Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“The Mortal Path Scripture?” Ye Fan had a confused expression as he read the first page of the cultivation technique.

In that instant, he felt his mind go blank, and the world in front of him suddenly changed.

He had come to a mountain village and was looking at an ordinary person who wore simple cotton clothes, worked at sunrise, and rested at sunset. Every day, the person farmed, chopped firewood, and fetched water, living in the mountain forests, never getting tired of it.

Moreover, the person worked harder and more seriously every time he plowed.

Gradually, after an unknown number of years, this person’s appearance did not change, but his aura grew increasingly ordinary. Yet, the firewood he chopped was already ninth-level wood and the land he plowed was already the vast heavens.

However, he didn’t seem to notice all this, just like a mortal who didn’t have spiritual energy.

That was until the man went to chop firewood. The axe fell on the wood and seemed to be able to split the heavens!

Ye Fan was so frightened that he trembled, and only then did he come back to his senses.

“So this is the Mortal Path Scripture? To walk towards invincibility with the mortal path! Vindicate the heavens!” Ye Fan was stunned. Compared to the Ancient Emperor Realm, this was many times stronger.

So much so that he didn’t even dare to imagine it.

It turned out that when his master had said things about being a “mortal”, he wanted him to cultivate the mortal path!

Unknowingly, Ye Fan reached the last page of the Mortal Path Scripture. There was only a line of words on it, “Return to mortality and achieve invincibility!”

Ye Fan was shocked beyond belief. If he cultivated this cultivation technique, he might only be able to reach one-hundredth of the expert’s strength. But this was already enough for him to be an invincible existence on the Mainland of Tianyuan.

“Thank you, master, for your enlightenment,” Ye Fan said gratefully.

At the same time, in the Dayang Sect, Reverend Dayang sat on his throne and stared down coldly.

“Speak. What happened? Which sect’s disciple attacked you?” Reverend Dayang asked in a cold voice.

In the hall were dozens of Dayang Sect disciples with bruised noses and swollen faces.

“Sect master, there has been an influx of cultivators of unknown origin in Dayang Town recently. They hurt mortals at will and simply ignore the rules set by our sect. The disciples were really angry, so they took action.”

“That’s right, master!”

“Those cultivators were too overbearing, and…” One of the disciples stammered as if he had something he couldn’t say.

“And what?” Reverend Dayang said in a deep voice that sounded like he was going to lose his temper.

The disciple shivered and quickly replied, “And… We can’t beat them.”

With that said, the disciples lowered their heads in shame, their faces flushed.

“What?!” Reverend Dayang was completely enraged. To think a foreign sect was trying to bully his Dayang Sect. How could he endure this?

“Although the Dayang Sect has fallen to being a ninth-grade sect, we still have our past heritage. Do they really think we are pushovers by picking on us?” Reverend Dayang was extremely furious. His name was like thunder in Dayang town.

In fact, it was because of the existence of the Dayang Sect that Dayang Town was able to maintain its peace and tranquility.

The previous two fights between experts had already made him feel very aggrieved.

Now, after listening to the disciples’ description that an eighth-grade sect dared to bully the Dayang Sect, he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

“It’s been a long time since the Dayang Sect has displayed our true strength. I’ll have to take action personally,” Reverend Dayang stood up with a furious expression. The vital spirit in his body surged and the aura of the Golden Core Realm was unleashed, causing the disciples present to tremble uncontrollably.

However, when they sensed the sect leader’s powerful aura, all of them laughed while trembling.

“The sect leader is mighty! The sect leader is domineering!”

“With the sect leader’s help, we’ll definitely be able to beat the crap out of those foreign sects.”


The disciples who had been beaten up were all cheering wildly. Reverend Dayang was an expert in the Golden Core Realm. In the eyes of these disciples, he was invincible.

“Let’s go,” Reverend Dayang waved his sleeve and led the group to annihilate the few sects.

In a dark secret room, at the head of the table was a man with a skull mask. He was observing the happenings in Dayang Town through a mirror.

“What’s the point of all this? Sending a bunch of ants to Dayang Town to cause trouble is just sending them to their deaths in front of that Greater Vehicle Realm expert,” An ethereal voice sounded, but there was no second person in the secret room.

“Whether that person is in the Greater Vehicle Realm or not is to be determined. I’m mainly trying to confirm that person’s identity. I suspect that he’s one of the fish that escaped the net back then. As long as it’s the same group of people from back then, they would definitely not sit by and do nothing when cultivators kill mortals,” The skull-masked man said, and the dark secret room fell into silence again.

The ethereal voice didn’t ring out, as if it agreed.

On the streets of Dayang Town, Kaoshan Sect and Zhatian Faction were two eighth-grade sects that had a total of about a hundred people, most of whom were Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators. They were currently running amok on the streets.

“Little sister, come play with me. I guarantee you’ll reach heaven! Ahahahaha!”

“Damn it, is your watermelon not ripe yet? It should be destroyed!”

“You sissy, get lost. I’ll stab you every time I see you. ”


The disciples from the two eighth-grade sects were running amok on the streets, robbing people and committing all kinds of evil.

They had already received orders from the sects to do whatever they wanted this time. They could do as much evil as they wanted, as they had someone backing them up.

With that, these disciples immediately became unscrupulous.

They had even gotten permission from the sects to injure the Dayang Sect disciples.

The sect leaders of eighth-grade sects were Nascent Soul Realm experts with unparalleled strength, and even stronger than Reverend Dayang.

“Stop,” At this moment, Reverend Dayang arrived. His face was filled with anger, just like his red eyebrows and red beard.

“A Golden Core Realm expert?” The disciples of the Kaoshan Sect and Zhatian Faction were all shocked to see him. One of the Zhatian Faction’s disciples even shivered in fear as if he had a problem.

“Do you know that this is the territory of the Dayang Sect? Could it be that my name as Reverend Dayang is no longer enough to intimidate you bunch of juniors?” Reverend Dayang was extremely furious. His vital spirit surged and his figure instantly disappeared.




Screams filled the streets. The disciples of the Kaoshan Sect and Zhatian Faction had their meridians destroyed in a few breaths.

“Dayang Town is not a place where you can act so impudently,” Reverend Dayang’s face was cold as he spoke in an icy voice.

“F*ck, he’s that powerful?” In a corner, Xiao Changtian, who was carrying the puppy out shopping, happened to see this scene and was shocked.

To be able to knock down a few hundred people in a few breaths’ time, Reverend Dayang was really not for show.

Fortunately, he heard that Reverend Dayang had a good personality.

Xiao Changtian left silently. He wanted to hurry back and tell his disciple and maid about how powerful Reverend Dayang was.

He didn’t notice that the puppy opened its eyes to stare into the void coldly.

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