Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

The girls were back outside the gate of the Divine Sound Sect.

“Who are you? How dare you impersonate Senior Sister Feng Ling and Yue’er?”

“That’s right. Senior Sister Feng Ling and Yue’er are so graceful.”

“You two pigheads. Why don’t you take a look in the mirror? You’re nothing compared to Senior Sister Feng Ling and Yue’er, and you still want to sneak into our Divine Sound Sect? You’re courting death.”

A few disciples guarding the mountain stared at the two purple-robed girls in front of them with disdain.

Feng Ling and Yue’er looked helpless. They seemed to have lost their identity jade plate while they were escaping.

Anger boiled in the two of them.

They even wondered why they were so unlucky that day.

“I’m Feng Ling.”

“I’m Yue’er.”

“An ant beat us.”

The two of them tried their best to explain.

However, the disciple before them did not believe it at all.

The two fairies who had descended from the heavens were graceful, slender, and agile as if they were the lovers of one’s dreams. However, these two fairies suddenly woke up and turned into two bloated water buckets. No one would recognize them.

“You were even beaten by an ant? This is the funniest joke I’ve heard today.”

“Come on. Let the ant hit me then!”

“If you don’t leave, don’t blame us for beating you up.”

A male disciple sneered as he lifted the jade flute and was ready to blow it.

The attack method of the Divine Sound Sect was unique. They used music to kill.

Their disciples also used weapons such as a zither, a jade flute, and various other weapons!

“Junior brother, if you continue like this, senior sister will never teach you how to play the flute again,” Feng Ling’s expression turned gloomy, and she spoke in her low voice.

“Hmph, demon, how dare you impersonate Senior Sister Feng Ling! I’ll make you regret this for the rest of your life!

The male disciple said as he took action.

The sound of the jade flute spread, and the resonant sound of killing seemed to penetrate gold and shatter stone, attacking Feng Ling.

“Hmph,” she snorted.

Seeing this, Yue’er was furious. She took out her long zither and plucked it with her ten slender fingers. The sound of the zither reverberated.

The sound of the zither and the flute collided, and the male disciple was forced back a dozen steps, his face pale.

“Senior Sister…?”

“It’s really you?”

The disciple who was guarding the mountain felt his heart skip a beat. The zither sound was Senior Sister Yue’er’s unique technique.

Within the Great Hall of the Divine Sound Sect, a few elders played the zither harmoniously.

The melodious sound of the instruments reverberated in the hall, forming a force that was difficult to describe.

“This disciple wishes to meet the master.”

Feng Ling and Yue’er’s voices sounded outside the hall.

Finally, the sound in the hall stopped, and they heard a powerful voice.

“Come in.”

Hearing this, Feng Ling and Zi Yue were overjoyed and walked into the main hall.


“What’s going on?”

“You guys were beaten up?”

The sect leader Lian Shenyin pressed down on the zither with both hands and stared at Feng Ling and Zi Yue. A look of confusion appeared on her cold and beautiful face.

“Feng Ling, the two of you are at the Deity Incarnation Realm. Even if you can’t beat him, you should be able to escape, right?”

“Who did this? The goddess of our Divine Sound Sect has been bullied! This is a disgrace to our sect!”

The elders of the Divine Sound Sect were all furious.

“We… were beaten up by an ant.”

Seeing the sect’s elders so indignant, Zi Yue directly said.


“Even an ant can have a cultivation base above the Deity Incarnation Realm? Tell us what exactly happened.”

Lian Shenyin was puzzled. There was no ant king among the demonic kings of the Beihuang Continent.

Where did such a powerful ant-race demonic beast come from?


“It’s like this…”

Fifteen minutes later, Feng Ling Zi Yue explained the entire situation.

“Hmph, it should be a newly born ant demon in the Beihuang Continent. You two are quite unlucky. Let Elder Sun go with you to kill this ant demon.”

The sect leader, Lian Shenyin, snorted coldly.


After he sat down, a green-robed elder, Sun Wukong, who had an extraordinary temperament, received the order.

Then, under Elder Sun Wukong’s lead, the three of them once again arrived at Dayang Town.

“Feng Ling, was this where you were beaten up?” Elder Sun Wukong asked.

“Yes,” Feng Lin answered.

“Don’t worry. The ant tribe demonic beasts live in groups. They won’t move so easily. They must still be around Dayang town.”

“I’ll use sound waves to investigate. I’ll be able to find that ant monster soon and take revenge for you two.”

Elder Sun Wukong said arrogantly as he took a dark green jade vessel flute from his sleeve. It was small at the top and large at the bottom and shaped like an egg.


In an instant, a deep voice spread out in all directions like a tide.

The sound waves spread across the space. Whether it was the seven-star bugs in the grass, the wild beasts running in the dense forest, or the people in Dayang Town, they were all detected by the sound waves.

Soon, the sound wave arrived in front of the small courtyard.

“They are so persistent.”

The ant snorted coldly. It moved its feelers and appeared in front of Sun Wukong and the other two again.


Looking at the chaotic ant that had suddenly appeared in front of him, Sun Wukong was stunned because his sound wave had not detected the existence of this ant.

“Elder sun, that’s him!”

Zi Yue pointed at the chaotic ant and said happily.

With Elder Sun around, they could defeat the chaotic ants.

“Don’t worry. Although this ant can avoid my sound wave detection, I can feel that it has not reached the emperor-level aura of a demon emperor.

“It should be a demon king!”

“It’s so easy to suppress a demon king!”

Elder Sun Wukong said arrogantly again. He raised the vessel flute in his hand again and prepared to blow it.


Before Sun Wukong could blow, the chaotic ant smacked him into the ground.

The vessel flute also fell to the side.

“Ah! Elder Sun.”

Seeing this, Feng Ling and Zi Luan were shocked. Elder Sun was an expert at the first level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm. Although he had only broken through recently, he was still an expert at the Heavenly Tribulation Realm!

Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts were existences that stood at the peak of this world!

Yet, he was smacked into the ground just like that?

“This is bad! Yue’er, let’s run!” Feng Ling was shocked. She saw the chaotic ant walking towards them and tried to escape quickly.

But where could they run?

How could Feng Ling and Zi Yue outrun the speed of chaos ants?

The chaotic ant slapped Feng Ling and Zi Yue instantly into the ground.

After Elder Sun Wukong was hit, he instantly understood that he could not deal with the ant before him. A jade talisman in his hand turned into a stream of light and instantly disappeared into the horizon.

That was a jade talisman to call for help.

Sun Wukong once again sought help from the Divine Sound Sect.

The chaotic ant naturally sensed this, but it did not stop it.

Instead of waiting in line to deal with them individually, it was better to deal with them all at once.

It would not let these people disturb his master anymore.

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