Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 11

Chapter 11


The great Emperor Jiuhuang actually called him master?

What kind of person could become Emperor Jiuhuang’s master?

The three of them were stunned at the door, not knowing if they should go in or not.

In the room, Xiao Changtian was pacing back and forth anxiously.

“What do I do? Are they cultivators? I can’t afford to offend them… But if I just leave Jiu’er outside alone, what if they make a move on her? She’s my maid, after all. I can’t let her be bullied,” Xiao Changtian thought to himself. He took two deep breaths and walked out of his room.

“If there’s anything, just talk to me,” Xiao Changtian feigned calmness but in reality, he was panicking.

“Master, the three of them are looking for you,” Mu Jiuhuang said.

“I know,” Xiao Changtian nodded.

He recognized the two people standing at the back. They were the man and woman who had bought the calligraphy piece.

As for this burly man, it was obvious that he was their guardian who had come to demand an explanation.

“It seems that the matter today is going to be difficult to settle,” Xiao Changtian thought to himself as he started to panic. Today’s matter was very difficult to resolve. If three cultivators made a move, then wouldn’t he be unable to step on the path to invincibility?

He couldn’t lose his life before he reached invincibility. However, he couldn’t lose his dignity either, or these cultivators would easily take advantage of him.

“About that calligraphy piece…” Just as Xiao Changtian was about to speak, Perfected Qing Yun knelt.

“Thank you, senior. That calligraphy piece saved my daughter’s life,” Perfected Qing Yun said excitedly.

If it wasn’t for the sword intent contained in the calligraphy piece, the mark in Wang Luoli’s dantian would have taken root after some time. At that time, even the gods would not be able to save her.

“Many thanks to senior for saving my life,” Wang Luoli also knelt. Now that she thought about it, it seemed that senior had been waiting for her on purpose. This was all part of the senior’s plan!

Otherwise, why would she have been attracted by the calligraphy piece and insisted on buying it?

It must be the senior’s doing.

The senior had put in so much effort just to save her. Where could one find such a kind-hearted senior expert?

“Senior, I was disrespectful to you before, please don’t take it to heart,” After witnessing the might of the sky-devouring dog, added to the fact that even Emperor Jiuhuang was the senior’s maid, a sense of fear welled up in Huo Qingyun’s heart.

To think he had previously addressed the senior as a mortal.

At the thought of this, Huo Qingyun’s legs couldn’t help but tremble. He immediately knelt and hurriedly admitted his mistake.

Xiao Changtian, “???”

He was dumbfounded!

Weren’t these people here to cause trouble? Why did they all kneel to him? Could it be that they felt that his calligraphy was awesome, so they came to thank him?

It seemed that this was the only plausible reason now.

“Stand up. It’s just a piece of calligraphy,” Xiao Changtian said indifferently. Since the other party wasn’t here to cause trouble, then the matter was easy to handle.

“Many thanks, senior,” Perfected Qing Yun and the other two quickly expressed their gratitude and stood up.

“Senior, I wonder if I can buy another piece of your calligraphy? I haven’t been able to make a breakthrough recently,” Perfected Qing Yun asked carefully, his eyes darting with anxiousness.

If he could buy such a divine item, wouldn’t he be able to fly?

No matter the price, he would not hesitate.

However, Perfected Qing Yun also knew that such a divine item was extremely precious, and the senior might not sell it to him.

“Of course,” Xiao Changtian laughed. it seemed that this cultivator really liked calligraphy. The other party probably knew that he had no hope of achieving a breakthrough in calligraphy, so he wanted to copy a master’s work. This was a good thing.

He could even give the other party a few more pieces.

However, the price would definitely not be lower than before.

“Then I’ll stick to ten taels of gold for one painting. Can you accept this price?” Xiao Changtian looked at perfected Qing Yun, observing his reaction.

Cultivators were usually not short of money, but they were not fools.

If Perfected Qing Yun felt that the price was not suitable, he could lower it.

“Ten taels… of gold?” Perfected Qing Yun was stunned.

Such a divine item was only worth ten taels of gold?

Wasn’t this too cheap? Where else could he find such an opportunity?

“Senior, I’ll take it,” Perfected Qing Yun quickly said. He took out ten taels of gold from his sleeve and was about to hand it over to Xiao Changtian.

Xiao Changtian looked at the ten taels of gold and was overjoyed, but on the surface, he still pretended to be calm.

“Master, ten taels of gold…” Mu Jiuhuang could not bear to watch any longer. To think her master’s calligraphy piece, which contained peerless sword intent, was bought by this old thief for just ten taels of gold.

This was a huge loss!

She wanted to say that ten taels of gold were too cheap.

“Jiu’er, shush,” Before Mu Jiuhuang could finish, Xiao Changtian interrupted her.

This was ten taels of gold! So what if it was a little more expensive? He was thinking about their happy lives. The little girl shouldn’t ruin his plans.

After being shushed by Xiao Changtian, Mu Jiuhuang pursed her sexy red lips.

“Could it be that the senior has some profound meaning? Why would he give away a piece of calligraphy for just ten taels of gold?” Mu Jiuhuang started to guess.

Xiao Changtian then wrote another calligraphy piece for Perfected Qing Yun.

The other party was a rich customer. In just a few days, the other party had given him 15 taels of gold.

That was 15 taels of gold!

At least for the next two to three years, food and clothing would not be a problem.

Xiao Changtian invited them to stay for a meal, which was cooked by Mu Jiuhuang.

Perfected Qingyun ate nervously.

After the meal, Xiao Changtian and the puppy started to play chess.

“Isn’t this the game on the black blood chessboard?”

Perfected Qingyun and Mu Jiuhuang both looked at the chessboard. The puppy had placed the chess pieces exactly the same as the way they had been on the black blood chessboard.

“Alpha, your game has too many flaws,” Xiao Changtian was in a good mood. He said with a smile and placed a few pieces. The black pieces were instantly all blocked. There was no way for the black chess pieces to survive.

Both Mu Jiuhuang and Perfected Qingyun were shocked.

The senior’s chess style was at least dozens of times better than the puppy’s.

In just a few moves, he had completely sealed off the black chess pieces’ paths, and there was no chance for the other party to counterattack at all.

“Woof,” The puppy was a little unconvinced and asked Xiao Changtian to play another round. Just like that, more than ten rounds passed, and the puppy was on the verge of a breakdown.

Xiao Changtian had used more than a dozen completely different methods for the same chess game. Each of them was completed in a few simple steps.

Even the sky-devouring dog, which had easily defeated the Blackblood Chess Saint, was on the verge of a breakdown.

“Such a terrifying senior!” Perfected Qing Yun, Huo Qingyun, and Wang Luoli all gasped.

It was too terrifying. If senior were to make a move, the Blackblood Chess Saint would probably be killed with a flip of the former’s hand.

At the same time, a severely injured young man appeared in Dayang Town.

A bloody hole was in his chest.

“Am I going to die?” The young man’s face was pale, and he saw a small courtyard in his blurry vision before he fainted.

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