Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: It was emptied?

Ye Man charged forward from the side and grabbed Zhao Wen Sheng's collar as she desperately shook him, "You beast, where's my son! My son was sold off by your family!"

Ye Yu Xi came forward and stepped on Zhao Wen Sheng's wound, "Speak, where did the children you sold go."

"Ah~I, I don't know." Zhao Wen Sheng began to struggle.

"Will you speak!" Ye Yu Xi rotated her foot on Zhao Wen Sheng's arm.

"I, I really don't know. I've heard that the seventh prince exchanges an amount of young boys and girls to a mysterious power for their support in winning the throne. Other than that, I really don't know anything else." Zhao Wen Sheng's eyes had a look of pleading for mercy.

When Ye Man heard this, her face turned pale white and her breath became short. She took the knife from Ye Yu Xi's hands and stabbed into Zhao Wen Sheng lying on the ground, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you, you beast!"

Ye Yu Xi stood on the side as she allowed Ye Man to take the dagger from her hand, watching her stab Zhao Wan Sheng to death. This kind of person, death was not enough. Of course, there was another person that deserved to die more!

After stabbing several dozen times, Ye Man sat on the ground with a look of obsession. She had thought that she could learn her son's whereabouts…..


Ye Man kneeled down in front of Ye Yu Xi, "Young miss, please teach me cultivation and how to kill people. I want to take revenge, I want to take revenge for my son!"

Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Man kneeling in the pool of blood as she spoke in a soft voice, "The other side is the seventh prince."

"I want to personally take revenge for my son!" Ye Man's eyes were determined. The only reason for living on for her was to take revenge for her son.

"Young miss, the treasure room was emptied by someone, but we found this." Qing'er came back with Ye Wen. They both had pale faces and traces of vomit on their clothes. It seemed like looking through these rooms had a good stomach cleaning effect on the two of them.

It was emptied?

Ye Yu Xi did not have any hopes for the two of them to find any treasures, she just wanted these young girls to see the bloody scene because they would be seeing it a lot more in the future. However, she never thought that these two girls would really find the hidden treasure room.

She reached out to take the things in Qing'er's hands. It was a bright gold invitation and an iron token.

The light was dim and she couldn't clearly see the contents of the invitation, so she closed it.

The four of them left the Zhao Manor. Before they left, they used the blood to paint a rose on the main doors. The Blood Enchantress had made a move for the first time, not leaving a single person of the Zhao Manor's dozens of people.

On the road back, Ye Yu Xi's heart was filled with some doubts. The cultivation of the Zhao Family Head, he only gave the sensation of being a bit stronger than other people. She then thought of the over a hundred people of the Zhao Manor, they pretended to be strong when they were actually weak.

Could it be this person's cultivation was fake? Could someone have deliberately spread this?

Ye Yu Xi's group returned to the inn and returned to their rooms to rest.

Ye Yu Xi studied the contents of the invitation.

"Blood Asura Auction Hall?" Seeing the words on the invitation, Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows. The information she had on the Blood Asura Auction Hall in her memory was only the word mystery.

There were three auction halls in Ningyuan City. They were the Primary Martial Auction Hall she had visited, the Strong Pass Auction Hall, and the most mysterious Blood Asura Auction Hall. The first two auction halls one could enter to buy things as long as they had money. As for the mysterious Blood Asura Auction Hall, even if you had money, you couldn't enter if you weren't strong enough.

She looked at the last line on the invitation. One's strength had to surpass the fifth spiritual level and each person could bring one follower. The auction seemed like it was set for the day after tomorrow. If she wanted to see how mysterious the Blood Asura Auction Hall was, she had to increase her cultivation right away.

Ye Yu Xi sat on the bed. With a thought, she entered the chaotic space.

"Master, master, you came!"

Huo Ling had a look of faint resentment as he looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi patted Huo Ling's head and prepared to head to the shelves to find something.

Huo Ling hugged Ye Yu Xi's leg and looked at Ye Yu Xi with a pitiful gaze, "Master, master, is it time to eat yet? I'm hungry….."

Ye Yu Xi: "……"

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