Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

A great morning would make the day.

Xiao Changtian woke up and looked at Chu Yiren, who was lying on the bed, trembling with a helpless expression.

This girl was more fragile than he thought.

She was so frightened, even by a nightmare!

After thinking for a while, Xiao Changtian didn’t wake her up. He let her sleep a little longer so she wouldn’t cause a ruckus.

Walking out of the room, Xiao Changtian was stunned.

The original courtyard had been renewed. It was a completely different place from before.

A cool breeze blew in a green bamboo forest, and the bamboo leaves rustled as if heaven and earth were singing in harmony.

An artificial pond paved with gray cobblestones was at the corner of the wall. Next to it was a rockery, and under the pond, there was an underground canal that led to an underground river. The water flowed freely, reflecting the entire bamboo forest.

The chicken pen and dog kennels at the side were also renovated to look like caves, full of a natural charm.

Light and shadow flickered, causing the entire small courtyard to be filled with elegance.

“You guys didn’t sleep all night?” Xiao Changtian looked at the five people from the Heavenly-building Sect in shock. These five people were so responsible, not even sleeping in the middle of the night.

He was delighted with the transformation of this small courtyard.

Hearing this, the five people from the Heavenly-building Sect quickly approached with embarrassed smiles. “Senior, everything is done according to your blueprint. Please see if there is anything you want us to change.”

“No, it’s okay. The renovation of the small courtyard has been completed. This is your salary. Take a rest. ”

Xiao Changtian said indifferently and gave ten taels of gold to Zhu Yi.

“No, we can’t accept this,” Zhu Yi and the other four took the gold and looked flustered.

“This is…”

They didn’t know if they should take it or not. Senior had already helped them take revenge, which was a great favor.

Moreover, it was their luck to do things for the senior. How could they ask for something from the senior?

Looking at the panicked look on their faces, Xiao Changtian smiled faintly.

He could tell at a glance that these people were simple craftsmen who worked overnight without sleeping, and the results were beyond his expectations.

They were honest people.

These people must have never seen such a high salary, so they were shocked.

He couldn’t blame them for this. He had the same reaction when he first saw the taels of gold.

“You deserve these for the job you’ve done. Take it,” Xiao Changtian smiled, indicating the craftsmen to accept the gold.

“Yes, sir.”

The five elders of the Heavenly-building Sect could only nod their heads upon hearing his words.

The five took their wages and walked out of the small courtyard.

“Brother, are we just going to leave like this? That senior is an unparalleled expert.”

“He only asked us to help him modify his courtyard. Yet the senior had helped us take revenge on our enemy.”


A few of them looked at Zhu Yi. None of them wanted to leave.

All matters within the Heavenly-building sect, big and small, were settled with a single vital spirit voice transmission.

However, the opportunity to follow an expert could only be encountered and not sought.

The five had been stuck in the same realm for many years. They had tried all kinds of methods but had no hope of breaking through.

The five of them had become the experts they were today because of an opportunity. They valued this opportunity more than countless exp0erts who had passed the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

“We’ll live in this town with the excuse of work.”

Zhu Yi thought for a while and made a decision.

They wanted to live in this small town. Many mortals lived in Dayang Town, and craftsmen were also very common.


“This way, we can often visit to ask for the senior’s advice.”

The other four were overjoyed when they heard this. As long as they could stay in Dayang Town, they would have more opportunities to get in touch with the senior.

This was an opportunity for a breakthrough, and no one would give it up.

So, the five rented a small courtyard not far from the inn.

“This courtyard is not bad. I heard that a middle-aged man lives next to it. It’s secluded, and the main thing is that the small courtyard is closer to senior,” Zhu Yi said indifferently.

Just as they were about to push open the door to the courtyard and enter, a middle-aged man with a white beard walked out of the small house next to them.

In an instant, their eyes met.

“The pavilion master of the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion?”

“The five elders of Heavenly-building Sect?”

The pavilion master of Heavenly Secrets Pavilion and the five elders of the Heavenly-building Sect looked at each other in shock.

Mu Jiuhuang and Ye Fan also walked out of their rooms in the small courtyard.


“Those guys from the Heavenly-building Sect did a good job.”

Mu Jiuhuang complimented calmly. Her fiery red lips curled up. A bold idea suddenly emerged in her heart. She walked directly toward Xiao Changtian.

“Master, are you satisfied with the craftsmen I found this time?” Mu Jiuhuang smiled lightly. Her cold face had a bit of charm, which was soul-stirring.

If the other experts of the Nine Phoenix Dynasty saw Mu Jiuhuangs attitude, their jaws would drop.

However, Xiao Changtian only nodded his head in response.

“Master, aren’t you going to reward me?” Mu Jiuhuang saw that Xiao Changtian seemed indifferent and remained calm. She bit her lips and mustered up the courage to ask.

Chu Yiren’s arrival made her feel like she could not calm down.

This feeling was extraordinary, and she couldn’t even control it.

“Reward? How do you want me to reward you?” Xiao Changtian looked at Mu Jiuhuang.

He had no idea why this girl’s personality changed suddenly.

“She would not ask for a salary, would she?” Xiao Changtian thought.

He could not agree to that.

Thinking of this, Xiao Changtian quickly said, “We’ve already agreed on the salary. It’s written on paper. You can’t go back on your word.”

“As for the rest of the rewards, you ask for whatever you want.”

Xiao Changtian promised.

“Okay, then I want senior…”

“Huh? You want me?” Xiao Changtian was stunned. He even wondered if the maid wanted him as a reward for what she had done for him.

“I want senior to cook me a meal,” Mu Jiuhuang said after a pause. A blush appeared on her pretty face.

She quickly buried her head in her chest as her heart hammered.

“Phew, that was too close. I almost spoke my true thoughts,” Mu Jiuhuang thought to herself.


Xiao Changtian nodded his head. This wretched girl didn’t finish her words in one go, making him excited for nothing.

However, the five craftsmen she found were reliable, so she should be rewarded. Thus, Xiao Changtian immediately agreed.

“Thank you, master.”

When Mu Jiuhuang heard this, she was instantly overjoyed. Her face bloomed with joy.

Xiao Changtian shook his head helplessly. He didn’t expect Jiu’er to be so easily satisfied.

Forget it. It’s just a meal. He could fulfill it if Mu Jiuhuang were happy.

“Tell me, what do you want to eat?” Xiao Changtian said indifferently.

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