Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

“Senior, please don’t make things difficult for me. I can’t predict your fortune,” The Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master smiled bitterly.

“Hehe, if you knew this would happen, why did you promise this? In the future, don’t predict such unpredictable things like fortune and fate.”

Xiao Changtian laughed and said.

If he didn’t intend to swindle, he wouldn’t have had such an ending today.

It was a lesson for this wandering Daoist! As for the 100 taels of gold…

Xiao Changtian only took ten taels.

“Senior, these are all yours. Please don’t refuse them,” The pavilion master quickly said. He was panicked.

This young man was an expert, and the pavilion master knew he couldn’t offend him.

Moreover, the words of this expert were the same as the admonishment his master had given him when he had first entered the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

Predicting the heavenly secrets was a treasonous thing. However, after cultivating the art of heavenly secrets to perfection, he no longer cared about it because he could use other means to eliminate the heavenly tribulation.

Moreover, no one could remind him.

Only today, when he had made a fool of himself in front of senior, did he truly come to his senses. The apprehension and nervousness he had felt when he first entered the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion again welled up in him.

The senior was reminding him if he predicted many heavenly secrets, it would eventually lead to a karmic backlash!

The senior was a kind man!

“No need. Since the previous rule was ten taels of gold, it’s ten taels of gold. Just remember not to do such a thing in the future,” Xiao Changtian said indifferently as he left with the ten taels of gold.

He left the pavilion master of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion alone to reflect on his actions.

“Tsk! This man is a swindler, after all. He is not to be trusted.”

“Let’s leave. There’s nothing to see here.”

The surrounding crowd also dispersed in an uproar. If the Daoist couldn’t read anything, what kind of fortune teller was he? Immediately, everyone lost interest.

On the streets, Xiao Changtian looked at the ten taels of gold in his hand, feeling happy.

“I’ve been quite lucky recently. First, someone bought a piece of calligraphy, and then I met a wealthy swindler. I’ll have money now to renovate the courtyard. ”

“I just don’t know if Jiu’er has found the craftsmen.”

Xiao Changtian thought.

Dongsheng Continent.

On a vast sea, a few masters were floating in the void, and their powerful Qi activities caused the sea to surge.

“Fellow Daoist Jihuang, it’s impossible for us to be craftsmen for others.”

“That’s right. We’re all cultivators at the third-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm. Don’t even think about insulting us even if we’re not your match.”

“We also have our dignity!”

Five middle-aged men stood in front of Mu Jiuhuang, each holding a different weapon.

These five people were the sect leader and elders of the Heavenly-building Sect. When they were still weak, they were construction workers. However, due to fate, they obtained an opportunity and evolved into Daoism through construction work, becoming powerful people.

“Hehehe, it seems you guys don’t like to be persuaded.”

Mu Jiuhuang chuckled. The aura around her turned cold. A powerful aura burst out, instantly suppressing the five people.

“Argh! What are you trying to do?”


The five of them shouted. Their faces flushed red.

Under the pressure of Mu Jiuhuang’s aura, they found breathing difficult. They were like small boats on the sea that could be overturned at any time.

“No! How is this possible? How can you be so powerful?”

The five of them were shocked, and their faces filled with horror.

Even if Mu Jiuhuang was a ninth-stage Heavenly Tribulation Realm expert, the five of them could still escape even if they couldn’t defeat him.

But now, they realized that they couldn’t even escape.

“Because I’m already above the Heavenly Tribulation Realm,” Mu Jiuhuang said indifferently. His face was cold, but his voice resounded over the entire sea.

At this moment, she was more like Emperor Jiuhuang, the emperor who controlled life and death! She was different from the courtyard’s submissive maid.

“Senior, do you still remember me?”

On the way, Xiao Changtian was stopped by Chu Yiren.

Chu Yiren’s smiled affectionately, and her big, watery eyes stared at Xiao Changtian’s eyes.

“You’re so silly!”

Xiao Changtian looked at the young lady in front of him. Wasn’t this the young lady who seemed dimwitted?

Did she run out again?

Wasn’t this girl following Chu Kuangren before? Could this girl be Chu Kuangren’s daughter?

“Forget it. I’ll take you back.”

Xiao Changtian said helplessly. They were considered acquaintances, so he couldn’t watch this silly girl get abducted.

He would bring her back first. Chu Kuangren would send people out to look for her, and he would let the Chu family’s people take this silly girl back.

“Senior, you’re taking me back?” Hearing this, Chu Yiren felt her heart hammering.

“Follow me,” Xiao Changtian grabbed Chu Yiren’s wrist and brought her back.

Chu Yiren felt even more delighted when he held her.

“It seems like you’ve taken a liking to me, senior. I’ll go to your room tonight and settle this matter, then…” Chu Yiren lowered her head as she thought. Her face filled with excitement and anticipation.

Soon, the few of them returned to the small courtyard simultaneously.

“Master, who is she?” The first thing Mu Jiuhuang saw was that Xiao Changtian was holding a woman’s hand.

Baffled, she directly asked.

After she spoke, she realized that something was wrong with her.

She was the senior’s maid. How could she question the senior like this? She quickly apologized, “Senior, I’m sorry. I…”

“Oh, it’s nothing. She’s an old friend’s daughter. Did you find me those craftsmen?” Xiao Changtian waved his hand and said indifferently.

He knew that women were always on guard against each other.


Mu Jiuhuang replied. After knowing Mu Jiuhuang had broken through to the Greater Vehicle Realm, the few people from the Heavenly-building Sect agreed to build the place.

After all, Mu Jiuhuang had told them that if they came to build the courtyard, they would be able to meet the peerless expert.

But, all they saw was a mortal.

The five of them looked at each other in confusion.

That was all?

“Since you’re here, let’s start the job.”

“Transform this courtyard according to my blueprint.”

Xiao Changtian settled Chu Yiren down in a room. Then, he took a blueprint and handed it to the Heavenly-building Sect members.

“I want to build a bamboo forest here. We need to expand the pool and the chicken coop…”

Xiao Changtian planned carefully. According to his guess, the system would give him more animals. He had to expand the yard and not mix up the lives of the animals.

A budget of ten taels of gold was enough.

The problem was that they might have a conflict with the inn.

Xiao Changtian felt that this matter would be a little challenging to handle when he thought of Reverend Dayang’s invincible demeanor.

However, after looking at the animals and thinking about his future path of invincibility, Xiao Changtian still felt that he had to do this.

“Jiu’er, go to the Dayang Sect’s inn first and communicate with them,” Xiao Changtian instructed Mu Jiuhuang. If it didn’t work, he would go himself.

“Alright,” Mu Jiuhuang nodded.

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