Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 127: Eight more times

Chapter 127: Eight more times

    Jun Mo answered back, “Unless you find the Eternal God Cauldron, you might be able to cure the poison and get your little uncle on his feet.”

    “Eternal God Cauldron, isn’t that a medicine cauldron? It can detoxify poison?” Mu Qian asked in confusion.

    “As long as you get the Eternal God Cauldron to recognize you as its master, then you will obtain its inheritance, and perhaps there will be an antidote for the poison in that ancient inheritance. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.” Jun Mo waved his hand and said.

    Mu Qian nodded her head, “I see… It seems that no matter what, we have to find the Eternal God Cauldron. “

    Not only to improve her own pill-making skills, but also to cure her little uncle, she is now more than determined to win the Eternal God Cauldron!

    It’s just that this other world is too big, and it’s not that simple to find ancient divine treasures.

    Regarding her contract with the Eternal Pavilion—Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, it is completely like a blind cat bumping into a dead mouseTranslator's Note:Idiom: it's pure good luck.

 While the Eternal Ring—Water God Dragon Ring was a gift from Jiu Ye.

    Jun Mo said with a smile, “it’s right to have this determination, but to find the Eternal God Cauldron is definitely much more difficult than you can even imagine.”

    Mu Qian surveyed Jun Mo for a moment before saying, “You seem to be extraordinarily concerned about the Eternal God Cauldron.”

    “That’s for sure! Didn’t I tell you? The Eternal God Cauldron is a treasure that every pill refiner dreams of. I am also a pill refiner, you know!” Jun Mo pretended to play the profound thinker.

    After giving Mu Wushuang the spirit lotus, his breath apparently stabilized a lot, Mu Qian Xi let out a sigh of relief, and then returned to her Shui Xi Courtyard.

    As soon as she opened the door to her room, she saw a cold and stunning man reclining on her bed gazing deeply at her.

    Mu Qian exclaimed, “Jiu Ye, you’re awake!”

    The man came closer and looked at Mu Qian from above. “I’m okay.”

    Mu Qianxi smiled, “Mm-hmm! You look fine now.”

    He said that but he’s still feeling weary and wants to lie on Mu Qian’s bed for a while more.

    Mu Qian said, “Jiu Ye, this is my room. If you want to rest some more, you can go back to the Night Prince Palace first.”

    Jiu Ye frowned slightly, “You’re driving me away?”

    “My place is too small to accommodate two people, I’m afraid it would inconvenience you, so……”

    “You should send me home!” In a flash, Jiu Ye swept Mu Qian into his arms and took her with him directly.

    The corners of Mu Qian’s mouth twitched, this is not “her sending him back” but “him taking her captive”, okay?

    When Mu Qian was brought into the Night Prince’s Palace by Jiu Ye, she was ready to bolt out.

    “I’ve sent you back, so I’ll go first!”

    “Today, stay!”

    Jiu Ye caught Mu Qian, the moonlight at this time fell on her face—her exquisite face that looked confused was shining in the eyes of Jiu Ye.

    “Stay? To do what?” Mu Qian’s heart was pounding, he wouldn’t be able to remember what she did to him, would he?

    Apparently, there’s nothing to fear!

    “Think for yourself, what have you done to this prince?”

    With a firm grip, Jiu Ye’s hand yanked her onto the soft couch in the room.

    Seeing this one approaching as strongly as a demon god, Mu Qian’s heart went up and down.

    “Jiu Ye, special circumstances have special treatment! At that time, I could only put the potion needle there, I didn’t mean it!”

    A pair of slender hands fell into Mu Qian’s neck, a strange cold breath swept Mu Qian’s whole body.

    He said in a low voice: “If it is someone else who does this to BenjunTranslator's Note:Another term for ‘This Lord/Monarch’, then there is no doubt that he will die.”

    “You, however, are an exception!”

    Even Jiu Ye himself did not know that the cold and cruel icy blue eyes of his actually flashed a hint of doting light.

    “How about we just let this matter go?” Mu Qian looked hopefully at Jiu Ye.

    Jiu Ye retracted his long and slender hands, making Mu Qian breathe a sigh of relief. She’s thinking that His Highness the Night Prince would be generous enough to let her go.

    But the words of Jiu Ye made her fall off the soft couch.

    “Benjun intends to use his own way to treat others, what do you think?” With the perfect lips slightly open, the words came out slowly.

    Mu Qian gritted her teeth but eventually gave up.

    Anyway, this Ghost Doctor is not afraid of needles. In fact, Master Huo has made her potion needles so fine that they don’t hurt at all!

    Mu Qian took out nine needles smaller than a hair out and said, ” Jiu Ye, I’ll just give you nine shots— three tranquilizers, three hypnotics, and three painkillers. The medicine is already loaded, if you want to do it, do it now!”

    Mu Qian lay on her side on top of the soft couch, obviously waiting for the “doctor” to give the injections and resign herself to her fate.

    But Jiu Ye stood aside and did not want to touch the needles in the slightest.

    Mu Qian turned and asked, “Jiu Ye, you……”

    “Nine shots, not enough!” Four words were spat out coldly.

    Mu Qian mentally slandered, “Your Highness Shura surely doesn’t want to return the favor tenfold, right?!”

    If it’s 90 shots! It will poke into a hornet’s nest!Translator's Note:Refers to a matter that is hard to handle

    “Ten needles! That’s final!” Mu Qian took out another needle!

    I hope he is not so cruel to really turn it ten-fold!

    As a result, Jiu Ye was not moved, but directly pressed Mu Qian on top of the soft couch.

    That pair of icy blue eyes looked straight at Mu Qian, which flashed a hint of danger, giving Mu Qian a very, very bad premonition.

    Sure enough…

    Jiu Ye’s hand moved, which directly made Mu Qian lie on top of the soft couch, as a result—


    “AHH!” Mu Qian let out a shout, her eyes widened and her entire face turned red!

    She was so angry that she trembled and shouted, “Jiu Ye, you bastard! How dare you spank my ass!”

    She has not been beaten like this by anyone in her previous life or this life!

    “That thing of yours, I won’t use it, so this is for the best!” Jiu Ye replied very honestly, with an equally good feeling in his hand.

    Maybe Aunt can hold it in, but uncle cannot!Translator's Note:The original should be “是可忍孰不可忍” , translate to “ if this can be tolerated, what can’t be tolerated?“, basically means this is the ‘last straw’. But this sentence has been changed by the younger generation because the character “孰” has the similar pronunciation as the character “叔” (means uncle in English), so they replace this sentence with “婶(aunt)” to pair with 叔(uncle) to make it funnier.

    Mu Qian was ready to resist this inhumane Shura tyrant! It was already humiliating enough to be beaten a little but if she really got the ninety spanks, she would definitely go berserk!

    Mu Qian exploded with all her strength and with a sudden leap, she flipped over and directly grabbed the arm of Jiu Ye and flung him on top of the soft couch.

    Mu Qian sat on top of him and pressed his shoulders with both hands, the color of her flushed face had not yet faded at this time.

    She said angrily, “Jiu Ye, you’ve gone too far!”

    “My father didn’t even hit me! I can’t believe you went down there.”

    Jiu Ye, who was forcibly suppressed by Mu Qian, said very seriously, “Wasn’t it you who did that first to benjun?”

    The corners of Mu Qian’s mouth twitched, “That’s different, that’s an injection, as a doctor it’s a normal thing to give an injection in that area and it’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”

    Just as Mu Qian’s words fell, suddenly this Shura Demon King’s aura became very dangerous.

    In an instant, the sky spun, and Jiu Ye took the initiative to suppress Mu Qian once again.

    “There are eight more times!” Hot air sprayed in Mu Qian’s ears, but the words he just said made Mu Qian want to cry.

Translator’s Note:

Me: I can see your “S” leaking Jiu Ye.

Jiu Ye: So what?

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Jiu Ye: Are you already tired of living, translator?

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