Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“This person can play chess with Blackblood and get a tie result? A hidden danger. He is a huge hidden danger. This person must die.”

In the secret room, the sharp voice rang out again.

Blackblood Chess Saint sat on the clouds, and his expression changed. For thousands of years, no one could stand on equal footing with him.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been so serious in a chess game.”

Blackblood Chess Saint’s expression was calm, and his eyes were focused. The speed at which he placed his pieces was ten times faster than before.

All the chess ghosts hidden on the black blood chessboard burst out at that moment.

Killing aura!

He was already gathering his killing intent. The moment the outcome of the game was decided, the other party would be devoured by the chess ghost who carried the karma.

The dense chess moves, rapid attacks, and meticulous planning completely changed the situation.

At that moment, Blackblood Chess Saint had gained the upper hand.

“Oh no, Blackblood Chess Saint will win if this continues.”

Perfected Qing Yun exclaimed. On the chessboard, the black pieces had formed a formation of two dragons, while the White pieces were trapped in the shallow water.

“That person’s true face is about to be revealed.”

In the secret room, more than a dozen people were happy. Even if they were in the Greater Vehicle Realm, they would be seriously injured in the face of the power of karma on the black blood chessboard.

In the small courtyard. Mu Jiuhuang looked at the Black Tortoise in shock.

“Senior, the black blood chessboard carries karma. If this goes on…” Mu Jiuhuang became nervous.

“Don’t worry. Doggy is just playing with him. Doggy, get serious,” Black Tortoise said indifferently.

Upon hearing this, the puppy, who had his eyes closed earlier, suddenly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, a brilliant sky-devouring dog’s dharma appeared behind him.

The sky-devouring dog opened its mouth as if it wanted to swallow the entire sky. Mu Jiuhuang once again felt her breathing stop.

The aura of the sky-devouring dog was too terrifying!

The cute little puppy pushed the stones on the ground, and the white pieces on the chessboard moved at an even faster speed.

In an instant, like a white dragon emerging from the sea, he killed all the black chess pieces surrounding him.

In an instant, the chessboard was flipped!

The overall situation was set!

Blackblood Chess Saint, defeated!


At this moment, Mu Jiuhuang, Perfected Qing Yun, and the sect members in the secret chamber all had the same expression.

15 minutes! Only fifteen minutes passed. This game of death had already been turned around.


“Are you a human or a ghost?”

The chess spirits engulfed Blackblood Chess Saint in endless flames. He looked extremely pained and shouted in disbelief.

He did not expect that he would lose in a chess game.

He didn’t even see who the other party was, and his soul was destroyed in the endless flames of karma.

“Blackblood is dead?”

“This person from Dayang Town must die, or he will affect our grand plan.”

“From today onwards, stop all plans and get rid of this person first.”

On the main seat, the leader of the group, who was wearing a white skull mask, said in a deep voice.

In an instant, undercurrents began to surge.

On this day, countless undercurrents were flowing toward Dayang Town.

“Enter Dayang Town.”

How could Perfected Qing Yun not understand that the young man was at least at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm?

It might even be the legendary Greater Vehicle Realm. He immediately seized the opportunity and flew into Dayang Town.


Huo Qingyun and Wang Luoli were still in shock. They answered in a low voice and followed behind Perfected Qing Yun.

They had never seen a battle of this level before and were dumbfounded.

At the same time, in the small courtyard, Xiao Changtian woke up. After a good night’s sleep, he felt very energetic.

In this life, to avoid a sudden death before becoming invincible, Xiao Changtian had already learned how to maintain his health despite his young age.

Resting a few times a day would make him more energetic.

“I’ve already fed the tortoise,” Mu Jiuhuang said.

“Okay,” Xiao Changtian nodded and looked at the puppy. The puppy was still in its growth period and couldn’t be careless. He had to feed it himself. As soon as he walked over, Xiao Changtian found the chess game on the ground. “Eh? You’re pretty smart. You know how to play chess?”

Xiao Changtian’s face was filled with joy. He recalled that there was also a dog like this in his previous life.

“I haven’t thought of your name yet, so you’ll be Alpha, then.”

Xiao Changtian looked at the cute little puppy and smiled faintly. He even had the idea of playing a game of chess with the dog.

“Come. You set the chess. I’ll play with you.”

Xiao Changtian also wanted to see how this cute little dog played chess. It just so happened that a month ago, his chess skills had already reached great success.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

At this moment, there was a knock on the courtyard door.

“Jiu’er, open the door.”

Xiao Changtian said indifferently. However, he suddenly thought of something and wanted to stop Mu Jiuhuang.

However, it was too late.

She had opened the door of the small courtyard.

Xiao Changtian looked over and saw Huo Qingyun, Wang Luoli, and a burly man.

“Are they here to find trouble with me?”

Whenever he thought of the terrifying means of flying and burrowing immortal cultivators, Xiao Changtian was afraid. He turned and walked into the house.

“What should I do? Should I refund the money to them?”

At the small courtyard entrance, the four people saw each other.

“Emperor Jiuhuang?”

“Perfected Qing Yun?”

Mu Jiuhuang and perfected Qing Yun looked at each other. As experts of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, they knew each other.

I” was wondering who killed black blood chess Saint. It turns out to be you, the great emperor,” Perfected Qing Yun said in realization.

“No. It’s him.”

Mu Jiuhuang shook her head and looked at the puppy with respect.

Perfected Qing Yun frowned as he stared at the puppy. “Emperor, don’t joke around. Isn’t that just a little puppy…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, the giant sky-devouring dog’s dharma suppressed him so much that he could not breathe well.

Behind him, Huo Qingyun and Wang Luoli spat out a mouthful of blood and were sent flying.

“Sk…sky-devouring dog?”

Perfected Qing Yun was dumbfounded. He had never thought a little puppy would be the legendary sky-devouring dog.

The aura of this sky-devouring dog completely suppressed him.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see that Mu Jiuhuang was also trembling.

Even Emperor Jiuhuang’s ninth-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm couldn’t resist.

Could it be that this sky-devouring dog was in the Greater Vehicle Realm?

“I’m sorry for offending you. Please withdraw your divine power,” Perfected Qing Yun apologized immediately.

Seeing that Perfected Qing Yun lowered his stance, the cute little puppy retracted his dharma.


Both Mu Jiuhuang and perfected Qing Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

“Perfected Qing Yun, I’m the weakest in front of the master. Don’t talk nonsense, do you understand?”

Mu Jiuhuang quickly reminded after experiencing the sky-devouring dog’s anger.

“Yes, of course.”

Perfected Qing Yun and his two disciples nodded, but they were even more shocked.

They seemed to have heard Emperor Jiuhuang say the word “master” just now.

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