Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 126

Chapter 126

Caught unprepared, Mu Qian was dazed by the domineering kiss of Jie Ye but finally recovered a trace of sanity in the next moment .

The needles in her hand were drawn out and pierced in Jiu Ye’ buttocks .

Mu Qian mentally sighed, ‘If Jiu Ye could come to his senses, I hope he would not take this matter into account . ’

Although it’s a normal thing to get a needle in that area in modern times, His Highness the titled Night Prince was different . If he knew that he was poked with some needles in that area, he would definitely want to kill someone!

The corners of Mu Yi and Jun Mo’s mouths twitch up frantically, “With this temperament, Lord (Little girl) is really worthy of being the head of the clan!”

See, even when kissing, she still has time to be distracted and make a move towards the Night Prince!

Meanwhile, Jiu Ye, whose focus in what he’s doing does not have the heart to care what this woman is up to either .

But when he felt her focus was getting farther and farther, Jiu Ye nibbled more vigorously, like an insatiable beast that caught its prey .

While Jiu Ye was engaged in the moment, suddenly a very untimely voice came .

“Master! The curse has surprisingly flared up early, are you alright…?!”

Housekeeper Bai’s eyes widened when he saw the exceedingly charming scene! He instantly froze and wanted to bury himself into the ground to hide!

Jiu Ye’s lips left Mu Qian’s and let out a voice that can put people’s souls to freeze .

“Get lost!”

“Boom!” Housekeeper Bai, an old bone was slapped away by his master and blasted off in the air .

The black pattern that wrapped around Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s body at this time slowly came back together, shrinking from his body to his face and slowly disappearing .

And finally, the handsome and peerless face that was obscured by dark patterns was once again displayed in front of Mu Qian .

Seeing such a stunning and ravishing figure, Mu Yi and the others also stared in disbelief, revealing an incredible expression .

They were told that due to the Night Prince’s appearance closer to a rakshasa, he tends to wear a mask . But they didn’t expect His Highness the Night Prince to be this handsome, seemingly surpassing all the men in this world!

Mu Qian saw his eyes were back to its icy-blue color and breathed a sigh of relief . Then, she turned her head to see Jiu Ye who had done something bad but looked calm as ever, “It’s good that you’re okay, otherwise I’m going to be the first person to suffocate because of kissing . ”

Jiu Ye’s slender hand gently brushed over her red and swollen lips and softly said: “It won’t happen . Benjun has a sense of proportion…”

The cold touch made Mu Qian take a few steps back as if she had received an electric shock and her heart could not help but throb .

Even the furious kiss just now did not make her heart a ripple, so how come a sudden touch from him made her heart skip a beat?

Mu Qian had just taken a step back when Xuanyuan Jiu Ye’s slender body actually collapsed in front of her .

Mu Qian hurriedly held him up, “Jiu Ye!”

After checking, Mu Qian determined that Jiu Ye had just run out of strength, added with the effect of some of her elixirs, he eventually passed out and would be fine when he woke up .

It’s already rare for this guy to fall down in front of her…

‘I wonder what exactly is that curse that Housekeeper Bai just said? It can even make the powerful him become so wretchedly out of control!’

Mu Qian waved her hand, “Go! Let’s go home!”

The Fire Sect made such a big mess but no one dared to go near here because they vaguely guessed that the terrifying power is from someone they don’t dare to mess with .

The one thing that Mu Qian didn’t find out was sealed up by this place .

Today there are three major sects in the Purple Moon Kingdom, the Fire Sect, the Danji Sect and the Xuan Lei Sect . But in fact, seven years ago, there was another sect called the Jueming Sect .

The Sect Leader was interested in His Highness the Night Prince and forcibly took him away to the clan .

People who knew about the aftermath of said incident were scared to death and never dared to mention it again!

Unexpectedly, seven years later, another foolish sect dared to do the same thing to the Night Prince and eventually perished once more .

After entering the Capital, Mu Qian ordered, “Housekeeper Bai, take Jiu Ye back to his palace!”

However, Housekeeper Bai didn’t immediately agree and was also in an unusual state of distress . Just now, he knew that the anger on his Master’s eyes weren’t small and he couldn’t live without gaining the Master’s mercy first .

An idea popped up in his mind and then Housekeeper Bai laughed, “Lord Mu, those skeleton servants in the Night Prince’s Palace have no ability to take care of a patient, why don’t you let my master recuperate in your place for one night first?”

Mu Qian nodded, “Okay”

This was the first time Jiu Ye made such a mess and a large part of the reason was to save her and her little uncle so she won’t destroy the bridge after crossing the river .

In the first place, if it wasn’t for him, she and her little uncle would have been tortured to death by that four-armed ghost there .

After placing Jiu Ye in the Shui Xi Courtyard, Mu Qian pulled Jun Mo away to see Mu Wushuang .

“Jun Mo, you are at least the king of medicine, tell me what exactly the cure is for my little uncle?”

“Your alchemy is also mysterious and unpredictable and much more complex than mine so if you can’t make a cure for him then what more can I do?”

Mu Qian’s face sank, “From now on, you just have to eat wild vegetables every day!”

Jun Mo instantly tensed up, “You can’t do that! I’ll die without meat!”

“Then my little uncle ……” Mu Qian glanced at the sleeping Mu Wushuang .

Jun Mao explained, “Those who have been hit with ancient poison never survived, fortunately the poison was sealed in his legs which made your little uncle live for more than twenty years . But with his current condition and broken seal, I’m afraid no one in this world has the strength to suppress his poison again . If not for his strong power he wouldn’t even last this long…”

“I also do not know how long his strength can hold up, I have a ninth earth-grade elixir and green spirit lotus here, you can directly let him take it . It can suppress his body’s toxicity but there’s no telling how long it lasts . This ancient poison is too strong . ” Jun Mo waved his hand and said helplessly .

“Ninth earth-grade elixir… What level is it?”

“Elixirs is divided into one to nine grades, which is only the mortal grade, above the mortal grade is called the earth grade . In the Snow Continent, there are only three or more of this Ninth earth-grade elixir, I spent a large sum of money to make this, that’s why little girl, you must feed me with good food and drink every day . ”

For the sake of good food, the Medicine King is very desperate and such treasures are offered .

Mu Qian asked, “Just suppression? Then do you know the way to completely detoxify the poison?”

What she wanted was definitely not just to suppress the poison but to cure it from the roots and let her little uncle stand up once again .

Jun Mo shook his head .

“The remedies for many poisons in the ancient times have long been lost, plus this one is incomparably malignant, even more impossible to cure, unless…”

“Unless what?” Mu Qian asked immediately after .

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