Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Stop, I'll talk

Blood spilled out and covered Zhao Wen Sheng's face.

When he heard Ye Yu Xi say that he could only die, Zhao Wen Sheng really thought he would die here. The little concubine on the bed had wide opened eyes. She was filled with disbelief as Ye Yu Xi's blade passed through her neck.

"Die!" Zhao Wen Sheng seized this chance. His spiritual energy filled his palm as he sent it at Ye Yu Xi's stomach.


Ye Yu Xi's dagger came back and cut open the Zhao Family Head's wrist faster than he could attack.

Shau, shua, shua.

With three consecutive slashes, she had cut the tendons in Zhao Wen Sheng's wrist and legs, but she didn't take his life.

Ye Yu Xi dragged Zhao Wen Sheng's body into the front yard, leaving a long trail of blood behind her.

The front doors were opened.

"Ah, young miss!" Qing'er ran over first.

Only an hour had passed. Other than a woman's shrill cry from within the manor, there were no other sounds. The three of them felt like they had been waiting for half a year.

"Come in." Ye Yu Xi's voice had a trace of weakness to it. After killing several dozen people and although she only fought a few moves with Zhao Wen Sheng in the end, she had used all her strength. The spiritual power in her body was running low at this moment.

"It's you!" Ye Man entered the gate and saw Zhao Wen Sheng lying on the stone floor. That face, she would never forget it in her entire life! It was him who had led people to kidnap her son and kill her husband. Ye Man grabbed Zhao Wen Sheng's head, "Where's my son! Where did you sell my son!"

"Qing'er, Ye Wen, go and look for the Zhao Manor's treasure store room." Ye Yu Xi had the two of them look for the store room as a pretense, rather she wanted them to see the scene inside some of the rooms. This was the first step in becoming an assassin.

"Ye Yu Xi, do you know who I am? If you kill me today and ruin the Zhao Manor, you are dead, dead for sure! Ha, ha." Zhao Wen Sheng laid on the ground, ignoring Ye Man wildly grabbing him. Perhaps he had done too many evil things that he could not even remember who this woman looking for her son was. Zhao Wen Sheng looked at Ye Yu Xi and began to smile.

Ye Yu Xi's face was like ice as the dagger in her hand was pointed at the tip of Zhao Wen Sheng's nose, "Tell me everything I want to know and I'll give you a painless death."

Seeing that Zhao Wen Sheng was not planning on talking, Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes, "In another world, their most cruel punishment is not beheading, but rather a punishment known as slow cutting." After saying this, in front of Zhao Wen Sheng's eyes, Ye Yu Xi sliced off a piece of flesh from Zhao Wen Sheng's arm with her dagger.

Zhao Wen Sheng finally couldn't stand it anymore when half of his arm had been peeled, "St, stop. I'll talk……" His spiritual energy was strong, so his spiritual energy subconsciously protected his blood veins, making him unable to faint.

"The seventh prince wants to marry Prime Minister Jia's house's young miss Jia. Young miss Jia has already been picked as an inner court disciple by the Mingyue Sect, so she cannot be a concubine. Young miss Jia gave the seventh prince an idea to have you die a silent death, so the seventh prince could break the engagement." Zhao Wen Sheng looked at the dagger in Ye Yu Xi's hand in fear. He seemed like he had aged several dozen years, not having the aura of a family head.

The cold glow in Ye Yu Xi's eyes became more clear. The seventh prince and the Mingyue Sect, they were all large monsters.

Her mind had memories concerning the Mingyue Sect. The Mingyue Sect was detached from the Ice Mist Country. Their sect leader was a ninth spiritual level expert and there were countless experts in the sect, even the royal family was afraid of them.

Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh in her mind. Mingyue Sect, if you dare stand in my way, I wouldn't mind exterminating you all!

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