Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 3

The Aura of Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion

Mu Qian hurriedly climbed up, but did not expect to encounter such a peerless beauty before her eyes. The man underneath, his long black hair that as dark as an ink is scattered on the ground, added with the touch of sunlight it looks more soft than any expensive silk that each strand has a touch of certain glow in it.

He possesses a pair of icy blue eyes that are deep as the abyss, his gaze is like clear water without ripples. So mystical, as if it can swallow a human soul.

A high bridge nose, thin red lips, as beautiful as peach and plum blossoms, but as cold as frost and ice. He is like the cold King of Ashura but also devastingly beautiful as a fairy.

Suddenly, his cold hands, ruthlessly strangles the neck of Mu Qian, shrouded by the smell of death. His cold-blooded gaze causes Mu Qian to freeze, like she's being possessed by an evil spirit.

"I didn't mean to crush you!" Mu Qian said, as she smiles at him.

Such a powerful man, just like her if treated with respect would not especially kill a person, is what she thought.

But who knows, that his reply would be, "the Eternal Pavilion is in you?"

Voice that can compare to an oldest wine, which are mellow and intoxicating.

The Eternal Pavilion… in a flash, a series of information flooded her mind.

Eternal Pavilion, also known as Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, is one of the Nine Eternal Artifacts. And the boy in the lake is the spirit of the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion, between them is a strong bond. This kind of treasure that only exists in Myths, if revealed, will sure attract the unwanted attention of strong parties.

However, as she was about to run out of luck, another terrible thing appeared. Mu Qian is in an unfair condition thus raising her vigilance towards the man. But how did he know that the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion was on her?

Mu Qian looked at his eyes and ask with a look of doubt, "What is it that you've spoke of, Eternal Pavilion? How come I've never heard of this before?" If this man learned that she already made a contract with it, I'm afraid he will kill her immediately.

"You have the aura of the Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion on your body."

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The thin lips bring up such cold remarks. In this moment, she already felt the killing intent that is exuding in his body. It seems that all her lies are exposed. Mu Qian shuddered, but calmly said:

"Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion already has a contract with me, if you kill me, it will also disappear! Let go of me so we can talk properly."

Sure enough, he heard it and let go. Taking advantage of the situation, Mu Qian sprang up. However, the man is like a ghost and in a second, he caught up with Mu Qian easily. Feeling the pressure of this "Ashura" Mu Qian almost can't breathe. Mu Qian grit her teeth, her Ghost Doctor abilities aren't easily defeated but today her opponent is so powerful that it's impossible to beat him. In an instant, her hands, elbows and knees are all turned to be her weapons thus attacking him.

No poison drug in her hand, can't use spiritual energy, close combat is her only choice. However the man in front of him was extremely fast, and the attacks of Mu Qian fell directly. His hands grabbed her arm like lightning. At that moment, Mu Qian lifted her right leg and kicked the man's knee to free her from his grasp. The man attacked her once again, this time with the intent to kill.

The speed of the man is on par with her, wrong! it's like he didn't exert energy at all. In Mu Qian's eyes she didn't think that this man was so arrogant like this. Actually suppressing their own strength and toying with people how humiliating is this.

Let him take a good look at the skills of the 21st century's close combat. Two people clashed and almost a dozen of hits landed.

The golden dress, which was originally a rag, was even more miserable now revealing her skin. At this time, she was forced by the other party to a tree, she said helplessly.

"Noble Hero, I know that I am not your opponent at all, just ask what can I do for you to let me go."

"Let the Spirit of Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion come out to see me."

"What if I can't?"

She already tried but can't contact the youth, completely ignoring her life at all. How can she ask him to come out then!

"Then die!"

The words that reveal her horrible ending, Mu Qian felt goose bumps all over her arm. In this critical moment, Mu Qian's arms hooked his neck as she whispered in his ear, with slight hoarse voice she said.

"Mr. Handsome, always saying "die" is not a good habit, you know, I have much worth if you won't kill me".

Apparently, the person in front of her body suddenly stiffened.

"Let go." He whispered.

"he he, Mr. Handsome is really cute, are you embarrassed?"

The smell in her body became more terrible but Mu Qian thought that she doesn't want to die yet, it is better to seduce this powerful demon-like man, maybe he will get nauseous enough to leave her alone.

Just as he was about to release himself from her, Mu Qian's hand pressed against his kidney. If this acupuncture point is badly hit, he would not be a man for all his life.

Mu Qian coldly said.

"Beautiful man, if you don't want to become a eunuch forever, it is best for you not to kill me!"


His demon face was slightly frozen in an instant.

She dare…..

At this time, Jiu Ye could not wait to swallow this woman.

"If you want to keep the joy of using your lower half, then send me to my family."

She remembered that her Little Uncle seems to be one of the Masters of the Purple Moon Country and now I am afraid that only Little Uncle can save her from this man. Just when Mu Qian thought that she was finally gonna escape from his claws, suddenly her head felt dizzy.

Damn it! This body is too weak, with the high-intensity battle accompanied by the intense pressure of this man, she now reached her limit.

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