Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 23: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (2)

Chapter 23: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (2)


Just as Old General Gu was about to speak up, an impatient shout interrupted all other voices.

Hun Fei glanced at Gu Ruoyun, and said expressionlessly: “Since you have reached Qi level 3, then it’s enough to enter the Heavenly Spirit formation, but this is the lowest qualification for entering the formation. Even the lowest area is dangerous for you, so you should look out for yourself.”

Qi level 3 was not even enough for a second look, he huffed and reckoned that this girl would lose her life, he really wondered how a genius at the level of Gu Shengxiao could have such a useless sister?

Thinking up to here, Hun Fei shook his head helplessly.

After the Heavenly Spirit formation’s door opened under the efforts of Hun Fei and Tian Lin, the younger generation all entered the formation. The next time the formation would open would be in a month’s time, so after most of the crowd had entered the formation, the remaining people returned to their homes, waiting to enter the palace a month later…

At this point, looking at the empty imperial compound, Hun Fei’s expression held a tinge of deep thought.

“Not long ago, there was some strange weather in the imperial capital of Azure Dragon Country. The sect master observed the stars and determined that a strong person had come to this world, and that huge changes would soon occur in this mainland. If we manage to grab that strong person, our Weapon Refining Sect will definitely rise to the top of all the other sects! Regrettably, our sect master was only able to observe that this strong person would arrive in some young talent’s body, but was unable to determine who it was, otherwise we wouldn’t need to bring out the Heavenly Spirit formation to test it.”

Tian Lin fell into silent thought, only after a long while, he raised his head and said calmly: “Compared to that talent, I’m more concerned about something else.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know if you sensed it just now, but that girl called Gu Ruoyun has extremely poor talent, but, she has a strong spiritual force! Much more powerful than the talents we’ve met before.”

Hun Fei’s heart shook, and said in astonishment: “Because of her relation to Gu Shengxiao, I didn’t notice this just now. You’re saying, that she has a strong spiritual force?”

Thinking of this, Hun Fei’s breathing tensed, if they could make her contribute her spiritual force, then they could cure Miss’s body.

“Hun Fei, if losing her spiritual force will cause her to become an idiot, based on what I see of this Gu Ruoyun’s personality, she may not agree.” Tian Lin shook his head, saying so in a placid tone.

“Not necessarily,” Hun Fei sneered, “She’s just a good-for-nothing that everyone looks down on in Azure Dragon Country. If she’s willing to give for our Miss, then our Weapon Refining Sect will definitely take care of her for the rest of her life. Moreover, contributing her own spiritual force for our Miss is her good fortune. The future mainland war requires our Weapon Refining Sect’s participation, and our Miss is the number one genius in Weapon Refining Sect. This matter concerns the safety of the whole mainland, and as an inhabitant of this mainland, contributing for the sake of the mainland is a given. So no one will reject this chance, just like the people before her.”

Saying so, it was as if letting Gu Ruoyun sacrifice herself for Shiyun was something that Gu Ruoyun should be thankful to the Weapon Refining Sect for. Whereas if she disagreed, then she would become a criminal in the entire mainland, who should be condemned by all and torn into ten thousand pieces!

Tian Lin smiled wryly and shook his head: “I see that this girl’s personality is stubborn, she doesn’t seem easy to convince. Hun Fei, since they will only appear again after a month, let’s wait until a month later…”

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