Everyone Else is a Returnee

Chapter 22 You Want to Hunt With Me!? (4)

You Want to Hunt With Me!? (4)

[To think a 3rd class monster is about to appear already. Just what has Earth come to already?]

“Go ask God for that.”

At that time Erta, who didn’t say a lot at the scene, started chattering 15 hours after Yu IlHan came back home, had a shower, did maintenance on his equipment, had a sound sleep, and went to work in his workshop.

[No matter how much I think about it by myself, I can’t come up with a conclusion.]

“Even if you ask me, you won’t come up with a conclusion. I said go ask God for that.”

Yu IlHan, who already made the 5th Trap of Destruction, retorted while checking that the inlaying process was done properly. Of course, they were all products that didn’t have mana crafting done to them.

[How can you be so calm? This is about your world. Do you know how big of a problem it is for a 3rd class monster to appear, when the soldiers on the front line of defense haven’t even gotten their 1st classes yet?]

That was truly a huge problem. Currently humanity was acquiring strength rapidly by doing suitable quest’s in the other worlds thanks to God’s help, but even so, the balance of strength is still tilted towards the monsters’ side.

Just what else could be done for the humans for the balance to be righted? Erta couldn’t make anything out of it.

“It’s not that I’m calm. It’s just that even if I get nervous, I can’t do anything. So I’m just doing what I can while eating popcorn.”

Yu IlHan asked while finishing the check and picking up a new piece of harkanium.

“How about other countries?”

[According to the reports from other angels, there are none. The monster which showed signs of evolving into 3rd class only appeared in Korea.]

“Then isn’t it due to the Trap of Destruction, as expected?”

At Yu IlHan’s words, Erta became silent. It was because she also was predicting that this happened due to the activated Trap of Destruction in Korea.

The Trap of Destruction directly strengthened the monsters? Of course, such a thing wasn’t possible. However, it could have become the trigger for it.

It wouldn’t have been strange for the Trap of Destruction, which locked up countless monsters in the dungeon, it would have become a serious threat to those which didn’t get locked up, and stimulate the berserking of the monsters.

[In other worlds, monsters were locked up in dungeons before they had the chance to become aware of it. Due to that, in truth, the monsters’ evolution should’ve happened inside the dungeons.]


[Inside the dungeons, there maybe cases where a new, dangerous species appearing due to cross breeding, and although small in possibility, there may also be monsters which would earn a mutated record through fighting with other monsters and evolving……]

“Dungeons are fucking pandemoniums!”

Yu IlHan shouted in shock. It was true! Just because you lock them up in dungeons, it doesn’t mean that the monsters are lying down, waiting for the humans to appear!

[However, if you lock them up, they will evolve not by eating humans but other monsters. Just that monsters don’t fight each other unless there’s a special case, so their growth deteriorates if you lock them up in dungeons.]

“So dungeons are necessary for humanity in many different ways……”

[If you know, then it’s good. ……Well, it also means that you, who is making those things, is amazing too.]

“So, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that I need to make the Traps of Destruction faster, eh.”

Erta had praised Yu IlHan, but he retorted blandly and put the harkanium inside the fireplace.

The Eternal Flame, which was now used to processing harkanium, intelligently raised its temperature suitable for processing harkanium while enveloping it, and Yu IlHan, who earned the wanted results in just few seconds, started hammering the harkanium as if he had forgotten all his worries.

Erta sighed while looking at Yu IlHan working when she shook her head when she was about to feel comfortable looking at his work. Yu IlHan working had the charm that would make one watch for one or two days absentmindedly.

[Do you feel well if you just keep making something like you’re doing now?]

“No, well, it is enjoyable.”

He had found the trick of making the Traps of Destruction after a few times, so counting just the form creation, it took a fifth of the time compared to the first time he made it. Yu IlHan retorted while bringing out the artifact’s form without a single mistake.

“The reason I’m making something is to experience new things through that. Whatever it is, if it ends after just making it, then it’s meaningless. Just this Trap of Destruction is like that too, isn’t it?”

[……Is that so.]

Erta reminded herself that Yu IlHan was weak to new information and stimulation. It wasn’t that she didn’t understand why, but when she thought about the background behind why his personality changed to be so, she felt pity.

She was surprised at that fact, since she realized that just now, that she, a higher existence, had sympathized with Yu IlHan.

However, Erta, who didn’t really hate that feeling, spoke to him purely intending to make him feel better.

[Become stronger, Yu IlHan. If you become stronger, then you will be able to see and experience new things. Endlessly.]

“Yeah. I’m also thinking of doing that.”

Yu IlHan absentmindedly replied while continuing his work. Erta was dissatisfied with his absentminded reply, but she would’ve been shocked if she knew just how firm of a will was dwelling in his words.

When he made about 8 of those traps, the angels, who recovered all their mana, returned. When he mana crafted with the help of those angels, now, a ‘vast’ ‘heavenly’ Trap of Destruction was completed. Yu IlHan’s mana crafting levelling up to level 11 was a bonus.

[Options were attached without fail. Just what level is his blacksmithing at?]

[Perhaps due to seeing how the Trap of Destruction was activated, his ability became better.]

[We will install this by ourselves. I will request you with the rest too.]

Thanks to getting used to mana crafting, completing the Trap of Destruction had also ended in an instant like frying beans with lightning.(E/N: this is my new favorite saying)

When the angels, who came like the wind, left like the wind with the Trap of Desturction, Yu IlHan, who watched their backs quietly muttered.

“I don’t know which country it will be, but I hope a dangerous monter doesn’t appear there.”

Unlike when making the Trap of Desturction, there was no need for all the angels to go for installing them. Yu IlHan didn’t go so Erta was also still on top of his head.

And she felt uncomfortable after she heard that.

[Just because a 3rd class monster appears due to the stimulation from the Trap of Desturction doesn’t mean that it’s your fault. Currently, you’re doing an important and great task of stabilizing the current Earth. So……]

“I know. Thanks for minding about me.”


Erta lost her words, and Yu IlHan stretched his body after putting down his hammer.

“I’m tired. I’ll sleep for a bit.”

[I need to stay with you anyway. For the activation of mana.]

“Yeah, whatever.”

Yu IlHan had another shower after he came back home. However, he washed his hair and when he was about to wash his body with soap, he realized.

“……I feel like my body has become bigger?”

[You didn’t realize that until just now?]

At Erta’s words, he hurriedly looked at the mirror. When he became conscious of it, he could see it properly.

He had grown overall. He became taller, his shoulders became wider, and his arms and legs had grown longer by a tiny bit.

[You will grow more if you level up more and keep advancing classes so it will be bad if you get surprised now.]

“Don’t you think my face became a little more handsome too?”

[Well, shouldn’t it have changed using human standards?]

To a higher existence such as Erta, Yu IlHan’s face wasn’t a characteristic trait. The trait which moved her was not outside but inside.

Of course, she didn’t intend to say that out loud, so she ignored Yu IlHan’s nude fashion show. Even while thinking that he was over exaggerating things.

Yu IlHan had a nice sleep throughout the night.

The reason why he could keep his vitality is of course, something to do with finding something to do endlessly, but it also had to do with him being able to enjoy sleep.

His sleeping time, which wasn’t too long, nor too short, gave him the strength to live a new day. Although, there were times where this ‘new day’ had become two or three days due to being immersed in training or work.

So, Yu IlHan was more proficient in sleeping than his spearmanship or his metalwork. If one had to pick the one who could sleep the most completely and efficiently, he might take 1st place in the universe. (T/N: may be multiverse)

And perhaps due to that, on Yu IlHan’s retina, after he woke up in the morning after a good sleep, a line came up quietly.

[You have awakened Resting Lv Max. Efficiency of all acts of rest increases dramatically. If you have the skill evolution materials, you may evolve the skill to the next stage.]

“Wow, what an alarm!”

Yu IlHan shouted while kicking the blanket. He didn’t know that such a skill existed!

When Erta, who was sleeping on top of his head, woke up and saw the situation, opened her mouth wide, dumbfounded.

[Resting skill? Just when did you learn a skill with a difficulty of acquiring rank of SSS!?]

“SSS rank? This thing is harder to learn than R*s*ng*n!?”(E/N: this author is crack up)

[Just how did you learn it? Even I didn’t learn it yet! Moreover, I heard that levelling it up was more difficult than acquring it……]

Yu IlHan replied honestly.

“I researched how to sleep more comfortably at nights in those several centuries.”

[There was a reason I couldn’t acquire it……]

“Beds are science!” (T/N: a popular advert in Korea. “Beds aren’t furniture. Beds are science”, refer to ‘I make them – 3’ chapter)

[Shut up!]

This was the moment Yu IlHan counterattacked for the inventory magic!

“But what do you use this skill for?”

[For sleeping and resting well, of course.]

“If it’s just that, there’s no way you should be so shocked.”

Erta obediently spilled the beans when she heard what Yu IlHan pointed out sharply. Yu IlHan was well-versed in this, perhaps due to reading so many books and now had the ability to read the meaning behind actions. and in the first place, she also didn’t have any intention on hiding it.

[Well, it did become the time for me to explain to you about skill evolution.]

“Oh, as expected.”

Awakening, in other words, it was just that the Akashic Records haven’t realized, but the Resting Skill was already on Yu IlHan from the beginning. and a max level one at that.

However, Yu IlHan had no memory of getting any effects from this skill. Moreover, he had only awakened it now even though he had slept everyday. In other words, it means that the usability of this Resting skill is very small.

Also, if the ability’s effects ended with just that, there was no way Erta would have become so fussed about it when she always talks about being a higher existence.

[Skill evolutions are an extension of skill acquiring, and it’s a type of achievement, and it has a similar definition to advancing classes.]

The answer lay in the ‘skill evolution’ that appeared when the said skill is trained to the limits.

[It could be said to be a guidance from the Akashic Records to offer a new path of a higher order with the special records that the existence has piled up until now.]

“I’m alright so say it easily as you always did.”

[The skill becomes so OP that it makes a plastic surgery ad of ‘Before & After’ laughable.]

“Good, much better.”

The skills that had the conditions fulfilled for evolution that Yu IlHan had were Close Combat, Spearmanship, Concealment, and lastly, Resting.

Dismantling and Blacksmithing were both Max as well, but these two didn’t have a next stage. In other words, it meant that Yu IlHan’s techniques had already reached the peak.

[Let’s forget concealment since you can’t even use it as an active skill, and let’s exclude close combat and spearmanship as well since the requirements for evolving them are too difficult for your current level. This is also the reason I didn’t mention anything about skill evolution until now.]

“So Resting’s a bit different, eh?”

Yu IlHan’s point was correct. The skill evolution materials for Resting skill that Erta knew was different to the evolution materials of other skills.

[Why don’t you check? You already know how to use status windows, right? It’s sufficient for you to think up that you want to know the materials for skill evolution for the Resting skill.]

When he obediently did as Erta said. All the requirements for evolving the Resting skill had appeared in front of his eyes.

[The hearts of monsters of sleeping 2nd class monsters 0/500]

[Troll’s blood 0/500 litres]

[Good sleep 0/100 hours]

[3rd class monster’s magic stone 0/1]

There was a quest that didn’t seem possible even if all the 7.4 billion people of Earth were mobilized.

Author’s notes

The arc hasn’t ended yet! This arc is slightly long ^^

Yu IlHan has the niche for rhyming. (T/N: Lost in translation, in fact I couldn’t find them in the raws, blame my eyes)

What’s the main meal for those monsters if they don’t eat other monsters? It will be mentioned in the future, but the answer is mana!

Rasengan’s acquiring difficulty is A rank.(E/N: pretty keen on seeing that acutally)

Erta’s role is to help Yu IlHan awaken and use mana. But this isn’t something he can learn just because he’s taught! Just by Erta, a higher existence, being next to him, his mana is stimulated and activated so that the ‘speed of adapting to mana’ which originally should have taken him several years, is speeding up rapidly. Erta sticking to him is just because of that on the surface! I tried to explain using the chapters but it seemed like my explanations were lacking T^T.

The motif for the resting skill was taken from the trolls from mabinogi. It was the first time I saw a monster plopping down on the ground to rest in a game. (T/N: I don’t play mabinogi)

Translator’s notes

You know, for the skill evolution, I remember being so shocked when I first read it, but now that I read it, it doesn’t seem difficult. As in the latest chapter MC @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^%$#

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