Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 2

Meets a Beautiful Youth

The eyebrows seemed as if painted with ink, skin like snow and that exquisite face is like the painting of a God. Long gray-green hair slid down from the shoulder to the lake, just like a good silk.

Like a butterfly's wing, his thick eyelashes flashed a little as he open his eyes. A pair of pale green clear eyes, an imperious soul.

Like a pure and innocent spirit, cannot be profaned. He looked at Mu Qian, and the cherry lips opened.

"It is you ugly woman who entered my space and awakened me.”

The face of Mu Qian, who appreciates this beauty before suddenly, turns cold.

"Kid, if you dare go ashore, I promise I won't kill you, you dare to call me ugly."

"You are ugly" he said after looking at her from top to bottom.

The voice of the boy is clear just like an elf would have and his soft tone was fit for a fairy but his every word feels like it has been dip with poison, every word is a slap in the face.

Mu Qian walked towards the pavilion and saw her reflection in the water.

In an instant, she was scared of herself.

Golden dress, but at this time she looks more like a shabby beggar.

Messy hair, even the chicken coop is much better.

There is also her face, her face that has a thick layer of powder, which states "I can't wait to paint my face all day long".

I can't take it, I can't stand this, must wash it off.

"Plop!" Mu Qian directly jump into the clear lake.

This time a scream came over. "Ahh! Ugly woman! Get out of here! You dare to dirty my water spirit lake!"

Suddenly, the lake became turbulent, He wanted to take hold of Mu Qian and take her out of the lake.


Mu Qian swam quickly towards the teenager, and grabbed his neck as she said

"Kid, if you dare to do that again, I will break your neck!"

The skin is cold and delicate, just like fine porcelain.


All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her body, quickly tossed the boy into the water.

"Fuck! What have you done to me?!"

The boy's face also turned white as he said: "Hurry Up! Get out!"

Her whole body seems to be shredded from the inside out, large drops of sweat formed from her forehead as she resists the pain, but she was angrier when she heard the harsh words coming from the youth.

One pain does not stop her from taking her revenge to this stupid fellow, she bow her head towards the youth direction and fiercely bite his arm!


A high-pitched scream was heard, the teenager continues to wail.

"Ugly woman let go of me! It hurts!"

Mu Qian doesn't care how much it hurts, because once she let go, she's going to lose her mind!

In her veins, inside her blood vessels, as if there is a beast charging inside and is about to collapse. If she did not bite the youth's arm, I'm afraid that she'll bite her tongue instead.


A cold breath came in; her soul at this point felt a terrible twinge! That makes her mind feel blank.

Even though Mu Qian fainted, she still didn't loosen her bite from the youth's arm.

"It reeks! Ugly woman, you…you…" as he stuttered.

The frantic sounds brought her to her senses, and then she smelled a stench that was truly hard to bear.

As she opens her eyes, the clear visible lake she saw before turns black.

"You….hurry up and let go of me!"

Mu Qian wraps her arm around the youth's neck, ensuring that she can subdue him before the boy starts to do things against her.

On the flawless arm of the youth, a bloody mark with a deep wound enough to see the bone was left. It seems that she bit him so hard just now.

"What is going on?" Mu Qian asked.

"The water in the lake has the ability to cleanse the essence, with your dirty body after soaking in it, of course…" the youth explain while holding his nose.

"There are so many impurities in your body!"

The water in the whole lake has the impurities that were discharged by her body, in which she is the most toxic among it.

"Ah! I can't stand it anymore! Let go!"


The youth really can't stand the horrid stench of the lake, as he tries to figure out how to resurface out of the water.

His delicate collarbone and fair skin are exposed in front of Mu Qian.

Even if she saw only the upper body, his figure is really good.

"Don't move."

Mu Qian increased her grip on the youth.

"Get out of my way! Hurry up! Even if your blood was the one who woke me up, I still won't acknowledge you"

A powerful force almost made Mu Qian fly out.

At this time, a blue light shrouded the two of them, and the youth's face turned ugly and angrily said…

"How is it possible!?"

In Mu Qian's mind, there was a voice that sounded like from the ancient times.

"The Eternal Pavilion, Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, Nine Layers of territory, the wax and wane of stars".

"My name is Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, Shall be with thee forever, in soul we will be connected, together for all eternity, are you willing?"

The young man's moving voice, confuses the mind of Mu Qian as she unconsciously said:

"I am willing."

A ray of a faint green light flew between Mu Qian' eyebrows.

She looked at the youth in front of her. At this moment, his delicate face became darker than the bottom of a pot.

"You have already taken possession of my body! Are you satisfied! Now, let me out!"


The youth's foot suddenly came out of the water towards Mu Qian direction to kick her from behind.

"Your legs are long but your jewels are still small ah!" Mu Qian snorted.

"Argh! Ugly woman! I want to kill you!" a roaring sound came from the lake.

In a flash, the youth flew straight into Mu Qian. She was somewhat unprepared. Damn! That youth dares to kick her, if it really lands on her I'm afraid she'll be broken into pieces.


She was thrown back in the mass grave again.

Bump, but Mu Qian didn't feel hurt at all as she falls down to the ground instead she felt comfortable in the wide and firm ground.

And this ground, there is actually a temperature!

What Mu Qian finally realizes is? Under her body, there seems to be a human being.

“Jiuzhong”- means nine level

“the wax and wane of stars” – This refers to the cycle of the universe as in the waxing and waning of the moon, and the rising and setting of the sun. 日月 itself also means life and livelihood and thus this also refers to the cycle of Life itself. I literally lost myself in this line, too much context XD

Translator’s Note:

I’m getting the vibes that the Pavilion is asking for Mu Qian’s hand in marriage hahaha!

Also Male lead will appear in the next chapter~

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