t think there’s another person who’s worthy to be my partner.”

“But I don’t think like that though.”

Yu IlHan’s wall around his heart was truly sturdy. However, as if she had already expected such a reaction, the Empress retorted without paying it much heed.

“Like you, I’m also thinking of being active on Earth inthe future. I’m not that weak to go to another world and do easy quests. ……You’re the same right? I think that there will be an opportunity for us to meet again in the future, definitely.”

Yu IlHan also thought that. Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t go to another world, but that he couldn’t.

The Empress held out her name card. The name Kang MiRae and the contact address, and there was a name of a company that he had never seen before. He could see that she was trusting Yu IlHan considerably as she gave out her identity even though Yu IlHan didn’t expose anything about himself.

“Please contact me.”

Then she left. He wanted to give high points to the Empress…… Kang MiRae that she didn’t bother him so much. Of course, there won’t be a case where he contacts her in the future.

Yu IlHan, who truly became alone, in other words, got found by no one, shurgged his shoulders and muttered.

“Let’s go home. I have a lot to make now.”

[I knew you would say that.]

Erta sighed as if she gave up and pulled on Yu IlHan’s hair. She meant for him to go home.

The Empress, and Yu IlHan all left the place. Without even realizing that Yu IlHan had left, the people were still in dispute, and the leopard’s body, which looked considerably strange as just one half was completely intact, was also left there like that.

And at one moment.

The corpse of the leopard twitched a little, but nobody realized that.


Author’s notes

A stereo typical foreshadow ina while.

AT Field : The wall of a heart that excludes other people. For more information, please refer to the animation, Evangelion.

It’s not a last-hit-takes-all, but winner-takes-all. In other words, the MVP, who had the most influence in killing the monster will take all the experience. This will be mentioned again later.


Translator’s notes

Nothing to say here.

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