Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The next morning, Ye Fan’s injuries had recovered slightly and he could walk.

“Many thanks to the senior for saving my life,” Ye Fan said gratefully to Mu Jiuhuang. If it wasn’t for Mu Jiuhuang’s spiritual energy nourishing his meridians for the whole night, he wouldn’t have recovered so quickly.

“No, the one you should really thank is my master,” Mu Jiuhuang said lightly. Without Xiao Changtian’s surgery, Ye Fan would not have survived.

“However, there is a faint golden color in your blood, which proves that you were born with spiritual bones. Why…” Mu Jiuhuang stared at Ye Fan and said.

Although she was Emperor Jiuhuang and wouldn’t pry into other people’s privacy, she could feel that Ye Fan’s body had some kind of potential. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to call the latter a heaven’s favorite.

The most important thing was Ye Fan’s surname.

She had heard before that the Ye family of the Xiniu Continent had given birth to a youth with supreme bones more than ten years ago. At that time, the news had shaken the entire continent.

“You… Who are you?” When Ye Fan heard the words “born with spiritual bones”, his expression changed and he took two steps back, on high alert.

Seeing Ye Fan’s reaction, Mu Jiuhuang was even more certain that Ye Fan was the eldest young master of the Ye family.

“I am known for the name Jiuhuang,” Mu Jiuhuang replied indifferently and released her aura. The aura at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm made it difficult for Ye Fan to breathe.

Mu Jiuhuang only wanted to prove her identity so she did not use her aura to target Ye Fan. Otherwise, with Ye Fan’s now mortal body and his broken dantian, the boy’s bones would have been crushed.

“Emperor Jiuhuang?!” Ye Fan was shocked. As a member of the Xiniu Continent’s Ye family, he naturally knew about the Nine Phoenix Dynasty, and even more so about Emperor Jiuhuang!

The other party had cultivation in the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. After the Emperor Death Era, Greater Vehicle Realm cultivators were non-existent, so those in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm were invincible!

“Alright, there’s no need for that. You should thank my master first. If it weren’t for my master’s heavenly medical skills, you wouldn’t have been able to come back to life,” Mu Jiuhuang said in a deep voice.

“Your master? Isn’t my benefactor a mortal?” Ye Fan found it hard to understand, frowning. Although that person saved him, he had no cultivation.

Why would Emperor Jiuhuang call that person her master?

Emperor Jiuhuang was already the strongest on the Mainland of Tianyuan. She was extremely arrogant!

To think she would acknowledge a mortal as her master?

Ye Fan wasn’t a fool. As the young master of the Ye family and born with supreme bones, how could he be brainless?

In just a moment, he thought of the key point.

“Is my benefactor a Greater Vehicle Realm expert?” Ye Fan looked at Mu Jiuhuang in surprise. It seemed that this was the only explanation.

He had heard of Emperor Jiuhuang’s story before. She was no weaker than anyone else.

Mu Jiuhuang chuckled and shook her head, “The senior’s cultivation base has long since surpassed the Greater Vehicle Realm. at the very least, he’s at the Ancient Emperor Realm.”

“The Ancient Emperor Realm?” Ye Fan was stunned. The Ye family was a family with deep foundations in the Xiniu Continent, so they naturally knew many secrets.

The Ancient Emperor Realm was above the Greater Vehicle Realm. Experts in that realm were truly the undefeatable cultivators of the Mainland of Tianyuan.

However, it was rumored that all the Ancient Emperors had fallen.

“My hate… My supreme bones, my dantian…” Ye Fan’s heart was still burning with anger.

Knowing that Xiao Changtian was an Ancient Emperor, Ye Fan’s eyes suddenly shone with a bright light.

In his mind, an unprecedented thought suddenly emerged.

He wanted to be his benefactor’s disciple!

As long as he could become the disciple of an Ancient Emperor, he might be able to cultivate again.

This was because the ancient records of the Ye family stated that Ancient Emperors were existences that could resurrect people.

It shouldn’t be difficult for the other party to recover his cultivation.

He had to acknowledge his benefactor as his master.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan immediately ran out and knelt on the ground.

Xiao Changtian, who was warming up, was dumbfounded, “What are you doing?”

The boy can’t possibly be thinking that he didn’t need to return the twenty taels of gold just by kneeling, right?

“Senior, thank you for saving my life,” Ye Fan kowtowed three times and a wound appeared on his forehead.

Xiao Changtian hurriedly supported his head. If the boy hurt his head again, wouldn’t he have to pay for it?

At most, he could just write off the twenty taels of gold. Why did the boy have to hurt himself like this?

“Senior, I…” Ye Fan opened his mouth, wanting to become Xiao Changtian’s disciple.

“I agree to it,” However, Xiao Changtian directly agreed before Ye Fan could finish his words.

It was just twenty taels of gold. If the boy couldn’t afford it, then so be it.

He really couldn’t stand Ye Fan’s self-harming actions.

“Really? Senior, you’ve agreed!” When Ye Fan heard this, his face was filled with joy. As expected of an Ancient Emperor. He hadn’t even finished speaking and the other party already knew that he wanted to be his disciple.

“Yes,” Xiao Changtian nodded his head, but his heart was bleeding. Twenty taels of gold were gone just like that.

“That’s great! Master, please accept this bow from your disciple,” Ye Fan bowed respectfully.

“Master?” Xiao Changtian was stunned. Wasn’t the boy talking about the twenty taels of gold?

He wasn’t surprised that Ye Fan wanted to be his disciple. After all, the system had given him a notification before.

But now that Ye Fan had become his disciple, it seemed that he could not get the twenty taels of gold back either.

After all, no master could ever ask for money from his disciple.

Then, he thought of the cultivation technique rewarded by the system. If he couldn’t understand it, he could let his disciple take a look.

If his disciple could learn it, wouldn’t it be great if he could reap the results for free?

“Ye Fan, although you are my disciple, I will say this first. I’m just a mortal. The things I can teach you are only mortal things. So, you’ll be like me for the rest of your life, a mortal. Are you still willing?” Xiao Changtian asked.

If Ye Fan wanted to cultivate, wouldn’t his action of taking the boy in as a disciple be wasting the boy’s time? This matter had to be said first.

“A mortal?” Ye Fan was startled. What did the senior mean by this? To think the Ancient Emperor called himself a mortal?

Ye Fan frowned. He suddenly thought of some hidden experts he had met when he was young. All of them were no different from mortals.

He had only found out later on that these experts had reached the Simplicity Returning Realm. They had cultivated their hearts in the world of mortals and were but playing around in the human world.

The senior must be the same!

In fact, as an Ancient Emperor, the senior might be hiding in this tiny world of mortals and planning something big.

“I’m willing,” Ye Fan nodded his head in agreement. The mortals that followed Ancient Emperors were not something that ordinary cultivators could compare to either.

Seeing Ye Fan nod, Xiao Changtian took out the Mortal Path Scripture, “In that case, you can cultivate according to this cultivation technique.”

“As for the parts you don’t understand, you can slowly comprehend them on your own. I will observe you regularly,” Xiao Changtian said slowly.

“Yes,” Ye Fan received the Mortal Path Scripture and replied respectfully.

“Work hard. I’m off to feed the dogs,” Xiao Changtian patted his shoulder and left.

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