Extraordinary Genius

Chapter 1156 - Know-It-All

Chapter 1156 – Know-It-All

“Sa Wukong. Our Chief Editor asked me to write an article about a tycoon’s private life. But I had never written asked about such questions in my interviews before. So, my Chief Editor gave me some materials collected by other reporters to help me. But I feel my article will not pass his review.”

Zhou Kexin felt troubled. This is supposed to be a business magazine, and shouldn’t it focus on these tycoons’ businesses? Why should they write about the tycoon’s personal life?

But Sister Zhao told Zhou Kexin that many people idolize tycoons and are interested in their private life.

It’s just like the superstars. Their fans are interested in their private lives and gossips.

Zhou Kexin felt what Sister Zhao said made sense, and reporting on a tycoon’s personal life will push up the magazine’s sales.

Sa Wukong asked Zhou Kexin who did she wrote about?

“Shi Dazhu. He is a noteworthy figure. He was formerly one of the top ten tycoons in China and was almost bankrupt. A few years later, he made a comeback. I think his story is more interesting than other tycoons.”

Zhou Kexin felt proud for writing an article about Shi Dazhu, but she did not know that Sister Zhao had hinted to her. She still thought she was the one who thought about this.

“I know about Shi Dazhu. I had worked in his company before. What did you write about him?”

Zhou Kexin never felt so lucky before. This Sa Wukong knows Shi Dazhu?!

This is terrific. No matter how many past interview record Zhou Kexin has, it is not better than someone who had worked in Shi Dazhu’s company.

“When did you start working in Shi Dazhu’s company? How much do you know about him?”

“Although I had not worked long in Shi Dazhu’s company, I know a lot about him…” Feng Yu told Zhou Kexin what he knows about Shi Dazhu. Of course, these were all prepared in advance.

Zhou Kexin is shocked. Shi Dazhu is a heavy smoker? But no reporters had ever seen him smoking during interviews.

Shi Dazhu has a high alcohol tolerance and can finish drinking two bottles of Baijiu?!

Shi Dazhu loves his wife deeply. When Shi Dazhu was down-and-out, his wife, his girlfriend, remained by his side.

Shi Dazhu is very proud.

Shi Dazhu is thinking of setting up an internet company.

Shi Dazhu…

Feng Yu told Zhou Kexin a lot about Shi Dazhu, which was unknown from his past interviews.

Zhou Kexin immediately amends her article and sent it to her Chief Editor again.

The Chief Editor read the article and is surprised. He asked Zhou Kexin where did she get all these details?

Zhou Kexin told him that it was Shi Dazhu’s former staff who told her all this information. She felt this might be true and wants to ask the Chief Editor if she can add all these details.

The Chief Editor agreed because he had interviewed Shi Dazhu before. He had wanted to help Zhou Kexin amend her article but realized he does not need to do that now. Zhou Kexin’s new article is better than her previous article.

The Chief Editor is speechless. Boss is a genius on how to take care of someone!

After receiving the Chief Editor’s praises, Zhou Kexin is overjoyed. She can buy the tickets to return home tomorrow!

Zhou Kexin got nothing to do in the afternoon and continued to chat with Sa Wukong. She wants to thank Sa Wukong for giving her so much insider information about Shi Dazhu.

Zhou Kexin told Sa Wukong that she had come to Shanghai for studies and work for some time but had never visited the attractions because she didn’t know Shanghai well.

Sa Wukong immediately recommends some attractions in Shanghai to Zhou Kexin and even helped her plan an itinerary.

When Zhou Kexin told Sa Wukong what she wanted to eat, Sa Wukong immediately tells her which part of Shanghai has good food that is cheap and good.

Zhou Kexin mentioned she wanted to buy something but cannot find it in Shanghai. Sa Wukong recommended Tai Hua Supermarket. He told her to ask the shop assistant in the supermarket, and she will find what she wants.

Whatever Zhou Kexin asks, Sa Wukong will have the answers. He really knows everything!

Feng Yu sips his coffee in front of his PC. Whenever Zhou Kexin asks a question, he will ask another person through another QQ window. That person will get his subordinates to find the answer.

Although Baidu has been set up, Baidu Baike is not available now. Feng Yu cannot use the internet to search for some answers now.

But Feng Yu has lots of subordinates. If the internet cannot provide an answer, he will use his men to answer!

Although Zhou Kexin asked lots of questions, one of Feng Yu’s subordinates will answer. Even if the answer is not detailed, it is good enough.

Feng Yu got to know Zhou Kexin’s QQ number through Huran. Huran is puzzled why his Boss doesn’t want to call Zhou Kexin for her QQ number as he had given Feng Yu Zhou Kexin’s phone number before.

Zhou Kexin had changed slightly compared to Feng Yu’s previous life, but Feng Yu still knows her well as they had been chatting for years.

QQ is different from penpals, but Feng Yu can still control their chat’s momentum and slowly lead Zhou Kexin on.

Controlling the momentum of the chat is an important factor in business negotiations. When Feng Yu was in Hong Kong University as an exchange student, he had learned this. Now, he gets to applied what he learned.

Zhou Kexin slowly fell into the trap set by Feng Yu.

Zhou Kexin never expects this ‘random’ stranger she met on the internet is the Second most handsome person on earth.

Zhou Kexin had stopped contacting the Second most handsome person on earth for a long time, but she still receives an email from him every week. She will read the letters but never reply.

Zhou Kexin doesn’t know how to reply to the Second most handsome person on earth. She is afraid she will sink deeper if she replies.

But Zhou Kexin still checks her emails every week to read them and even logged on to Legend of Mir. But she no longer contacts Feng Yu.

Zhou Kexin still plays Legend of Mir, but she plays on a new account. She chose Taoist priest as her new character instead of Magician.

But Zhou Kexin cannot find the feeling of excitement when she first played this game. She wonders if it is because she is busy with work and studies, or no one is playing with her.

Now, Zhou Kexin found something to pass her time through QQ. But she doesn’t know that the person chatting with her is still the same person.

Zhou Kexin finds Sa Wukong is interesting, and maybe this person can replace the Second most handsome person on earth in her heart. To her, the Second most handsome person on earth does not belong.

“I will be returning to China after the Lunar New Year. Shall we meet? You can decide on the location.”

Zhou Kexin suddenly panics when she saw Sa Wukong’s message. She quickly closes the chat window.

Should I meet him?

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