Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Reverend Chi Yang frowned slightly as he watched Xiao Changtian leave.

That’s right!

Those two experts were both above the Golden Core Realm.

It would be a piece of cake if they wanted to hide their auras.

The person in front of him was only a mortal. How could he have seen a fight between cultivators?

Meanwhile, Xiao Changtian found some bricks and soil to build a small kennel for the puppy.

Then, he took some food the system gave him and fed the puppy.

“Ding! The host has been detected to have fed a second animal. Reward: He’s a master of calligraphy.”

The system’s notification rang out in Xiao Changtian’s mind.

Xiao Changtian didn’t show any surprise. Instead, his face was calm.

By now, he was proficient in the four arts, including calligraphy.

If it were in his previous life, he would have become a star with his looks and talent.

But now…

They were pointless.

In the world of immortal cultivation, these skills were of little value.

He would have to live a boring and peaceful life.

Xiao Changtian would feed the animals daily, work at sunrise, rest at sunset, and never stay up late to cultivate.

Half a month later, a red ray of light came from the distant sky. After it reached the sky above the small courtyard, it began to dissipate.

Mu Jiuhuang’s figure disappeared along with the red light and appeared in front of the small courtyard.

Looking at the small courtyard before her, Mu Jiuhuang felt grateful. After returning to the Nine Phoenix Dynasty, she discovered that the Black Fiend Daoist had died.

She was certain the person who could kill Black Fiend Daoist was the senior.

Recalling that night, in her panic, she had laid on the senior’s body, and her pretty face instantly flushed red.

Mu Jiuhuang saw Xiao Changtian’s figure through the door.

Her beautiful eyes locked onto Xiao Changtian.

Xiao Changtian threw a corn kernel into the pool, and the tortoise ate it.

“Black Tortoise eats ordinary grains?

The Black Tortoise is a divine beast from the Greater Vehicle Realm. How can it cultivate by relying on ordinary corn?”

Mu Jiuhuang looked at the corn and opened the Eyes of the Divine Phoenix, but she still couldn’t see anything.

“Are they just ordinary corn?”

Mu Jiuhuang squinted her eyes, and her pretty face looked astonished.

Although the Black Tortoise was a divine beast, there were only two ways to cultivate into that realm.

One was to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, while the other was to listen to the Supreme Dao and breakthrough in his enlightenment.

“Could it be that senior has taught the Supreme Dao to Black Tortoise?

It must be that!”

Mu Jiuhuang was shocked by her speculation. That was the only way to explain why the Black Tortoise could cultivate the Greater Vehicle Realm while eating grains.

“If only I could follow his side and listen to his lecture…

Wouldn’t that mean I would quickly become a Greater Vehicle Realm cultivator?

I must stay by senior’s side then.”

Mu Jiuhuang thought to herself as she stood before the courtyard gate and greeted softly, “May I come in?”

Hearing someone calling from outside the door, Xiao Changtian put down the corn in his hand and looked up.


“Isn’t this the woman from before?”

Xiao Changtian was puzzled. He looked at Mu Jiuhuang and found her face was ruddy and springy. It was apparent that her previous injuries had recovered.

“Oh, it’s you. Come in.”

Xiao Changtian beckoned with his hand. Recalling that sudden softness, he couldn’t help but feel some reminiscence in his heart.

“Could it be that she had come back to find me?” He thought.

Xiao Changtian’s heart was filled with joy, but he suppressed his emotions and didn’t let himself get too excited.

Otherwise, he might faint again.


Mu Jiuhuang’s face lit up. She didn’t expect the senior to remember her.

She walked into the courtyard and said respectfully, “Thank you for your help last time. I’m here to repay your kindness.”

Mu Jiuhuang bowed respectfully to Xiao Changtian. It made her feel like he was wearing short clothes in the snow because she was facing Xiao Changtian.

That was because he knew that senior had returned to his true self and concealed himself from the world of mortals, so he did not want to be disturbed.

She even deliberately changed the title senior to you.

Mu Jiuhuang said as she took out a pen.

It was a quill, its feathers like burning flames. The bone in the middle was a pure and flawless white.

“I have nothing to repay you with. I can only give you this Phoenix Feather Brush as a thank-you gift,” Mu Jiuhuang said respectfully.

This Phoenix Feather Brush was made from a Phoenix’s feathers, a precious item in the Nine Phoenix Empire.

It was tough to control the Phoenix Feather Brush.

The user must have an extremely high level of attainment in the path of painting.

Xiao Changtian had already prepared to sacrifice himself to help others repay their kindness.

However, he instantly lost interest when he saw that it was a pen.

“Forget it. Although it’s not worth much, it’s still a token of your sincerity.”

Xiao Changtian sighed and took the Phoenix Feather Brush.

“Is a Phoenix Feather Brush not enough to catch the senior’s eye?”

Mu Jiuhuang looked into Xiao Changtian’s eyes and seemed a little disappointed.

“That’s right. Senior’s tortoise is a Black Tortoise. A Phoenix Feather Brush is nothing to him.”

Mu Jiuhuang instantly understood what she had done wrong.

” Senior, one Phoenix Feather Brush is not enough. Why don’t I stay here? I can serve you as a maid.”

Mu Jiuhuang took the opportunity to speak again.

She was the great Emperor Jiuhuang. If people knew that she was a maid, they would be shocked.

However, she knew very well that it was a supreme opportunity for her to listen to the Supreme Dao of such an expert while he was serving him!

“As a maid? That’s fine.”

Xiao Changtian’s heart was filled with joy. The maid could warm his bed and also…

However, although Xiao Changtian was happy, he definitely couldn’t show it. What if he scared the girl away?

“If you want to be my maid, that’s fine too.”

Hearing this, Mu Jiuhuang’s face bloomed with joy. Just as she was about to thank him, Xiao Changtian said, “But you have to give up some things. It’s up to you if you can accept it.”

“Give up some things?

Could it be that the senior wants my…?

Hearing this, Mu Jiuhuang’s fair face blushed.

However, it was to become a senior’s maid, serve the senior, repay the senior’s life-saving grace, and even have the opportunity to listen to the Supreme Dao.

That was a supreme opportunity!

Compared to the unparalleled opportunity, so what if she abandoned her body?

“I… can do it.”

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