Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 8: Ancient Phoenix, Zixie (1)

Chapter 8: Ancient Phoenix, Zixie (1)

Gu Ruoyun’s line of sight followed along that long robe, eventually landing on a man’s face; and she couldn’t look away.

In the Dongyue mainland, of all the handsome men she had seen, it was Jin Di who had been the most captivating. However, the man before her was no less mesmerising than Jin Di, and could even be ranked higher than Jin Di…

The man was clothed entirely in purple. His sleeves were embroidered with golden threads, giving off a sense of nobility and splendor. A head of inky black hair was scattered loosely on his back, and an enchanting aroma floated by with a slight breeze. His features were so beautiful to the point that everything else lost their colour in an instant. A light wind set his purple clothes slightly flowing, a backdrop that added to the devilish enchantment of the purple flame between his brows.

Suddenly, the man raised his hand and a gentle breeze passed by. When Gu Ruoyun had recovered her senses, she had already fallen into his embrace…

“So this is the master that the Ancient Divine Pagoda selected? This body feels too skinny, it’s not nice to embrace at all. Girl, you need to feed yourself properly. When you grow a little fatter, come warm my bed.”

Gu Ruoyun’s face darkened instantly. She lifted her leg to kick at him; who knew that the other had already been prepared, and even chuckled as he caught her foot.

“Girl, you were strong in the past, but now, you’re only a little shrimp that’s only Qi level two. Did you think that sneak attack would work on me?”

Gu Ruoyun withdrew her leg. Looking towards the handsomely noble man in front of her, she asked: “Who are you?”

“Girl, aren’t you too cold? I brought you here from the Dongyue mainland, and you actually forgot who I am?” The man said in an aggrieved manner, “I did save your life, otherwise your soul would have been scattered to the four winds.”

From Dongyue mainland?

Gu Ruoyun startled for a moment: “You’re the Ancient Divine Pagoda.”

Upon hearing this, the corner of his mouth twitched a few times: “The Ancient Divine Pagoda? When have you ever seen a pagoda turn into a human? I’m the Ancient Divine Pagoda’s companion beast, Zixie!”

“Zixie? The ancient phoenix Zixie?”

The people of the Xiling mainland may not have heard of Zixie’s existence, but in the Dongyue mainland, it was impossible to find someone who did not know of this name.

The ancient phoenix Zixie, said to have the power to create worlds and flatten entire empires with a single breath. His abilities were so strong that they could make anyone’s heart stop.

However, tens of thousands of years ago, Zixie had long disappeared. Who would have expected him to appear here…

“Girl, isn’t it shocking?” Zixie curved his lips, smiling as he said: “You have already contracted with the Ancient Divine Pagoda when you were fleeing for your life; as long as your soul remains intact, the Pagoda will follow your soul forever. However, I and the Pagoda have both been sealed. If you had lifted the seal on the Dongyue mainland, those old monsters would have detected it, so I had no way to help you. I was only able to lift the seal when you arrived here in Xiling…”

Gu Ruoyun nodded her head: “So that was it. This Ancient Divine Pagoda was gifted to me by my grandfather, I didn’t even know what use it had…”

“I can’t explain the uses of this Pagoda immediately.. However, you know that this Pagoda was something left behind since the ancient times, so how could a divine artifact from the ancient times be useless? Moreover…”

Zixie smiled and rubbed Gu Ruoyun’s head: “Didn’t you challenge someone to a duel? With this Ancient Divine Pagoda, within a month, I’ll raise your power to exceed his!”

He knew that Gu Ruoyun could borrow the combat experience from her previous life, and have a 50% chance of defeating the Ling family’s young master, but what he wanted to do, was to let her be completely certain of defeating the enemy…

TL Note:

Interesting fact: Zixie (紫邪) translates to ‘purple evil’. Which is also why he has a purple flame between his brows, and why he wears purple clothes.

While I’m at it, here are some extra notes for other people and place names and their meanings.

In Gu Ruoyun’s previous life, her surname was Xia (夏), which means ‘summer’. Her current surname, Gu (顾) doesn’t have any particular meaning by itself.

The given name of Gu Ruoyun’s brother, Gu Shengxiao (顾笙箫), means ‘farewell’

The Dongyue mainland has the character ‘east’ in it, while the Xiling mainland has the character ‘west’

Qinglong (青龙) means ‘green dragon’

I’ll add notes at the bottom of chapters if there are any other interesting meanings behind names later on.

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