Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The following day, the sun rose from the East as usual, and Xiao Changtian was also awake.

There were a lot of plans for today. First, he would sell some calligraphy and paintings on the streets to exchange for copper coins. Next, he would renovate the small courtyard.

The environment of the small courtyard wasn’t suitable for Rongrong’s life.

“If I want to expand the courtyard area, I’ll need a lot of money…”

When Xiao Changtian thought of the twenty taels of gold from before, he felt pity for it.

“Jiu’er, after feeding the tortoises, go find a few craftsmen to renovate the courtyard,” Xiao Changtian ordered.

“Alright,” Mu Jiuhuang nodded, and her beautiful eyes flashed.


Xiao Changtian was walking on the street, preparing to head to the town’s pawnshop. He wanted to ask how much his paintings could be pawned for.

A rich man like Perfected Qing Yun must be rare. Now was when he urgently needed money and could not try his luck.

“I can predict the great fortune of the heavens and the good fortune and misfortune.”

“I’ll start the divination with one copper coin. If it’s accurate, you can give me more. I’ll give you ten taels of gold if it’s inaccurate.”

A loud voice was heard. Xiao Changtian looked over and saw that a fortune-telling stall had appeared before him since god knows when.

At this time, a white-robed, beardless, middle-aged man had his eyes closed as he called out.

It was the pavilion master of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

In front of the stall, people would pass by from time to time to ask. When everyone left, they all had grateful expressions.

“Young man, it’s our fate to meet each other. Why don’t I read you your fortune?” Heavenly Secrets Pavilion’s master said with a smile.


Xiao Changtian chuckled, and the corner of his mouth twitched. What ability did this kind of wandering Daoist have to predict the fate of the heavens?

He had met many wandering Daoists in his previous life, so he didn’t have a good impression of them. If they could directly calculate the winning numbers of the lottery tomorrow, wouldn’t they have become rich long ago?

Does he even know how to read fortunes?

As for the cultivation world, he didn’t believe it.

Cultivation was a heaven-defying act. Who could predict their fate?

“Little brother, you don’t believe me?” Hearing Xiao Changtian’s sneer, the pavilion master of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion frowned. Countless cultivators on the five continents of the Mainland of Tianyuan begged him to tell their fortunes, but he still did it according to his mood.

Today, however, he came to a small town and was questioned by a mortal.

“I don’t,” Xiao Changtian shook his head and said seriously.

“You…” Seeing Xiao Changtian didn’t look like he was lying. The pavilion master was even angrier. A mortal was questioning him!

Was that appropriate?

He could not tolerate that!

The pavilion master of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion slammed a hundred taels of gold on the table. “I’ll read your fortune. You’ll have to give me a copper coin if it’s accurate. If it’s not, these golds are yours.”


Seeing a hundred taels of gold, and the gold even emitting a dazzling light, Xiao Changtian silently gasped.

This was a hundred taels of gold, enough for him to live the rest of his life without worry.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll lie on purpose?” Xiao Changtian looked at the pavilion master and said solemnly.

As long as he insisted that the man’s calculations were inaccurate, wouldn’t these hundred taels of gold be his?

However, Xiao Changtian maintained his sincerity and wasn’t tempted by money. He said it out loud.

“I have a mirror here. It’s an immortal treasure that can test the authenticity of a person’s words. You can try it out,” The Heavenly Secrets Daoist took out his heavenly secrets mirror.

The heavenly secrets mirror was an ancient treasure passed down from generation to generation. Detecting lies were only one of its various functions.

“Oh? I’ll try then.”

Xiao Changtian was interested. He sat down opposite the pavilion master and looked in the mirror.

After recalling what he knew, it seemed he was the only one who knew about yesterday’s fight between the Qingyun Sect and the Beast-taming Sect. He thought for a moment and said, “There was a fight at the back of the mountain outside the town yesterday.”

As Xiao Changtian spoke, the heavenly secrets mirror lit up with a green light.

“This means you’re not lying. If you lie, it will show red.”

The pavilion master of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion explained.

Xiao Changtian nodded. It seemed that this realm was indeed a treasure in the cultivation world. It even knew about the fight between cultivators yesterday.

“Alright. You can start the divination. Do you want me to write a word, or do you want me to read my fortune through my face? I’ll cooperate with you,” Xiao Changtian said. As for whether this wandering Daoist would renege on his debt, he didn’t need to worry at all.

Many people were watching them.

With so many witnesses, he wasn’t afraid that this wandering Daoist would go back on his word.

“No need to go through so much trouble. I’ll know once I calculate,” The pavilion master said arrogantly. His divination art could predict anything from the ninth-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts to mortals on the Mainland of Tianyuan.

The pavilion master of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion lightly twirled a spell with a faint smile on his lips.

Today, he was going to let this mortal experience his skill.

“What do you guys think? It’s a hundred taels of gold. I want it…”

“We’re waiting for the results. If it’s accurate, let’s get him to read our fortunes too.”

The residents of Dayang Town were all curious as they waited for the results.

Xiao Changtian, on the other hand, was indifferent. The wandering Daoist was probably using a trick to deceive people. If he didn’t get tricked by the wandering Daoist and allowed him to grasp his psychological weakness, the wandering Daoist wouldn’t have had any chance to find out anything.

The Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master chanted a spell, and the smile on his face gradually disappeared.

His brows gradually furrowed, and his expression turned serious.

“Such a tough mortal’s fate? Fog blocking my sight?”

“Hmph, it’s a pity it will not stop me. I’m, after all, the Daoist of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.”

The Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master sneered. He used the heavenly secrets art and charged toward the mist.

“Heh, break it open and let me see what’s inside,” Heavenly Secrets Daoist laughed in his heart.

But suddenly, his expression changed, and his body trembled.

Just as his heavenly secrets art was about to break through the fog, a brilliant pressure of the great Dao descended. If he hadn’t dodged in time and used his substitute body to block it… he was probably dead by now.

“This is impossible…”

The Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master looked at Xiao Changtian in disbelief.

Was the person in front of him a f*cking mortal?

This big shot came from god knows where and was making fun of him!

“Senior must be joking. I’m just a swindler. All of this gold is yours.” the pavilion master knew that the person in front of him was a big shot, so he quickly apologized.

His back was already drenched in a cold sweat.

In the ring, the substitute body had already been crushed into ashes.

He would have turned into a pool of ash if he had not reacted quickly.

No! Not even his ash would be left.

“Huh? You haven’t told me the result yet,” Xiao Changtian was dumbfounded, “you just made up a lie, and it ended just like that? How boring is that?”

“iI…I can’t figure it out,” The pavilion master said helplessly with a wry smile. However, he was a little nervous in his heart. Could it be that the senior doesn’t intend to let me go?

However, he didn’t have any enmity with this senior!

The pavilion master could only smile and hand the gold to Xiao Changtian as a serious apology.

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