Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

“I’m going back to sleep. You can continue to stay in the chicken coop.”

Xiao Changtian said indifferently. He still had to go back and open the blind box.


Mu Jiuhuang saw that Xiao Changtian was about to leave and hurriedly called out to him.

She had eaten the Black Tortoise’s egg, and the Black Tortoise would not forgive her so easily. She was afraid that after the master left, the Black Tortoise would come to kill her again.

Xiao Changtian, who had already at the door, stopped.

Women were troublesome.

Xiao Changtian turned around and frowned. He said impatiently, “Young lady, is there something you need?”

“I’m scared. Can you stay here and accompany me?”

Mu Jiuhuang spoke in a low voice. Her entire face flushed red. She was delicate and beautiful.

If the Nine Phoenix Dynasty’s people saw their Emperor in this state, their jaws would drop.

“No, I’m going to sleep.”

Xiao Changsheng shook his head as he thought. “I have to work and rest regularly in this life. How can I stay up late to cultivate with you?”

When Xiao Changtian refused her, Mu Jiuhuang looked at the pool again and found that the Black Tortoise was still looking in their direction.

Thinking about the Black Tortoise’s terrifying aura, Mu Jiuhuang felt a chill down her spine.

The divine beast Black Tortoise could kill her with one slap.

She could not stay there.

There was only one way left.

“I want to spend the night in your room.”

Mu Jiuhuang asked embarrassedly, and her cheeks flushed red.

She was worried that Xiao Changtian would think she was frivolous. After all, it was not right for a man and a woman to spend the night alone in a room.

However, Mu Jiuhuang shuddered at the thought of the Black Tortoise’s terrifying aura.

“My room?”

Xiao Changtian was startled and wondered why that woman wanted to go to his room.

She was there to avoid being hunted down and not cause him trouble.

“I’m afraid…” Mu Jiuhuang’s face turned pale. She had eaten the Black Tortoise’s egg. The Black Tortoise would not let her off so easily.

“Come in,” Xiao Changtian saw that Mu Jiuhuang’s body was still trembling. He could see she was terrified. So, he helplessly agreed.

“Thanks a lot,” Seeing Xiao Changtian nodding, Mu Jiuhuang’s face lit up in joy, and she followed him into the room.

The two of them entered the room.

The furnishings in the room were extremely simple. There was a table and chair, an oil lamp, and a large bed.

“This is his room?” Mu Jiuhuang’s heart skipped a beat. It was too simple.

“That man is a peerless master, and his cultivation is above the Greater Vehicle Realm. How can he live in this small broken house?” She thought.

This did not match the status of an expert.

“Could it be that the senior has returned to his true self and are training his heart in the mortal world?”

Mu Jiuhuang’s eyes suddenly lit up in joy. She felt that this reason made more sense.

“Alright, I’m going to sleep. Do as you please.”

Xiao Changtian walked to the bed and lay down. He closed his eyes and began to sleep.

“Do whatever I please?”

Mu Jiuhuang stood and looked at Xiao Changtian lying on the bed. His body only took up half of the bed, and her brows furrowed slightly.

She was thinking about what the senior meant.

The senior told her to do as she pleased, but his body only took up half of the bed.

So she guessed the senior wanted her to sleep on the bed!

Although Xiao Changtian’s eyes were closed, he could still hear this woman seemed to be walking towards him.


His body seemed to have touched something soft. He wondered.

“What is she trying to do?

Could it be that she’s coveting my unparalleled handsomeness and is ruthlessly preparing to ravage my body?”

For a moment, Xiao Changtian’s heart hammered in him. He didn’t know if he should resist or accept it.

“For the blind box and invincible cultivation, I’ll endure it!”

Xiao Changtian was prepared. The heavens were about to give a man a great task, and he must exhaust his bones and muscles first. This was the first step to opening the path of invincibility.

“Come on!

Come and ravage me!” He thought.

Xiao Changsheng could feel a delicate body moving slowly on top of him. Wisps of fragrance fell and entered his nose.

Xiao Changsheng had already prepared himself. His thought became savage… Erm, no! He felt wronged.

However, after a long time.

He felt as if Mu Jiuhuang was lying next to him, motionless.

“Why is this woman not moving?

Maybe she wants to seduce me and make me take the initiative?

That’s impossible!

I’m a good man who keeps my body clean. You will never seduce me.”

Mu Jiuhuang lay down beside Xiao Changtian. As the Emperor, this was the first time she slept on the same bed as a man.

Her heart thumped fast, and she was nervous.

Outside, she was the Emperor who awed the entire continent.

Now in bed, she was just a person protected by her senior.

She couldn’t help but look at the profile of Xiao Changtian’s face. He was handsome and masculine, filled with a kind of charm. She even couldn’t help but want to touch his face.

Mu Jiuhuang mustered up her courage and raised her hand slightly, about to touch Xiao Changtian’s face.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She lifted her head and looked out of the window.


Mu Jiuhuang screamed. The Black Tortoise’s gaze was too terrifying. She screamed and pounced on Xiao Changtian.

Due to the shock of the Black Tortoise’s primordial spirit, Mu Jiuhuang fainted. She fell on Xiao Changtian’s body.

Xiao Changtian was a virgin of two lives, and now such a beautiful woman had fainted on him.

He could feel the woman’s body temperature and the faint fragrance from the tip of his nose.

Blood rushed up Xiao Changtian’s brain, and he fainted.

The sun rose, and it was another beautiful day.

Xiao Changtian woke up and felt a little dizzy. He vaguely remembered that Mu Jiuhuang seemed to have fainted on him last night.

He stretched his hand to the side.

“Where is she?”

Xiao Changtian sat up and looked around. His clothes were still there, and he immediately felt depressed.

Recalling last night, he could not believe he had fainted too.

He was speechless.

At the same time, tens of thousands of meters above Dayang Town, a black-robed Daoist looked down coldly with a fierce expression.

He was the Black Fiend Daoist.

“Mu Jiuhuang, how long do you think your array can hold me back?”

“I can sense your aura in this town. You definitely can’t run far in your heavily injured state.”

Black Fiend Daoist sneered and released his divine will, which instantly enveloped the entire Dayang town.

In a few breaths, Black Fiend Daoist’s spiritual will locked onto the backyard of the thatched house.

“Hahaha! The great Emperor Jiuhuang hid in a chicken coop. However, anyone who dares to help Mu Jiuhuang is my enemy.”

Black Fiend Daoist attacked, and boundless black Qi surged like dark clouds.

The demonic blood Qi filled the air, and the howls of thousands of ghosts made all the cultivators in Dayang Town tremble.

The elders discussing in the main hall in the great Dayang Sect felt a chill in their hearts.”Quickly, go and invite the ancestor.”

The sect leader of the great Dayang Sect said anxiously. As a cultivator, he could feel that the entire great Dayang Town would be destroyed if this attack landed.

Xiao Changtian was feeding the chickens in the backyard, and the green turtle was blowing bubbles in the pond.

Sensing Black Fiend Daoist’s aura, the turtle emerged from the water and slapped the air with its front leg.

Black Fiend Daoist, gathering his killing intent and preparing to destroy Dayang Town, suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

He sensed an extremely terrifying aura coming toward him.

“Where did this expert come from?”

Black Fiend Daoist’s expression turned cold, and he again exerted his divine sense.

Suddenly, a shadow of a Black Tortoise that was as tall as the sky appeared.

Black Fiend Daoist immediately saw the Black Tortoise’s true form.

He was instantly dumbfounded.

“How is this possible? It’s the divine beast Black Tortoise, a divine beast of the Greater Vehicle Realm.”

Black Fiend Daoist was instantly dumbfounded and wanted to turn around and run.

However, the Black Tortoise’s terrifying palm instantly sealed the space around Black Fiend Daoist.

With a bang, Black Fiend Daoist’s figure exploded into a bloody mist in the void.

At this moment, Xiao Changtian also opened the blind box.


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