Fantasy: I Did Not Raise The Divine Beasts

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Mu Jiuhuang was frantically rejecting him. She didn’t dare to feed the tortoise!

That was the Black Tortoise!

“Why can’t you feed a tortoise? What’s impossible about that?”

Xiao Changtian was speechless. He was teaching Mu Jiuhuang how to feed the tortoise. After all, with a maid, he didn’t have to do this work himself.

He was also very bored facing the green tortoise every day.

However, she did not expect Mu Jiuhuang to say no.

Xiao Changtian cursed in his heart. “Isn’t it just feeding a green tortoise? If you can’t even do this, what’s the use of having a maid like you?

To warm my bed?

I’m that kind of person?”

“I’m scared. I don’t dare to feed him,” Mu Jiuhuang’s voice trembled. That was the Black Tortoise of the Greater Vehicle Realm. She had eaten the egg of the Black Tortoise.

It would be strange if the Black Tortoise didn’t kill him.

“What are you afraid of? It’s just a green tortoise. This tortoise is not even as big as your palm.”

Xiao Changtian ridiculed. He looked at the green tortoise helplessly and said coldly, “She’ll be feeding you in the future. If you scare her again, I’ll chop you up and make you into soup, do you hear me?”

The green tortoise was so scared in the pool that it shivered and nodded hurriedly.

“This green-furred tortoise has a small stomach and can’t eat much. When feeding it, feed it one by one.”

Xiao Changtian patiently instructed. That was a system character, and he was already waiting to open the path of invincibility.


Sensing Xiao Changtian’s anger, the Black Tortoise no longer treated her as an enemy. Mu Jiuhuang quickly took half a bowl of corn and began to feed it into the pool.


Corn grain was thrown in, and a few bubbles floated under the water. The green tortoise swallowed the corn grain in one bite and stared at Mu Jiuhuang, indicating that she should feed him one more.

Seeing that Mu Jiuhuang had learned to feed the tortoise, Xiao Changtian lay down on the rocking chair. In his mind, he was thinking about the five taels of gold.

“What if those two people came looking for him? Should he return the money or not?”

As he thought about it, Xiao Changtian began to take a nap.

Mu Jiuhuang was feeding the Black Tortoise with a trembling expression. She finally saw the Black Tortoise burp and put down half a bowl of corn.

The moment she raised her head, her expression changed.

“Black blood chessboard?”

As a ninth-level Heavenly Tribulation Realm expert, Mu Jiuhuang was just one step away from entering the Greater Vehicle Realm. She had eaten the Black Tortoise’s egg before, so her perception ability was sharper.

“Senior Black Tortoise, what’s this…?”

Mu Jiuhuang looked at the green tortoise with a gloomy expression. Although the black blood chessboard could not do anything to her, she could not break it either.

Therefore, Mu Jiuhuang wanted to ask the Black Tortoise to help.

“I can smash this chessboard with one palm, but Doggy likes to play chess. Let him play.”

The Black Tortoise looked at the puppy in the kennel and said indifferently.

“That dog?”

Mu Juhuang was shocked. She looked at the kennel and suddenly found that the little puppy had already drawn a chessboard on the ground.

The arrangement on the chessboard was the same as the black blood chessboard!

The cute little puppy pushed the stones as chess pieces, and on the black blood chessboard in the clouds, a white chess piece moved.

On the black blood chessboard, countless vengeful souls began to shriek miserably.

They were all chess ghosts refined by the black blood chessboard.

At the same time, Perfected Qing Yun, Huo Qingyun, and Wang Luoli had just arrived outside Dayang Town.

“Black blood chessboard? Is this the Blackblood Chess Saint’s doing?”

Perfected Qing Yun was shocked. The Blackblood Chess Saint was more powerful than him and had killed so many people that even Perfected Qing Yun did not want to provoke him.

“Someone from Dayang Town made a move?”

Suddenly, he was shocked. He saw an unknown force in Dayang Town, driving the white chess pieces on the chessboard toward the black chess pieces.

He was going to play against the Blackblood Chess Saint!

Perfected Qing Yun was shocked.

Although Blackblood Chess Saint wasn’t the strongest, his divine mandate, the black blood chessboard, could kill anyone who dared to play against him, even if they were at the ninth level of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

Once he played against the Blackblood Chess Saint, he would enter the world of the Blackblood Chess Saint.

He could only survive if he surpassed Blackblood Chess Saint in the game.

“Could it be that senior?”

Perfected Qing Yun was confused. He frowned and stared at the game, wanting to witness the realm of this master.

This expert dared to play against the Blackblood Chess Saint, which was already a feat that no one in the world could do! The senior’s strength and realm were definitely above his.

Above the clouds, the Blackblood Chess Saint seemed to sense something. His expression changed slightly, and he opened his eyes.

In front of him was a small black chessboard. The lines on the board were all blood-colored as if blood was flowing.

On the chessboard, a white piece moved and fell on the Position of Tian Yuan. It was the piece that the cute little puppy had placed.

“You’ve finally made your move? I didn’t expect that you would want to play chess with me. What a courageous choice.”

Blackblood Chess Saint grinned. It had been many years since anyone dared play a game with him.

“Blackblood, don’t be careless.”

A heavy voice rang out. In the dark secret room, more than a dozen pairs of eyes were using their great supernatural powers to watch the game.

They all wanted to find that master because, according to their speculation, this person was likely to be a master of the Greater Vehicle Realm.

This expert had already affected their first plan. They had used Mu Jiuhuang’s blood as a sacrifice to the ancient door. They could not afford to fail a second time.

Blackblood Chess Saint did not answer. He picked up a black chess piece and placed it next to Tian Yuan.

That was his way of killing chess, using chess to create killing, using chess to bear karma, and escaping from it.

As such, the chess ghost on the chessboard had already been infected by karma. Anyone who played against him and lost the game would be devoured by karma, and their souls would be destroyed.

Therefore, none of the people who played against him could survive.

He was the same! If he lost the chess game, he would be entangled by karma and burned to death by the fire of karma.

However, he had absolute confidence in his chess skills.

The man in the clouds waved his sleeve and placed a chess piece.

The puppy was lying on the ground, playing chess with its eyes closed.

The black blood chessboard in the sky above Dayang town had turned into a battlefield of slaughter. Countless pairs of eyes were staring at the game in shock.

“This person’s chess skills are on par with Blackblood Chess Saint?”

Perfected Qing Yun stood outside the chessboard. He was shocked and in disbelief. He could not even use words to describe his shock.

He didn’t expect every step he took to be filled with killing intent, which terrified him.

If he were to play against the Blackblood Chess Saint, he would die within ten moves!

“Do… Is that senior so powerful?”

Mu Jiuhuang was equally shocked. Although she had the Emperor’s Fate of Nine Phoenixes, and the chessboard could not affect her, she would die if she were to play against the Blackblood Chess Saint.

“Senior Black Tortoise, may I ask what Senior Dog’s real body is…?” Mu Jiuhuang asked respectfully

“Sky-devouring dog,” The Black Tortoise said indifferently.


Mu Jiuhuang was extremely shocked. The ancient divine beast, the sky-devouring dog, was rumored to be a beast that could swallow the sky!

“No wonder!

Black Tortoise, sky-devouring dog, each one of them is ferocious. However, these beasts all listen to my master. What is his realm, then?” She thought.

Mu Jiuhuang looked at Xiao Changtian, who was taking a nap and could not imagine it.

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