Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

As for Chu Kuangren from the Beast-taming Sect, the fear had stunned him.

“Erm… This… ” Chu Kuangren looked at Xiao Changtian before him and the panda in his arms, which he was stroking. He was dumbfounded.

Xiao Changtian was like a statue, unmoved.

Chu Kuangren had never seen such a scene before.

Panda was the mount of the Beast-taming Sect’s founding patriarch. It was fierce, and according to sporadic records, the panda could even eat a Greater Vehicle Realm cultivator.

However, the mortal before him was treating the panda as a toy.

Most importantly, the panda cooperated obediently and didn’t dare to move.

“Sect leader, that senior is a peerless expert. As for the one beside him, it’s the legendary divine beast, a sky-devouring dog,” Elder Wang quickly explained the situation to Chu Kuangren. Even though Elder Wang was using his vital energy to transmit the message, Chu Kuangren could still feel the fear in Elder Wang’s emotions.

“A peerless expert? Sky-devouring dog!”

Chu Kuangren was shocked. No wonder, to him, the senior in front of him was no different from a mortal. It was because he was too weak.

As for the sky-devouring dog, wasn’t it the little dog beside senior? It was the little dog that had stopped the panda!

The sky-devouring dog was a divine beast that was even more terrifying than the panda. It was rumored that it could devour the sky and the moon!

Even if the Beast-taming Sect’s patriarch climbed out of his coffin, he wouldn’t be a match for them.

However, it seemed like the sky-devouring dog listened to the words of the expert in front of it!

Also, the previous obstruction should have been instructed by the senior.


Chu Kuangren gasped.

He was more shocked than ever. His face turned from shock to paleness, and the fear in his heart was indescribable.

“Huh? You’re the… previous buyer of my painting?”

Xiao Changtian turned around and saw Perfected Qing Yun.

This man was his source of money.

“Senior, it’s me. It’s indeed me,” Perfected Qing Yun laughed and answered quickly.

“Senior?” Xiao Changtian was stunned. He was only a mortal, and they were cultivators. How could they call him senior?

But on second thought, this person didn’t seem like he was out of his mind. Calling him senior should be referring to him as a senior in calligraphy.

It was no wonder that the system’s skill mastery reward had enhanced his calligraphy.

In the path of calligraphy, seniority had always been determined by calligraphy skill, not by age or status. This was the so-called “accomplished people are the masters”.

There was no harm in calling him senior.

“Who is this person beside you? There are so many people from your sect. Why are you here?” Xiao Changtian stood up and looked into the distance. He saw tens of thousands of people.

He was also slightly nervous.

There were so many people. He was afraid they were there to fight.

This was the world of cultivation. It was normal for two sects to fight.

However, these people’s cultivation base was not enough to compare with the Reverend Dayang.

He recalled a miniature sun behind Reverend Dayang’s back when he had seen him make his move on the street.

Moreover, he had the demeanor of an expert.

Unlike these people, who were just here to fight for their sects, they all had fear in their eyes.

They didn’t even have the contempt that cultivators had for mortals. At first glance, he could tell that person was from a weak sect.

It was like heaven and earth compared to Reverend Dayang.

“Senior, this is the sect master of the Beast-taming Sect, Chu Kuangren. Our two sects are in a disagreement,” Perfected Qing Yun explained hurriedly.

However, before he could finish his explanation, Xiao Changtian interrupted him.

“Alright, I understand. Listen to me. Go back. Let’s call it a day,” Xiao Changtian waved his hand and said to Perfected Qing Yun and Chu Kuangren.

Xiao Changtian thought, “Your sects have arranged a fight, and these disciples look afraid. Aren’t you embarrassed?

Even I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Then, senior…” Chu Kuangren pointed at the panda, pondering how senior would deal with it.

Without the senior’s suppression, the panda would run back again.

The might of the panda was not something they could resist.

“You’re talking about Rongrong? I’ll raise it in the future,” Xiao Changtian said with a smile. A giant Panda’s living environment in the wild was terrible, not to mention that this was the world of immortal cultivation. What if Rongrong encountered some powerful demonic beast and swallowed Rongrong in one bite?

He should handle this matter and not be careless with it.


Chu Kuangren was overjoyed when he heard this. The senior was going to suppress the panda himself.

That was great!

With the senior’s help, the panda would not be able to cause any more trouble, and Beast-taming Sect would be considered to have survived this calamity.

“You guys continue chatting. I’ll be leaving first,” Xiao Changtian lifted the panda. This panda was still in a state of shock. It must have been frightened by the fight between the two sects.

After all, the panda was still small, and it was normal for it to be afraid of strangers.

“I am different and am a mortal. So, Rongrong would feel at ease with me.”

Xiao Changtian thought to himself as he rushed home.

Only Perfected Qing Yun and Chu Kuangren were left there.

At Perfected Qing Yun’s order, tens of thousands of cultivators from both sects returned to the Qingyun Sect.

After a round of conversation, the two of them were extremely shocked.

That was because they had discovered a shocking setup.

Chu Kuangren asked, “You’re saying that senior has already predicted the birth of the panda?”

Perfected Qing Yun said, “That’s right. This was all part of the senior’s plan. Senior predicted that the panda would be born, so he had the Black Tortoise and the sky-devouring dog take action to send your daughter and Elder Wang back.”

“With your daughter and elder wang’s hint, you will come to the Beihuang Continent. At this time, the senior predicted that I would attack the Heishan Sect, and the result of the attack must have been within his expectations.”

“The Black Mountain Daoist sacrificed the sect to increase his strength and wanted to attack Luoli. This included the panda that arrived later.”

“the senior is truly meticulous!”

The more Perfected Qing Yun guessed, the more shocked he became. Every step was closely linked, and his guess should be correct.

After hearing what Perfected Qing Yun said, Chu Kuangren nodded his head repeatedly, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He thought about it carefully, and it was indeed so. He only felt that it was unimaginable and even more terrifying.

Meanwhile, a figure riding on a snow wolf stealthily left the Qingyun Sect under cover of the night, looking determined.

“Senior, I’m here.”

Chu Yiren flicked the leather whip in her hand, and the snow wolf king under her leaped up, disappearing in front of the moon.

Meanwhile, a figure emerged from the ground in a barren land in yang town.

“The heaven’s secrets Dao compass shows that it’s here. Could it be related to the expert who killed the Black Fiend Daoist and the Blackblood Chess Saint?”

The Heavenly Secrets Pavilion’s head retracted the silver light from his body, revealing his true appearance.

“Well. It’s just in time. I can transform into a wandering Daoist and slowly search for my chance.”

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