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Chapter 1157 - Break up

Chapter 1157 – Break up

Feng Yu sighed as he did not get any replies from Zhou Kexin, and she immediately logs off.

Am I too anxious?

Although QQ has been around for some time, online dating is not common yet. It only becomes common after the movie <The First Intimate Contact> comes out.

Online dating is rare now, as people are conservative and shy. But after the movie was released, many people felt online dating is very romantic.

Before Feng Yu’s rebirth, it is common for people to find one night stands and flings on the internet, let alone online dating.

Asking an online friend out now is way too advanced in this era.

However, Feng Yu is confident he can ask Zhou Kexin out as the New Year is still several days away.

Even if Feng Yu cannot ask her out, he still has other ways. He will not let Zhou Kexin escape!


It is Lunar New Year again. Feng Yu sat on the sofa with his family to watch the Spring Festival Gala Night. Zhixing watched for a while and ran out of the house to play with firecrackers.

During Lunar New Year, Feng Yu visited his old friends like Zhang Ruiqiang, etc.

Xu Changyou will retire, and Zhang Ruiqiang had secured his position as the number 3 of the Longjiang Province. There are rumors that Xu Changyou has the opportunity to get promoted, but he rejected this offer. He wants to remain in Longjiang Province to assist Zhang Ruiqiang and let him succeed after he retires. Zhang Ruiqiang is going to be the Province’s number two!

When Feng Yu first met Zhang Ruiqiang, he was still young. Now, his hair is slowly turning grey.

These few years, Longjiang Province’s economy has improved, and Beidacang Group started making profits this year. Tai Hua Food Processing Company had merged with Beidacang in exchange for Beidacang’s shares. Zhang Mingcheng becomes Beidacang’s Director and First Vice-President. Although his title is the Vice-President, he is doing the President’s job, as the current President is about to retire. Basically, Zhang Mingcheng oversees all the important decisions of the company.

Zhang Ruiqiang is still Beidacang’s Chairman, and he is similar to Feng Yu. He only controlled the finance department and delegated the rest of his powers to others.

Beidacang’s brand has become famous in the past two years and is on par with Tai Hua Brand.

Beidacang’s main products are ecological farming products, and it is well received overseas. Their products are exported to South Korea, Japan, and many other Southeast Asia Countries.

Beidacang doesn’t have any competitors in China. With the help of Tai Hua Processed Food’s distribution channels, Tai Hua Supermarkets, and their own channels, their products are sold all over China.

Last year, many of Beidacang’s products got the State Banquet Special Supply’s logo and became more popular among the people. Many people felt that if these products are good enough to be served in the State Banquets, it must be the best!

Beidacang’s good results helped Zhang Ruiqiang secure his position and promotion one year later.

Zhang Ruiqiang’s achievements consist of more than Bing City’s development and Beidacang.

Just look at the results from revitalizing the industrial Provinces in the Northeast. The other two provinces in the Northeast asked for high investments from the Central Government. Longjiang Province received the least investments from the Central Government but is the most well-developed province.

Bing City Machinery Company is China’s best agricultural machinery, automobile, motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycles manufacturer in China. Their products are selling all over China, and their automobiles are even exported overseas. They even built branch factories overseas! They had set the milestone for China!

Bing City Aviation’s helicopter research had caught up with many developed countries. Although their technologies are not the most advanced globally, they had closed the gap between China and other countries.

Many Bing City Aviation’s engine research comes from their joint research center with Bing City Machinery Company. This research center had successfully solved many automobile engine problems and even a popular model aircraft. The higher-ups did not expect this model aircraft to be so detailed. This toy is very expensive, yet lots of people are willing to buy it, and it was also exported overseas!

This model aircraft is suggested by Feng Yu to Bing City Aviation. The imported model aircraft in the market ranges from one thousand to several thousand.

Yet, the quality of these model aircraft is poor. Bing City Aviation’s aircraft models have scaled-down models of overseas’ helicopters.

Besides the obsolete helicopters in China, Bing City Aviation is not allowed to produce models to prevent other people from estimating China’s helicopter specifications.

Although Feng Yu finds this reason ridiculous, he did not say anything. This suggestion is only to help Bing City Aviation increase their revenue. Feng Yu would rather a Chinese company earn these profits from the aircraft model industry than let a foreign company get it.

Feng Yu also suggested drones to Bing City Aviation, and the first prototype is developed. But the production cost is too high, and they only accept custom build now.

Digital camera technology is still not well-developed yet, and cannot be used on drones. So, Feng Yu told Bing City Aviation there’s no rush. They can conduct their research slowly and try other materials to reduce the production cost.

In Feng Yu’s previous life, these ‘toys’ cost a few hundred RMB to a few million RMB. Most TV stations are using drones that cost over ten thousand to a few hundred thousand. It is slightly more expensive than the cameras and even cheaper than some high-end cameras.

Of course, the profits from these ‘toys’ are high.

As for the Generator Factory, their research on electricity generators is one of the most advanced in the world. This also has something to do with Feng Yu. The Generator Factory worked closely with Feng Yu’s Tai Hua Batteries, the best-selling batteries in China. Tai Hua Batteries’ annual profits is not a small amount.

Like the tire factory, plastic factory, glass factory, steel factory, etc., are doing well because they depend on the three major industrial factories of Bing City.

Some other state-owned enterprises were also revived. They don’t need the Central Government’s funding as the Province has enough funds to support them. A while ago, a National State-owned Investment Company wanted to invest in Bing City Machinery Company, but Xu Changyou.

Why didn’t you invest in the Machinery Company in the past? Now, we are making money, and you all want to invest? Do you think we lack your funding?

Even if the company lacks funding, we can just get listed. You all want to invest is because you all want to manage it. Xu Changyou will retire soon, and the Chairman of that Investment Company had no choice but to return to Beijing.

Many of Bing City’s companies had received investments from other places. But Zhang Ruiqiang learned from Feng Yu. Bing City must have the controlling stake, but he hired professional managers to manage the companies. Feng Yu told him that a good manager can help the companies bring in more profits.

Those who are good at technologies might not know how to manage a company. Those who can manage companies might not know about finances and those that know about finances do not know about technologies.

Getting the right person for the right position is very important. For example, Li Dafu, from Bing City Machinery Company, is good at management. The motorcycle and car divisions under him helped the company make high profits over the years.

The Central Government had given the Northeastern Provinces a lot of money in the past two years. But Longjiang Province had received less than 10% of the total fund.

This shows how well Longjiang Province is doing. Its development is better than what the higher-ups expected, and many Longjiang Province leaders got promoted.

Many people don’t know that Feng Yu played a major role in Longjiang Province’s success.

“Feng Yu, I need to get your opinions on a matter.” Zhang Ruiqiang looks at Feng Yu.

“Do you think we should break up Bing City Machinery Company?”


Feng Yu spat out his tea. What did Old Zhang say? Bing City Machinery Company is going to be split? Whose idea is this?

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