Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

In the Kaoshan Sect, Reverend Dayang appeared.

Beside him stood a man with a head full of red hair. He was the Dayang sect’s patriarch, Reverend Chi Yang!

“That’s strange. It seems like someone has made a move in advance,” Reverend Chi Yang looked at the corpses on the ground with a puzzled expression.

“Their bodies are still warm. Like those of the Zhatian Faction, they were just killed,” Reverend Dayang squatted and examined the corpses of the Kaoshan Sect disciples. He discovered that they had all just been killed.

It was obvious that someone had done something to them before they arrived.

“But where did the sect leaders of the Kaoshan Sect and the Zhatian Faction go?” Reverend Chi Yang asked doubtfully.

At the same time, in Nanbu Continent.

In the Beast-taming Sect, a woman was riding on a snow wolf. She was wearing a tight-fitting white animal skin suit, which highlighted her curvaceous figure.

The snow wolf beneath her exuded the majesty of a King!

This woman was Chu Yiren, the daughter of the Beast-taming Sect’s sect leader.

As for the white wolf that she was riding, it was the Beast-taming Sect’s sect leader’s gift to his daughter for her 18th birthday, the snow wolf king.

“Whitey, let’s go out and pick a husband now,” Chu Yiren had completely inherited Beast-taming Sect’s sect leader’s domineering style. With a wave of the leather whip in her hand, she commanded the snow wolf she was riding and left the Beast-taming Sect.

“Elder Wang, please follow her. With her temper, she’ll easily fall into a disadvantage,” In the main hall, the sect leader of the Beast-taming Sect said to Elder Wang beside him.

“Yes,” Elder Wang nodded and replied. His figure flickered as he looked in the direction that Chu Yiren had left in, his eyes filled with love for a junior.

“Sigh, in the blink of an eye, Yiren is already such a big girl now. If my daughter was still alive, she would be around the same age, right?” Elder Wang let out a sigh. his scarred face was filled with vicissitudes of life. Then, he turned into a shadow and followed Chu Yiren. He would never allow anyone to harm her.

In the main hall, the sect leader of the Beast-taming Sect sighed as he watched the two of them leave.

“Elder Wang, with you around, I’m assured of Yiren’s safety. Even if we lose our beasts in the future, at least you’ll look after her,” The Beast-taming Sect’s sect leader sighed. His eyes were filled with helplessness, and the Beast-taming Sect began to shake violently.

It was as if there was some peerless monster making a ruckus underground.

Chu Yiren had no idea about any of this. She rode on the snow wolf, speeding along.

The one closest to the Nanbu Continent was the Beihuang Continent.

The snow wolf king was very fast. In just one day, they arrived at the Qingyun Sect in the Beihuang Continent.

Chu Yiren had heard that the Qingyun sect’s eldest disciple, Huo Qingyun, was a peerless genius who was very handsome!

“Chu Yiren of the Beast-taming Sect has come to visit,” In front of the Qingyun Sect’s main gate, Chu Yiren said in a deep voice. Her voice was accompanied by a surge of spiritual energy, allowing it to resound throughout the Qingyun Sect.

“Two respected guests, please come in,” Immediately, a deep voice rang out in the Qingyun sect. It was Perfected Qing Yun.

“Two?” Chu Yiren furrowed her brows, a look of confusion on her face. Was he talking about her and the snow wolf king?

In the next moment, Elder Wang could only laugh bitterly as he revealed his figure in midair and said, “Congratulations to Qingyun Sect’s sect leader for the improvement in your strength.”

Elder Wang was also at the first level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, and he knew Perfected Qing Yun.

Logically speaking, Perfected Qing Yun should not have been able to discover him while still in the gates.

After all, the two of them were in the same realm, and they were separated by such a long distance. He had even concealed his aura.

But now, he had been discovered.

He could sense that Perfected Qing Yun’s aura had detected him. As such, he knew that he could no longer disguise himself, so he revealed himself.

“Uncle Wang?” Chu Yiren’s face was first filled with shock, then anger appeared on her pretty face.

“Did father ask you to come?” Chu Yiren furrowed her brows, feeling a little displeased. She was already 18 years old, and according to the rules of mortals, she was already an adult.

“Yiren, the sect leader is just worried,” Elder Wang could only helplessly smile.

“Hmph, I’ll settle this score with you guys when we get back!” Chu Yiren flicked the whip in her hand, and while still on the snow wolf king’s back, she flew into the Qingyun Sect.

Elder Wang followed closely behind.

“Qingyun Sect’s sect leader, you’ve made great progress,” Upon entering, Elder Wang immediately noticed the abnormality.

Perfected Qing Yun’s body seemed to have undergone a transformation, and his aura seemed to have become sharper.

“Hahaha, it’s just so-so,” Perfected Qing Yun laughed and changed the topic.

The senior was a reclusive expert who had hidden from the world of mortals. Naturally, he did not wish to be disturbed, so Perfected Qing Yun did not dare to reveal too much information.

“Yiren, why the sudden visit?” Perfected Qing Yun looked at Chu Yiren.

“I’m here to choose a husband. I’ve heard that your sect’s head disciple, Huo Qingyun, is a genius, so I’ve come to pay a visit,” Chu Yiren said frankly. There was no trace of the bashfulness of a young girl on her face. Instead, she looked haughty like the wolf king.

“So that’s how it is,” Perfected Qing Yun’s face lit up. To think his stupid disciple had a stroke of luck in romance?

Hehe, not bad.

“I’ll call Qingyun out right now,” Perfected Qing Yun said and sent out a message.

Soon, Huo Qingyun and Wang Luoli appeared in the hall.

Chu Yiren’s eyebrows twitched slightly when she looked over, “You’re Huo Qingyun?”

In the small courtyard, Xiao Changtian was feeding the puppy.

“Ding! Detected that host has completed the feeding mission, cooking skill +1. Ding! Congratulations, host. You have achieved mastery in cooking skills,” Xiao Changtian, who was holding the puppy, heard the system’s voice in his mind.

“Mastery in cooking skills?” Xiao Changtian was instantly happy. With mastery in cooking, he could cook some of the dishes from his previous life.

The food in this world was basically for the mortals to fill their stomachs, so they didn’t exactly taste great.

As for the meat of demonic beasts, it contained spiritual energy. For an ordinary person like him, he didn’t know if the spiritual energy would cause damage to his body, so he didn’t dare to try it.

Xiao Changtian looked at Mu Jiuhuang, who was cooking at the stove, and walked over.

“This isn’t cut like this. Come, I’ll teach you,” Xiao Changtian took the spoon, but Mu Jiuhuang was nervous due to his sudden approach.

She didn’t dare to use her vital spirit in front of Xiao Changtian either. Due to a moment of carelessness, her body tilted to the side due to the force, making her fall directly into Xiao Changtian’s arms.

Xiao Changtian, “???”

In an instant, he recalled what had happened that night, and his blood instantly surged.

Mu Jiuhuang, who had fallen into Xiao Changtian’s arms, was so embarrassed that her neck was red.

Coincidentally, Ye Fan, who had just finished chopping the firewood, saw this scene.

“Hey, where’s my axe? I think I left it outside. Master, I didn’t see anything! I’m going to look for my axe,” As Ye Fan spoke, he raised the axe in his hand and threw it out, then ran out to pick it up.

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