Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Manager Zhao

"I'm also going." "I'm also going!"

"Just obediently stay here!" Ye Yu Xi stared at them, "You only have this bit of strength, you would just be trouble if you went with me."

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi jumped the wall into the Zhao Manor.

Ye Yu Xi approached a room in the darkness. When she came close, she heard several men talking.

"This little girl is very fun to play with."

"Zhao San Er, why did you cause her to die again. There are a few brothers who haven't gone yet."


The door was opened and Ye Yu Xi entered the room, bringing with her a gust of wind.

"Who are you!"

There was a teenage girl trapped to a bed in the room and there were three-five men around the bed.

Pu, pu, pu!

Ye Yu Xi did not speak. She raised her dagger and in the blink of an eye, the men were all lying on the ground.

She reached out to touch the girl's neck, there was already no pulse left.

Ge zhi, ge zhi.

Ye Yu Xi tightened her fist and her bones slightly cracked as she walked into the next room. In her dark eyes, the killing intent became even stronger!


Inside of a room.

"Second brother, you have to take revenge for me!" A man with red swell marks all over his body was lying on a bed. His teeth were gritted as his fingers tightly gripped the blanket.

The Zhao Family's second elder Zhao Cheng was standing beside the bed. Seeing Zhao An sent back by the Primary Martial Auction Hall, he asked with a sinister expression, "Why did it."

[TL Note: I don't think the author can be bothered to remember this little villain's name…..]

Zhao An was Manager Zhao who had offended Ye Yu Xi in the Primary Martial Auction Hall. At this moment, his swelled up to a slit eyes were filled with a bit of confusion. To this point, he still did not know the identity of those two mysterious people.

Zhao Cheng still wanted to ask something when small sounds came from outside the door.

Kacha! Dong!

The door was shattered open as a black figure entered the room.


Zhao Cheng's eyes focused as he looked clearly at the thing that had flown in. It was his family's guard and there was a bloody hole in his neck.

"Someone!" Zhao Cheng saw the black clothed person outside the door and his heart filled with an unpredictable doubt.

There were no movements outside the room, creating a surprising silence.

Ye Yu Xi's face under the black cloth was filled with iciness as she said in an ice cold voice, "No need to shout, they have all gone to see King Yama."

This wild junior!

When Zhao Cheng heard Ye Yu Xi's voice, he could immediately tell Ye Yu Xi was not old. His strength was in the fifth spiritual level, so with an angry roar, a pair of iron palms were sent at Ye Yu Xi.


When the dagger entered his body, Zhao Cheng looked at his stomach in disbelief. His palms were still in the air and in the moment of his death, he could not understand how this person in front of him had suddenly become faster.

"It's, it's you!" Zhao An on the bed seemed like he had seen a demon god who he recognized, it was the person from the Primary Martial Auction Hall in the morning. In the next instant, Zhao An had an extra triangular bloody hole in the center of his forehead.

The Zhao Manor was already dead in this moment. The only exception was the waves of suppressed groans coming from the largest house in the center.


The already past forty Zhao Wen Sheng was leaned over a little concubine who was as beautiful as a flower. He suddenly felt the window being opened and stopped his body from moving.

"Ah——" The little concubine also saw the black clothed Ye Yu Xi in the window and gave a shrill cry.

"A person who wants your life!" Ye Yu Xi jumped in the window. The dagger in her hand was still dripping with blood.

"Humph!" Zhao Wen Sheng had a deep cultivation of the sixth spiritual level. After a brief panic, he calmed down as he pulled out the sword beside the bed to kill Ye Yu Xi.


When the long sword met the dagger, sparks were created.

When their weapons were clashing, their other hands attacked the other person's body at the same time.

Although Ye Yu Xi had a small figure, the her who had experienced hundreds of battles was much faster than Zhao Wen Sheng.

Ye Yu Xi's white fist slammed into Zhao Wen Sheng's chest. Zhao Wen Sheng's palm was just slower by a bit, but it passed by Ye Yu Xi's jaw and pulled off her mask.

Dong! Zhao Wen Sheng's body heavily fell onto the bed. His aura was already chaotic and his hand was only holding the black mask he grabbed from Ye Yu Xi.

"Ah! It's you, that piece of trash!" The little concubine on the bed also stared right at Ye Yu Xu's face.

Ye Yu Xi did not wait for Zhao Wen Sheng to rise. She had already arrived in front of the bed and the dagger in her hand was already placed on the center of Zhao Wen Sheng's brow, "Since you've seen my face, you can only die!"


The blade in her hand fell.

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