Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 24: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (3)

Chapter 24: Who Are You Calling a Good-For-Nothing? (3)

Between the valleys, in the lush forest, young master Ling stood in the middle of the crowd, enjoying the feeling of respect from the people around him. Suddenly, he noticed Gu Ruoyun walking out from the back of the crowd, a touch of haughtiness in the smile on her delicate face.

“Gu Ruoyun, we’ll see! Wait for the day of our duel, I’ll make you kneel down and call me grandfather!”


The spiritual Qi in the Heavenly Spirit formation was particularly abundant, several times the amount outside. If they cultivated here, together with the power of the Qi Gathering Pill, Gu Ruoyun would be able to break through to Qi level 4 in less than a month.

Therefore, after entering the Heavenly Spirit formation, she first let Luo Yin go to another place to train, then found a cave for herself to start cultivating…

At this time within the cave, Gu Ruoyun sat with her legs crossed. Light spiritual Qi slowly condensed around her whole body, like threads of cotton being absorbed into the pores of her body, and from the pores, it accumulated into her spiritual ocean.

Watching her vast spiritual ocean being filled bit by bit with spiritual Qi, Gu Ruoyun’s body and mind felt an unspeakable comfort…

Time passed minute by minute, second by second, during this time, she hid in the cave and cultivated from start to end, so much that those who did not see her thought that she had already died underneath the claws of demonic beasts.

Just as most people thought that she was already dead, within a cave not far from the entrance of the Heavenly Spirit formation, a looming wave spread out. Although the fluctuations were not that great, the people nearby could feel them clearly.

“Finally broke through to Qi level 4.”

Gu Ruoyun opened her eyes and said: “I wonder how much time has passed.”

Saying so, the voice within her soul unhurriedly spoke up: “More than twenty days have passed.”

“More than twenty days?” Gu Ruoyun gave a slight start, “I thought that it has already been more than a month, I didn’t think that it was only twenty days. This was all thanks to the effect of the Qi gathering pill, without it, maybe even a month wouldn’t have been enough for me to advance.”

Even at the start in East Peak Mainland, she spent one and a half months to advance, and even so, she was already considered an absolute genius…

Thinking of this, Gu Ruoyun’s throat tightened, she had a feeling, her achievements in this world would not lose to that of the previous.


Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun felt the strange fluctuations transmitted from within the cave, and a look of surprise flashed across her countenance: “What a powerful aura! This… this is a spiritual weapon? But I didn’t feel this aura at all when I first came in, don’t tell me that I accidentally touched something while I was cultivating?”

At that moment, her heart almost jumped out.

This was a spiritual weapon, not an ordinary weapon! Spiritual weapons carried spiritual Qi, and with high level spiritual weapons, there would even be a sword spirit to help in battles. If two people with about the same strength dueled, one holding a normal weapon, one with a spiritual weapon, then the latter would definitely end up victorious.

Most importantly, spiritual weapons could not be found just anywhere like cabbages, it could even be said that they were extremely rare, even in her previous life, Gu Ruoyun was unable to get one.

Who would have thought that after transferring to this world for just a few days, that she would find such a priceless treasure that anyone would kill to have.

“It is indeed the fluctuations of a spiritual weapon. Girl, go take a look, maybe you’ll have an unexpected reward.”


Gu Ruoyun nodded slightly, what she did not understand was, didn’t the Weapon Refining Sect know that there was a spiritual weapon here? Otherwise why didn’t they take it for themselves?


The Weapon Refining Sect’s main cause was to refine weapons, they definitely would not miss detecting this spiritual weapon. If so, why was this spiritual weapon left here for so long without being taken away?

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