Evil Emperor's Wild Consort

Chapter 9: Ancient Phoenix, Zixie (2)

Chapter 9: Ancient Phoenix, Zixie (2)

Within the Ancient Divine Pagoda, the four walls shone brightly. At the center-most area, there was a medicine cauldron. Gu Ruoyun eyed the wide and empty Pagoda with a measuring gaze, and asked: “So this is the Ancient Divine Pagoda?”

“Yes, this is the first level of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. With my current strength, I can only unseal this first level; unsealing the rest of the levels will depend on you…”

“What should I do?”

Gu Ruoyun halted her steps and turned to look at Zixie.

“It’s easy,” Zixie’s line of sight landed on Gu Ruoyun’s face, and his lips hooked up in a slight smile, “All you have to do is to break through Qi level 8 and reach martial warrior class, then you’ll be able to enter the second level. Every time you break through a level after that, you’ll be able to access the rewards within that level.”

Upon hearing so, Gu Ruoyun’s attention turned to the medicine cauldron within the Pagoda.

“What the first level bestowed upon me, is this medicine cauldron?”

“Yes,” Zixie nodded his head, “But it’s not just this cauldron, there are also some of the most basic pill formulas.”

With that, he placed a few pill formulas before Gu Ruoyun’s eyes.

“Qi Gathering pill, it will make a martial warrior gathering Qi more sensitive to spiritual Qi, increasing the cultivation speed to five times the usual. Marrow Cleansing Pill, it can cleanse all impurities in the cultivator’s body, so that cultivation takes half the effort! Beauty Rejuvenation Pill, it can make a 50-year-old woman regain the beauty of her twenties in an instant…”

Without mentioning the last one, even the first two pill formulas were enough to move Gu Ruoyun’s heart.

Most importantly, tens of thousands of years ago, pill development had been at its peak and there had been numerous pill masters. However, in the middle of the great world war ten thousand years ago, all the pill masters had been killed, and all the pill refinement books had been destroyed. Up to the present day, not a single person has been able to refine pills again. And there were only some pill powders on the market.

Of course, those powders could not be compared to actual pills.

One could imagine the shock that Gu Ruoyun’s heart went through after seeing those pill formulas…

However, she quickly calmed the excitement in her heart. From this one action, Zixie looked at her with astonishment…

If this had happened to someone else, they would probably have been itching to start refining pills.

“Although these pill formulas are valuable, unfortunately, I’ve never learned how to refine pills. Even though you gave me formulas and a cauldron, I don’t think I have any chance at actually refining some pills.”

“Girl, I didn’t expect you to be so different from those greedy humans I usually see. I’m starting to get more and more interested in you,” Zixie smiled, and with this smile, the purple flame between his brows shone even more otherworldly, “I hope that you can grow quickly, until you can warm my bed, otherwise, it will be rather painful for me to do that with this small body.”

Gu Ruoyun tilted her lips in a smile, scanning Zixie up and down with one look: “Even if I grow up… you… can’t grow, right?”

Looking at the glee in the young girl’s gaze, then thinking of the meaning within her words just now, the handsome face momentarily darkened: “Girl, even at such a young age, you’re already saying such words.”

“Don’t forget, this body was Gu Ruoyun’s. I’ve already lived more than 20 years.”


Zixie’s brows lifted flirtatiously. With a single movement of his large hands, he pulled Gu Ruoyun into his embrace, slightly narrowing his eyes in threat: “Girl, since your soul is already more than 20 years old, why not… warm my bed right now.”

Gu Ruoyun’s expression sank, and she wanted to fight against him, but then a man’s deep and mesmerising laughter sounded by her ear.

“Unfortunately, girl, I don’t have any interest in skinny women. It’s not comfortable at all when I hug you. Let’s wait until you grow a little fatter, then I’ll let you warm my bed.”


When the man’s hands loosened for a moment, Gu Ruoyun took the chance to turn and let loose a punch towards the man’s face, but just as it was about to connect, a hand appeared in front of him and blocked her fist.

“Girl, you’re really heartless.”

The man poked Gu Ruoyun’s fist away, smiling as he said helplessly: “You just beat people up when you want to, not even leaving any mercy… Anyway, you’ve already come to the Pagoda for quite some time. It’s about time for you to leave, or you’ll get found out. After you go out, buy all the materials for the Qi Gathering pill, then I’ll teach you how to refine pills.”

Actually, Zixie did not know, that even if Gu Ruoyun disappeared for a month, the Gu family probably would not even realise…

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