Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 15

Chapter 15


Outside Dayang Town, the sect leaders of the Kaoshan Sect and Zhatian Faction, who had been ready to strike at any moment, were killed in an instant.

Even at their moment of death, they didn’t know what had happened.

In the dark secret room, the skull-masked man’s mirror also cracked.

“Hu!” Xiao Changtian walked back home briskly and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Mu Jiuhuang, who was feeding the green tortoise, asked in puzzlement.

Ye Fan, who was chopping wood at the side, also put down his axe.

What matter could make the senior so shocked?

“You guys didn’t see it, but a group of foreign cultivators came to town. They were burning, killing, and pillaging on the streets,” Xiao Changtian took a deep breath and paused.

“Could it be that someone has come to avenge Black Fiend Daoist?”

“Could it be that the Ye family has come to find me?”

Mu Jiuhuang and Ye Fan were both puzzled and even prepared to attack.

“However, the Dayang Sect’s Reverend Dayang made his move and single-handedly defeated over a hundred people. That scene was truly spectacular. Back then, I…” Xiao Changtian took a sip of tea and lay down on the rocking chair.

Back when he transmigrated, didn’t he want to become an invincible existence like that?

It was a pity that the stupid system was blocking his way.

Halfway through his words, he felt extremely aggrieved and could not continue.

However, even though his pause was unintentional, the listeners took it seriously.

“Senior’s tone seems to be extremely dejected. It’s as if he has experienced a loss that has lasted for ten thousand years. What exactly did senior experience back then?” Mu Jiuhuang’s phoenix-like eyes were deep as she looked at Xiao Changtian’s figure. She seemed to feel the loneliness of being at the top.

Back then, she had also experienced that. However, she could feel that her feelings back then were totally incomparable to the senior’s loneliness and loss.

“Master said that Reverend Dayang defeated hundreds of people. Could it be that senior killed hundreds of Ancient Emperors with a single slap back then too?” Ye Fan thought of what the Mortal Path Scripture said: Return to mortality and achieve invincibility!

Indeed, his master looked no different from a real mortal. Even if he knew his master’s true identity, he would still think that his master was an ordinary person.

His master was truly invincible!

On the streets, after Reverend Dayang defeated the hundreds of disciples from the Kaoshan Sect and Zhatian Faction, the people on the street knelt to thank him.


“Thank you for saving our lives, celestial!”

There was a hubbub of voices filled with gratitude.

The contribution of the Dayang Sect in the many years of Dayang Town’s peacefulness could not be ignored.

“It’s fine. This is what I, Reverend Dayang, should do. There’s no need for you to remember my name, Reverend Dayang, for such a small matter,” Seeing the crowd’s gratitude, Reverend Dayang laughed as he emphasized.

“Master, do you want them to remember? Or not to remember? If they don’t need to remember your name, why did you say it out loud?” At the side, the head disciple of the Dayang Sect, Yang Dingtian, scratched his head and asked with some confusion.

Days passed by peacefully.

Ever since the last incident, Black Fiend Daoist’s companions seemed to have stopped in their tracks and didn’t make any more movements.

As for Dayang Town, it returned to its peaceful state.

In the small courtyard, Mu Jiuhuang was feeding the turtle. The puppy could keep its eyes open now.

Every day, Ye Fan chopped wood and carried water. He even plowed out a piece of barren land beside the chicken pen in the backyard and worked on the land hard every day.

Recently, the ground was already green and full of vitality.

Xiao Changtian lay on his rocking chair, still thinking about Reverend Dayang’s attack. He was a little depressed.

“It’s been some time. I wonder how my disciple’s comprehension of the cultivation technique is going. I should ask. If I can get some information out of my disciple’s mouth, that would be the best,” Xiao Changtian thought as he sat up from the rocking chair.

“Jiu’er, go and clean my room,” Xiao Changtian sent Mu Jiuhuang away and then said to Ye Fan, “Ye Fan, it’s been a while, let me test you. How’s your comprehension of the cultivation technique?”

When Ye Fan heard this, he quickly stopped his work and walked over, “Master, I’ve come to realize that becoming a mortal is also a kind of Supreme Dao, and also a path to becoming an expert.”

Xiao Changtian, “???”

He was dumbfounded. Wasn’t this the cultivation technique rewarded by the system? Could it be that his disciple couldn’t understand either?

“This… is quite good,” Xiao Changtian could only smile faintly. It seemed that his disciple had no fate with the celestial path in this life.

However, Xiao Changtian himself was already suffering the pain of being unable to cultivate, and he could not let his disciple be discouraged as well.

Thus, he looked at Ye Fan and encouraged, “The mortal path is also a path. At any time, we must be optimistic and not lose our fighting spirit. Do you understand?”

“I understand, master,” Ye Fan nodded and was filled with gratitude. His master knew that the mortal path was difficult so he encouraged him.

As such, he couldn’t give up! He had to walk the mortal path to the end! No matter what, he couldn’t let down his master’s expectations!

Ye Fan’s gaze became increasingly determined, causing people to feel an endless fighting spirit.

Seeing Ye Fan’s determined gaze, Xiao Changtian nodded his head in relief and let Ye Fan leave.

As for himself, he continued to lie down on the rocking chair and muttered, “When can my path of invincibility be activated? ”

In the room, Mu Jiuhuang followed Xiao Changtian’s instructions and cleaned the room. She didn’t even let go of the dust under the table.

“Eh, what’s this?” While she was tidying up the table, she suddenly saw a book under the table’s leg. Although it was dusty, the name still attracted her.

“Earth Dog Fist?” Mu Jiuhuang was puzzled and flipped through the book.

In an instant, her fair face was filled with shock, surprise, disbelief, and finally ecstasy! Her mouth was so agape that it could fit two eggs.

She discovered that the book was actually a cultivation technique!

A divine-tier cultivation technique!

It just so happened that she was in a difficult situation cultivating the Nine Phoenix Emperor Technique.

Even if she wanted to break through later, not only would she be affected by the current Heaven and Earth rules, but she didn’t even know how to.

After the Emperor Death Era, all techniques above the Greater Vehicle Realm were extinct.

Now, she was at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and was the number one cultivator on the continent, but in ancient times, cultivators in this realm were only relatively powerful ants.

Now that she found the Earth Dog Fist, she seemed to have sensed the path to the Greater Vehicle Realm.

“Master, can I have this book? I can buy it from you,” Mu Jiuhuang ran out of the room with a happy expression and looked at Xiao Changtian.

“Earth Dog Fist? Sure, take it,” Xiao Changtian was slightly stunned. Just a lousy book? He didn’t want it either, so he simply allowed Mu Jiuhuang to take it.

“Thank you, master!” Mu Jiuhuang’s face was filled with joy. Her master was indeed a peerless expert. To think he gave away such a divine-tier cultivation technique so casually!

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