Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Finally, at Mu Jiuhuang’s request, Xiao Changtian made a simple bowl of clear broth noodle soup.

“Thanks, master.”

Mu Jiuhuang held the bowl of clear broth noodle soup in her hands. Her fair and delicate face was filled with a happy smile.

“Eat slowly. I’m going for a walk outside,” Xiao Changtian looked at Mu Jiuhuang’s satisfied expression and smiled.

Xiao Changtian brought Alpha with him and went on a fresh morning walk.

“Hello, senior.”

Zhu Yi and the others happened to meet Xiao Changtian on the street.

“You guys haven’t returned home yet?” Xiao Changtian asked.

“The few of us felt that the business in Dayang Town is good and can make money, so we rented a house here and planned to do it for a few years,” Zhu Yi and the others said.

Xiao Changtian nodded his head.

“Not bad. Good luck, and do your best,” Xiao Changtian said indifferently and continued to walk out of the town.

“Yes,” Zhu Yi and the others quickly nodded, revealing a touch of joy. They looked at each other and nodded.

“It seems like senior has allowed us to stay in Dayang Town.”

Xiao Changtian was in a good mood as he walked. He and Alpha came to the green stone slab again and played another dozen games.

The result was obvious. Alpha lost again.

The only difference was that three streaks of light streaked across the sky today. They were three immortal cultivators flying over.

Looking at the flowing light, Xiao Changtian sighed silently. He still wanted to cultivate.

“I wonder how long it’ll take to complete the system’s zoo mission,” Xiao Changtian was in a bad mood.

The three rays of light turned into an arc and landed in the Dayang Sect.

“Seniors, why have you come to my Dayang Sect?” Reverend Dayang looked at the three people before him respectfully.

The three people before him were the sect leaders of the first-grade sects of the Beihuang Continent.

They were Reverend Zhong Xian, Reverend Qiong Cheng, and Reverend Ba Shan, all from the second level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

“We’ve formed an alliance with a few first-grade sects, and we’re going to use Dayang Town’s territory to hold a Tournament of Geniuses of the Beihuang Continent,” Reverend Zhong Xian’s voice was soft and gentle. Still, it was filled with a commanding tone, not allowing Reverend Dayang to refuse.

“It’s Dayang Sect’s honor.”

Reverend Dayang quickly agreed. Cold sweat rolled down his back.

He didn’t dare to refuse as the aura of Reverend Zhong Xian had locked onto him.

Reverend Dayang did not doubt that Reverend Zhong Xian would instantly attack him if he refused.

The only thing he could do now was to accept.

“Alright, prepare the venue in half a month. Invite the mortals as well,” Reverend Qiong Cheng said indifferently, but his voice sounded demanding.

“Sure…” In the end, Reverend Dayang, who was only in the Golden Core Realm, could not do anything before the Heavenly Tribulation Realm’s experts. He could only agree to anything they said.

Only after the three had left did Reverend Dayang sit down in despair.

How could he not tell that these three people were preparing to gather all the people in Dayang Town?

“Hmph, the three of them are up to no good, for sure!” Reverend Dayang scolded in annoyance. His experienced eyes revealed a deep sense of helplessness.

Even if he knew that the three wanted to cause trouble, what could he, a Golden Core Realm cultivator, do?


Reverend Dayang sighed helplessly.

It was as easy as flipping their hands for three Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts to destroy the Dayang Sect.

Reverend Dayang could not escape either. It was impossible to run away. These three first-grade sects were very powerful. In Dayang Town, the strongest was only the Golden Core Realm, so he could not resist them.

He had no choice.

Reverend Dayang looked worried. This matter was simply a dead end.


All of a sudden, Reverend Dayang’s expression changed. He suddenly recalled that the emperor had been to the inn a few days ago.

Furthermore, she had asked him to give a piece of land in the inn to the small courtyard behind.

At that time, the emperor had promised him that she would owe him a favor.

Reverend Dayang knew the emperor’s promise was worth more than ten thousand pounds. The only way he could deal with this was to find the emperor.

“Let’s go to that small courtyard!” Reverend Dayang’s eyes lit up. Since the emperor had stood up for that small courtyard, she must have had a close relationship with the people in the courtyard.

With that thought, Reverend Dayang immediately set off. He could not afford to delay any further.

After 15 minutes, Reverend Dayang flew to the front of the small courtyard.

He stepped in.


In an instant, it was as if he had been walloped. He felt his mind go blank as he was sent flying.

“Black… Black Tortoise?”

Reverend Dayang was shocked. In his moment of daze, he saw a Black Tortoise dharma taller than the sky. It stood between heaven and earth, its four legs like pillars that held up the sky, suppressing the heaven and earth.

In front of the terrifying aura of the Black Tortoise, he was like a small boat, jolting on the rough sea.

A mere wave could overturn him.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Black Tortoise didn’t have any killing intent towards him, he would have been dead by now.


It took Reverend Dayang an hour to calm down.

“Reverend Dayang?”

Xiao Changtian had just returned from walking his dog when he saw Reverend Dayang sitting at the entrance of his courtyard, looking inside.

“It’s you?” When Reverend Dayang saw Xiao Changtian, he was stunned. Was this the mortal who had come out of the small courtyard with a little puppy?

His impression of Xiao Changtian was especially deep, and also that little puppy…


Reverend Dayang glanced at Alpha and instantly felt the world spin.

In his spiritual sense, the phantom of a divine dog that wanted to devour the sky appeared. It opened its huge mouth and swallowed the sky!

Reverend Dayang was stunned and could not snap out of his shock for a long time.

Shocking! This was too shocking.

He had seen two divine beasts on the same day.

Two incomparably terrifying divine beasts!

“Reverend Dayang, what’s wrong?” Xiao Changtian asked again. Reverend Dayang had suddenly stopped moving. Could this be the enlightenment of immortal cultivators?

As soon as Xiao Changtian finished speaking, Reverend Dayang felt that his mind had cleared.

The pressure from the sky-devouring dog disappeared in an instant.

“The pressure has disappeared?”

“It’s this mor…”

“No! It’s this senior before me!”

Reverend Dayang was incomparably shocked as he looked at Xiao Changtian in disbelief. This person in front of him had suppressed the pressure of the sky-devouring dog with just a single sentence.

It was truly unbelievable.

Suddenly, he recalled the calmness of this senior when he saw him and instantly understood.

The senior in front of him had a high cultivation level, which was why he had determined that the senior was a mortal.

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