Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

“Sect leader, the ant beast is a high-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm beast. I can’t defeat it.”

“Quickly send reinforcements.”

Within the Divine Sound Sect’s main hall, the sect leader, Lian Shenyin, and the other powerful beings looked at the distress call with grim expressions.

“This ant beast doesn’t seem simple. Forget it, everyone. Follow me.”

The sect leader, Lian Shenyin, stood up. Her aura turned cold as her third-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm cultivation erupted.

“Sect leader, you’ve broken through again?”

All the elders were overjoyed. A third-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm cultivator was one of the leading forces in the Beihuang Continent.

“Come out.”

Lian Shenyin smiled. Her entire body exuded a valiant and valiant aura that did not lose out to men.

Several beams of light flew out from the Divine Sound Sect and landed outside Dayang Town in a few seconds.

“Sect leader, this is the ant.”

Sun Wukong saw that sect leader Lian Shenyin had personally come to help and instantly felt more confident. He pointed at the chaotic ant.


However, when he finished speaking, the chaotic ant smacked again, and Sun Wukong fell to the ground.

“Hmph, how dare you hurt my disciples. Set up the formation.”

Lian Shenyin’s face turned gloomy, and she shouted out coldly. The elders behind her formed a formation as the sounds of the zithers clashed in the air.

The zithers’ sounds seemed to flow in the mountains and streams, and the chirping of hundreds of birds formed a natural sound of nature.

The sound of the zither was melodic and gentle. Just listening to it made one’s heart calm and intoxicated.

“Sect leader’s divine tune is great.”

Feng Lin and Zi Yue, who had their backs against the huge rock and were shivering, grinned with their pig-like faces.

Even the two of them fell into it and were momentarily dazed.

This was the terrifying part of practicing the divine tune!

The beautiful sounds of nature made people feel as if they were in a valley, looking at the peak and calming their hearts, forgetting all the world’s troubles, forgetting to resist, forgetting to fight, and then being obliterated by the hidden killing intent!

It was called the God-practicing tune because, according to the records of the Divine Sound Sect, this tune had once killed a God!


The chaotic ant sneered and moved its feelers. It took the zither from Feng Ling’s ring.

Then, he gently prodded it!


The sound of a zither rang out. Lian Shenyin’s heavenly sound seemed to be swallowed up in an instant. No matter how Lian Shenyin played the zither, he could no longer make a sound.

“Great Sound of Hope?”

In an instant, Lian Shenyin and the others’ expressions changed. The spiritual instruments in their hands seemed to have lost their souls as they fell to the ground.

Feng Ling and Zi Yue’s faces turned pale!

This was the great Dao that the old ancestor wanted to impart to them. This was the Great Sound of Hope recorded in the sect’s records.

The loud sound was the most beautiful in the world.

It could just be a note, or it could be a song.

As soon as the loud voice came out, all sounds became silent!

This was the realm the founder of the Divine Sound Sect had been pursuing all his life.

“Greetings, senior!”

Lian Shenyin’s entire body trembled in excitement. Tears welled up in her beautiful eyes as she knelt.

Listening to the baptism of the Great Sound of Hope, the barrier of the realm in her body disappeared like water flowing into a channel.


Heavenly Tribulation Realm fourth-level!

Lian Shenyin’s aura fluctuated as she broke through!

“Greetings, senior.”

Upon seeing this, the elders knelt one after another. How could they not understand that the ant in front of them was neither a demon king nor a demon emperor?

It was an existence that surpassed the demon emperor.

“Don’t make any noise during rest time. Master doesn’t like it. ”

The chaotic ant plucked the strings again, and the power of the zither carved a line of words on the ground.


Lian Shenyin replied hurriedly, shocked.

She recalled Feng Ling’s description and instantly understood. It was noon when Feng Ling was playing the zither.

It was the sound of the zither that had disturbed the master behind this senior!


Lian Shenyin gasped.

This senior ant god could produce loud sounds with a wave of his hand. Even the founding ancestor of the Divine Sound Sect could only sigh in admiration at such a technique.

Then the master behind the ant God was…

She didn’t dare to imagine anymore.

That senior was probably an invincible existence on the entire Mainland of Tianyuan!

“Sect leader, what kind of existence is that senior?”

Feng Ling and Zi Yue walked over. Their faces, swollen to the size of a washbasin, were ghastly pale.

“You two are so lucky.”

“If that senior intended to kill, you would have been dead long ago.”

Lian Shenyin sighed. She then passed down an order that all the disciples of the Divine Sound Sect were to remain silent as long as they were traveling in the mortal world during rest time.

Those who disobeyed the order would be expelled from the Divine Sound Sect.

The line of words that the chaotic ant had written had long disappeared.

As for the Divine Sound Sect, they had all returned to the sect under the orders of Lian Shenyin to prepare for the Dayang Sect’s Tournament of Geniuses that would be held in half a month!

As for Lian Shenyin, she went to the Qingyun Sect.

“Hehe, old Daoist Qing Yun, I’ve broken through to the fourth-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm. You heartless man, wait to be beaten by me.”

Lian Shenyin smirked.

She had just broken through the Heavenly Tribulation Realm a thousand years ago.

That time, she had lost to Perfected Qing Yun.

However, it was different this time!

She was acquainted with an invincible senior.

This time, she would defeat Perfected Qing Yun.

The chaotic ant returned to the small courtyard.

At this moment, Xiao Changtian also woke up from his nap.

“It’s comfortable. I can’t cultivate as I did in my previous life. Health is more important.”

Xiao Changtian stretched his muscles and bones, again lifting Rongrong’s neck and putting it back in the bamboo forest.

“What gift should I give to the Dayang Sect?”

Xiao Changtian took Alpha to the street again.

Reverend Dayang was a good person. He had even given him a piece of land for free.

The gift must be expensive, generous, and high-class!

Most importantly, he couldn’t give them mortal items, and they had to have some immortal Qi.

Xiao Changtian was in a daze as he pondered.


At this moment, a joyful voice was heard. Xiao Changtian was stunned. He raised his head and saw the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master.

“You’re the… fortune-teller from before?”

Xiao Changtian looked at the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master in confusion. He frowned. Could this person be setting up a stall in Dayang Town?

Seeing Xiao Changtian’s frown, the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion master quickly laughed and said, “I don’t set up a stall for fortune-telling anymore. I’m just selling some small items and doing some business.”

As the pavilion lord of heavenly secrets explained, his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

He couldn’t help but feel nervous facing such an expert.

“Not bad,” Xiao Changtian nodded. It was great to admit one’s mistake and correct it.

Xiao Changtian lowered his head and glanced around. The stall contained eight-trigram plates, talisman papers, and other items. Xiao Changtian nodded. This could be considered the old profession of fortune-telling in front of him.

Suddenly, Xiao Changtian’s eyes lit up.

He remembered that this fortune-teller seemed to have a celestial magical artifact that could detect lies.

Since that was the case, he might buy the mirror and give it to Reverend Dayang.

Xiao Changtian stated his intention.

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