Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 1155 - Sa Wukong

Chapter 1155 – Sa Wukong

“Boss, are you busy?” Ralph knocks and entered. Feng Yu is sitting behind his PC and is typing on the keyboard. He doesn’t look like he is playing games because Feng Yu plays games with the speaker. Feng Yu says, the louder the sound, the more fun it is.

For example, after acquiring that FPS game developer, Feng Yu played, Half-life the whole day and even got Ralph to play with him. This is a fun game and is also selling well.

“What is it?” Feng Yu asked without looking up.

“The stock market is showing signs of recovery. Are we still continuing to short the market?” When the stock market crashed last year because of the internet bubble, they had made a killing from shorting the market.

But at the end of last year, the share prices of some major companies stopped dropping, and the stock index started to rise. Although there are some fluctuations, the returns from shorting the market are not high.

Feng Yu still insist them to continue to short the market. They even made some losses last month. If this carries on, their profits might all be gone.

“It’s fine. I said before that the funds we have in Wind and Rain Consulting will be used to short Nasdaq and try to buy long gold positions in the second half of the year. The losses now are nothing. We can win back everything at the end of the year.”

Suffering some losses now is part of Feng Yu’s plan. If Feng Yu stops now and start shorting the market in the second half of the year, he will be investigated.

But even now, Feng Yu has a way to make the market crash again.

Ralph still wanted to say something but chose to shut up after seeing Feng Yu’s attitude. If Feng Yu wants Ralph’s opinions, Ralph is free to speak his mind and will not be blamed. If Ralph’s opinions can help Feng Yu, Ralph might even get a bonus.

But when Feng Yu did not ask Ralph for his opinions, Ralph would not dare say anything. He knows his place and will not do anything he is not supposed to.

After thinking for a while, Feng Yu added. “In another two months, the Nasdaq will crash again because the true colors of a big internet company will be revealed!”

Although Ralph does not know which internet company his Boss is referring to. Still, a big internet company should be worth at least a few billion USD. If this company’s share prices plunge like Enron, it will cause panic selling among the investors.

After Ralph left, Feng Yu turned his attention back to his monitor. There is only a window open on his PC, which is a QQ chat window.

The chat window is very simple and does not have any advertisements, features, etc., like Feng Yu’s previous life. This window is purely for chatting.

The chat window showed the other party’s nick. Reporter Xinxin.

Feng Yu’s nick is called Sa Wukong.


Zhou Kexin sits in front of her PC. It is her school break now, and she will be graduating next year. After graduation, she will be working for Wind and Rain Business Magazine. The Chief Editor, Mr. Huran, had promised her this job.

Although it is almost New Year, Zhou Kexin did not return home. She is still working in the company, but as it is nearing Lunar New Year, most of the staff do not have much work, and many of them are skiving.

Zhou Kexin is waiting for the Chief Editor’s review of her article. If her article passed, she could go on leave earlier. If not, she has to amend her article until the Chief Editor is satisfied.

While waiting, Zhou Kexin will secretly surf the net, online forums, and chat on QQ, like everyone else.

After using QQ, Zhou Kexin fell in love with this software. She can chat with her classmates, friends, and even strangers, over the internet.

As an intern, Zhou Kexin had made some mistakes, but the Chief Editor is very lenient. As a result, rumors started to spread.

Someone says Zhou Kexin is having an affair with the Chief Editor. Others say she can enter the agency because of connections. If the rumors do not involve Zhou Kexin, she might even believe it.

Although Zhou Kexin knows the truth will speak for itself. Her relationship with the Chief Editor is strictly professional, and her family is not influential. How can she have the connections to enter the agency?

But all these rumors are making Zhou Kexin uncomfortable. She wants to find someone to pour her frustrations.

Zhou Kexin’s classmates are either in class or undergoing internships. They don’t have time to listen to her complaints. Most interns also don’t have access to PCs, let alone having a mobile phone like her.

One day, the QQ icon started jumping suddenly. Zhou Kexin thought someone was looking for her and opened it. It is a friend request by someone named Sa Wukong.

Zhou Kexin had only heard of Sun Wukong and Sa Wujing. Who is this Sa Wukong?

Out of curiosity, Zhou Kexin accepted the request.

Zhou Kexin asked the other party who he is, and the other party said he is bored and wants to chat with a stranger. Sa Wukong says he wants to tell someone his sorrows and not worry about someone he knows hear it.

Sa Wukong told Zhou Kexin that he is currently working in the US, and no one can speak mandarin. He felt very uncomfortable speaking English every day.

Sa Wukong’s problems reminded Zhou Kexin of the time she went to other provinces for interviews. The dialect used in other provinces troubled her. Usually, she can finish writing an article for about two hours. Still, that day, she cannot finish writing that article because she couldn’t understand the dialects.

So, both started to listen to each other problems and consoled each other.

Chatting with Sa Wukong made Zhou Kexin realized her problems are nothing compared to him.

Zhou Kexin felt her luck started to get better as the gossipmonger in her agency was fired. Although the fired woman had performed well in her job, the Chief Editor fired her without hesitation.

Everyone else felt the Chief Editor cannot stand the rumors and fired that woman. Zhou Kexin did not know that the Chief Editor had not heard about those rumors, or else, that woman would have been fired much earlier!

After chatting several times, Zhou Kexin and Sa Wukong become friends and chat whenever they are free.

This feels like the time when Zhou Kexin was chatting with the Second most handsome person on earth.

Today, Zhou Kexin started to chat with Sa Wukong again while waiting for the Chief Editor’s reply.

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