Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Xiao Changtian opened the blind box with incomparable anticipation. He said in a deep voice, “Open the blind box.”

In an instant, the blind box emitted a golden light that was extremely dazzling.

After the golden light, an Earth Dog Fist manual and a small dog the size of a rice bowl appeared.

“It’s this…”

Xiao Changtian was speechless.

He had a tortoise and now a puppy.

Was the system trying to make his place a zoo?

Helplessly, Xiao Changtian could only look at the Earth Dog Fist Manual. He had heard of this in his previous life. It was also a very powerful martial art.

“Even if I can’t cultivate, it’s not bad to master a peerless martial art.”

Xiao Changtian opened the manual expectantly. Then, his mood sank.

There were no moves or mental cultivation methods in the Earth Dog Fist Manual or written annotations.

There were only a few pictures of the dog digging the soil.

Xiao Changtian’s hand, holding the fist manual, instantly trembled in anger. He threw the Earth Dog Fist on the ground.

“This isn’t the Earth Dog Fist,” He growled, “stupid system. Are you toying with me?”

However, the system’s response was silence.

“Forget it. I’ll use it to balance the table’s leg. It just so happens that the table has been shaking these few days.”

Thus, Xiao Changtian placed the Earth Dog Fist Manual under the table leg.

“Just nice.”

As for this little dog, he would add a kennel for it.

After a while.

A red-haired old man with a red beard appeared in the sky above the inn with a puzzled expression.

That man was the Dayang Sect’s elder and a famous golden core expert in the great Dayang Town. He was mighty.

“Those two auras appeared in the courtyard next door. My senses can’t be wrong.”

The Dayang Sect’s elder stared at the small courtyard.

Xiao Changtian carried the dog and walked out, preparing to find materials to build his kennel.

The Dayang Sect’s elder was puzzled when he saw Xiao Changtian. He wondered, “Could the two auras that had exploded above the courtyard be related to this person?”

Considering this, Reverend Chi Yang’s figure moved and appeared before Xiao Changtian.

Xiao Changtian, who was hugging the puppy and muttering to himself, was shocked.

“Are you a ghost? Why don’t you make any sound when you walk?”

Xiao Changtian stared at Reverend Chi Yang in surprise. This old man was quite fashionable. His hair was dyed red.

Reverend Chi Yang’s divine sense swept across and found that Xiao Changtian had no cultivation.

“A mortal?”

Reverend Chi Yang nodded. Those two auras shouldn’t be related to this person.

“I’m Reverend Chi Yang from the Dayang Sect,” he said with a faint smile.

Who wouldn’t know Reverend Chi Yang’s reputation in Dayang town?

He was the Dayang Sect’s elder, a Golden Core Realm expert. When the people of Dayang Town saw him, they all knelt in admiration.

Reverend Chi Yang looked at Xiao Changtian, who was in front of him. He was already prepared to accept the worship.


Xiao Changtian gave a perfunctory answer. He also knew about Reverend Chi Yang, the almost invincible cultivator in Dayang Town.

However, when he went to the Dayang Sect to find a master, there was no response from the stone tablet. From then on, Xiao Changtian could only give up and wait to complete the system’s task.

If it was before, Xiao Changtian might have asked the immortal to take him as a disciple.

But now, he had no intention of doing so.

Without any talent, no matter who took him as a disciple, he would not be able to cultivate.

His expression became desolate, and he didn’t speak for long.

Reverend Chi Yang was already looking forward to Xiao Changtian kneeling to him.

But when he heard Xiao Changtian’s answer, he was suddenly stunned.

Something was not right.

“Shouldn’t this kid kneel and beg me to give him a little blessing?” He thought.

Although cultivators couldn’t attack mortals, mortals still extremely respected them.

“What’s with this kid’s attitude?”

Reverend Chi Yang shook his head as he thought. With his status, he did not need to argue with a mortal.

He said, “Did you see people fighting in the air?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Xiao Changtian shook his head and thought.

“How could cultivators be fighting in broad daylight?

If cultivators were to fight with their terrifying cultivation, wouldn’t my small courtyard have been demolished long ago?”

“Alright, you can leave now.”

Reverend Chi Yang nodded. He could tell from Xiao Changtian’s eyes that this man wasn’t lying.

Xiao Changtian nodded and left disappointedly.

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