Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 22: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (1)

Chapter 22: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (1)

“Elder Hun Fei,” Gu Panpan bit her lip and glanced at Gu Ruoyun, before turning her head towards Hun Fei, “I didn’t really want to say it out, but all of Azure Dragon Country knows, our Gu family’s Gu Ruoyun hasn’t been able to advance since she reached Qi level 2 a few years ago. So I’m afraid that she won’t be able to enter the Heavenly Spirit formation.”

Saying this, Gu Panpan had an expression full of regret, as if she really felt sympathy for Gu Ruoyun, and no one could see any other emotions from her face.

“Oh?” Hun Fei followed Gu Panpan’s gaze and looked over, landing on Gu Ruoyun’s relaxed face, “So she’s Gu Ruoyun? Gu Shengxiao’s little sister? I see that she’s not that little anymore, how could she be just a Qi level 2? With a genius like Gu Shengxiao, how could his little sister be such a good-for-nothing? This is really quite an eye-opener.”

A few years ago, Gu Shengxiao rejected his offer to be his disciple, to his ever-lasting humiliation! So, of course he would not have any courtesy left for Gu Ruoyun.

“Elder, all of Azure Dragon Country knows of this matter, so although I sympathise with her, she doesn’t live up to expectations, so I don’t have any way to help her.” Gu Panpan had an expression of helplessness, holding the air of a mother hating her child for not living up to expectations.

“Gu Panpan, you…”

Luo Yin clenched her fists angrily, but just as she wanted to throw a punch, a hand reached out from the side and tightly held onto her hand.

Gu Ruoyun smiled at the corner of her lips, her pretty and delicate face held an enigmatic expression: “Gu Panpan, sorry to disappoint you, but I broke through to Qi level 3 last night.”

Her voice was indifferent, but it fell clearly on everyone’s ears.

Suddenly, Gu Panpan’s expression froze, as if a hand had harshly slapped her across the face, leaving her wanting to find a hole to burrow into.

At any other time, if Gu Ruoyun had broken through into Qi level 3, she could still have mocked her for a bit. However, she had clearly just said that Gu Ruoyun was only Qi level 2, unable to enter the Heavenly Spirit formation, so she was humiliated on the spot, and it was such a resounding slap on the face too.

After taking a deep breath, Gu Panpan laughed dryly, “Then I should really congratulate you, after waiting for so many years, you’ve finally broken through into Qi level 3. Only, who knows when you’ll be able to breakthrough again, but I believe that you’ll reach Qi level 4 in ten years at most.”

“Rest assured, I’ll surely advance again before you die.”


Luo Yin wasn’t able to resist and burst out into laughter, she patted Gu Ruoyun’s shoulder as she laughed loudly: “Ruoyun, do you mean that, the moment you advance into level 4, she’s going to die soon after? Then Gu Panpan had better be careful, and find someplace to hide after you break through, or she’ll mysteriously expire. Tsk tsk, with such exquisite beauty, isn’t it such a shame if you die?”

Gu Panpan’s face went from green one moment to white the next, it was amazing, however Gu Ruoyun started to admire her patience, she could still resist flying off the handle even after being humiliated by Luo Yin like this.

“Gu Ruoyun, watch your words!” Old General Gu’s expression sunk as he snapped: “Also, Great General Luo, is this how you educate your daughter? It seems like she has no upbringing at all!”

“Upbringing?” Great General Luo snorted, “I’m still better than you, an old man who almost beat his own granddaughter to death without seeking the truth first.”

Really, up till now, Great General Luo still couldn’t understand, Gu Ruoyun was his Gu family’s flesh and blood at the very least, this old man just outright beat her without asking , and he even beat her almost to death just for the sake of that kid from the Ling family! Was this even something a grandfather should be doing?

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