Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei

Chapter 4

Creepy Skull Mansion

Jiu Ye is currently looking down at the woman who fainted on him, that little face was already pale to begin with, now it seems that it will really turned to white if she continues to lie there on the ground. He breathes slightly as he grabs her by the waist in one hand. And the black figure disappears through the dark night.

"Master, you're back, that is…"

Housekeeper Bai was stunned to see his Young Master holding a woman with ruined clothes that was brought back to the residence. Deeply afraid, that the young lady was given to his Master while he was outside.

But that doesn't matter now, because after all these years, the Young Master finally opened up to someone!

"Prepare a medicinal bath, dispatch a female bone person to attend to her and give me a good clean up of this woman."

"This servant obeys."

Warm water, moistened her skin, cleansing each part of her body. Since crossing over to this world, all she have done is killing a giant wolf, finishing the three people that tossed her body, washed her impurities in the lake that almost took her life from the ruthless pain and finally fighting a terrible man. The meridians that were tense earlier haven't been so relaxed like this before.

But God clearly does not want Mu Qian to relax; her whole body still isn't good and because in front of her eyes a supernatural thing is happening.

A bloody red skeleton is standing in front of her, with hollow eyes that are filled with purple flames. If it is a normal woman, she already has screamed when she saw this scene.

Mu Qian tries to calm her own little frightened heart, looking around for any signs of Ashura. She is clearly not affected by the skeleton but was truly afraid that the horrible man would appear and take her life.

It was a room with a dark red tone, and it felt like it matched that man’s temperament. It seemed that the man did not kill her after she fainted but also did not send her back to Mu Jia's residence. Instead he brought her to his home.

After Mu Qian finished bathing, the red skeleton brought her a new dress; the skeleton walked towards Mu Qian ready to assist her on putting on the clothes.

With a skeleton people using as a maid, that man is too abnormal! Mu Qian waved her hands saying:

"I will wear it myself, you should retire first."

Although the skeleton did not speak, it could understand the words of Mu Qian. When the clothes were handed to Mu Qian, the skeleton withdraws.

The texture of the purple dress is really soft, embroidered with a big flower of a red spider lily. The embroidery is truly beautiful and perfect.

In seems that in her memory, this local tyrant did not experience to wear such exquisite clothes like this.

Mu Qian put her clothes on then prepared herself to escape.


There are all kinds of skeletons patrolling everywhere, the purple flames in their eyes is like a wildfire.

Such a scene, it's like she's "Ning" in "A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight" ah!

Mu Qian knows that is absolutely impossible to escape.

For now, she can only stay here.


Become stronger!

Mu Qian returned to her room and remembered that the enchanting youth had given her something before she was tossed outside the Pavilion.

This is a cultivation method; she recites the words in her mind.

"Opposing the Gods, the primordial chaos, covers all living things…"

In a split second, the entire Purple Moon Country's Qi is rushing towards her room.

Inside Jiu Ye's room, looking at the strange phenomenon happening outside, without any fluctuation in his eyes, after a short while he lazily closes it again.

The next day, at sunrise.

Mu Qian exhaled a mouthful of impurities, there's a sparkle in her eyes as she smiled.

The Third-Stage Spirit Warrior, in just one night of cultivation, unexpectedly she succeeded in reaching the Third-Stage Spirit Warrior.

Not only the Third-Stage Spirit Warrior but she also reached the Third-Stage Martial Warrior. Owing to the secrets of the Gods, she now has the ability to cultivate just like other practitioners in this country.

In this world, the Spiritual Stage is divided into three ranks, namely Spirit Warrior, Spirit Master and Spirit King…

The Martial Stage is also divided into Martial Warrior, Martial Knight and Martial King…

In the memory of Mu Qian, there is only one genius in the family, and that is the granddaughter of the Great Elders of the Mu Jia, Mu Ruyan. At the age of seventeen, she reached the Seventh-Stage Spirit Warrior and was ranked as the first talented woman of the Purple Moon Country. In the Purple Moon's Genius list she ranked second.

But her, She became a Third-Stage Spirit Warrior in one night. The so-called Mu Jia's only genius? She really doesn't know where the genius is?

"Ugly woman, don't be too pleased on your result, you have just been washed by the fresh water of the Life Lake, and if the talent is not high enough a disaster will happen. Now try to escape! You can't let me fall into the hands of others." The voice suddenly passed into her ear.

With a frown Mu Qian said. "Now you're afraid? Tell me, when I was almost killed by "Ashura" yesterday, where are you?"

He explained. "When we met before, I just woke up but didn't have enough power thus immediately fell asleep, because you've practice the method i gave you, with a little power, I woke up again."

"Mm.. But how to escape?" Mu Qian murmured.

She does not feel that even if she turned into a Third-Stage Spirit Warrior now, that she can finally escape from that terrible man.

“It depends on how you think about it?” Your strength is too weak; I only recovered a little bit so I can’t help you."

Her strength is too weak, want to rely on this spiritual power to escape, it is simply a fantasy.


A little light flashed in the eyes of Mu Qian, she shouts to the skeleton that kept waiting outside: “You come here.”

The skeleton was obedient, as it stands in front of her, Mu Qian asked: “Is there a Medicine storehouse here?"

The skeleton nodded, and then turned away.

Mu Qian’s face was heavy, she thought that this skeleton will take her to the Medicine storehouse, but did not think that, it will go to its master to report.

The skeleton did not look for its master but turned to Housekeeper Bai.

“Master, the woman you brought back last night is in need of medicine. She's asking for permission to enter the Medicine storehouse."

"Allow her!" a cold voice came.

"Yes. This servant obeys."

A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight – A short by Xia Jia was published for the first time in 2012 and translated to English by Ken Liu.

Ning – is a child who is growing up under the strict protection of the Monk in Ghost Street, where he's the only real person in the midst of a group of ghosts.

Qi (气) - the vital energy which exists in all things. Qi is sometimes written as "Ki" or "Chi". It can be translated in many different ways, including Breath / Vital Breath / Pneuma / Vital Energy / Spiritual Energy. (etc…)

Ranks / Levels / Layers (级 jí) (层 céng) - a common way to quantify martial power or the progress made in cultivation. In many cases (although not all) where these are used, there are 9 ranks/levels/layers to each stage of cultivation, with rank 1 being the start and rank 9 being the peak. After breaking through to the next stage, the practitioner starts at rank 1 of that new stage.

Spirit Warrior > Spirit Master > Spirit King

Martial Warrior > Martial Knight > Martial King

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