Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 26: Kutu

Chapter 26: Kutu

To Chen Heng, it did not matter much if Ormando did anything.

Based on his current tempo, no matter what Ormando did, he would not be able to change the final outcome.

It was just a matter of time until everything that Baron Kaisen had belonged to him.

Chen Heng's expression was calm as he held the sword and thought to himself.

From Baron Kaisen's territory to Kutu was an extremely long distance.

With the long distance and the difficulty of traversing this world, it took Chen Heng an extremely long time to reach his destination.

It took two months for Chen Heng to reach his destination.

After reaching the Kutu Royal City, he settled down.

"It looks pretty lively…"

Chen Heng slowly walked in the city, looking around.

From how he saw it, this city was quite undeveloped. The layout of the city was quite messy, and the flow of people was quite chaotic.

There would occasionally also be smelly odors; it seemed that the city's waste management was not very good either.

However, compared to Baron Kaisen's territory, this place was already quite good. It at least looked quite prosperous, and it was better than the previous places that Chen Heng had seen.

Of course, compared to modern society's cities, it was greatly lacking and could not be compared at all.

However, disregarding the differences between the worlds and directly comparing them was not fair either.

At least in this world, this city was quite good.

After living as a mercenary in his previous simulation and traveling to many places, Chen Heng was sure of this.

Chen Heng casually walked about, and seeing the red robe he wore, they did not feel it was strange but slightly made way for him.

In the Kutu Principality, red was a color that only nobles could wear.

In Baron Kaisen's territory, commoners could only wear white or gray.

However, this city seemed to be more lax with this.

In front of him, Chen Heng saw many people who wore many colors, as if there were not many restrictions.

This made sense—after all, this was the Kutu Principality's Royal City, and there were many large and small noble families, merchant groups, and mercenaries from foreign lands.

Strict restrictions on clothing would not be very realistic.

Chen Heng silently observed everything as he walked about.

It seemed that because of the Kutu Royal Academy's intake of students, there were many people coming to the city from outside.

From what he saw, there were many coming in from outside, coming in to buy various things.

Afterwards, a young man wearing blue robes caught Chen Heng's attention.

He did not look very old, only in his early twenties, and he was perhaps a few years older than Chen Heng.

He looked like he did not have much money; even though he wore robes, there were many patches on them. His face was also a bit dark, looking like he often did labor.

Looking at this person, Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

From his eyes, he could tell that this person was not an ordinary person.

He was carrying a large bag on his back and holding a large sack in his hand.

Ordinary people might not be able to tell that there was anything special about him, but Chen Heng could tell that those things were not light at all.

Ordinary people would not be able to carry them for long. However, the young man looked calm and composed, and he did not show any signs of weariness even after walking for a long time.

This was evidently not something that ordinary people could do.

Chen Heng thought to himself before walking up, and he took out a silver coin.

"Aren't these things a bit too expensive?"

Looking at the peddler in front of him, the young man frowned and said, "It's just a sword sheath, and yet you want that much for it?"

"This is already the cheapest price," the peddler felt quite helpless, "then how much do you want it for?"

The young man stretched out a hand and said seriously, "At most, five copper coins."


The peddler hesitated before looking around and nodding, "Alright."

The young man's face relaxed as he nodded, preparing to pay.

"Excuse me," a voice sounded out from the side, sounding very gentle.

Hearing this voice, the young man was startled and looked over warily.

There was a young man standing beside him.

It was a handsome young man with a tall and straight figure. His facial features were quite pretty, and standing there, he gave off airs that were different to that of normal people. He could immediately tell that this person was quite special.

He stood there with a warm smile on his face, looking like a polite gentleman.

"I'm sorry, but is this yours?"

Chen Heng stood there and asked as he looked at the young man and smiled.

In his hand, there was a silver coin. It seemed to glitter under the sunlight.

Looking at the silver coin, the young man's expression slightly changed, seeming somewhat tempted.

Chen Heng's voice once again sounded out, "I passed by here and found this on the ground, so I decided to ask around; it might be yours."

Chen Heng observed the young man as he spoke.

Hearing this, the young man felt quite startled and felt some respect for the person in front of him.

One silver coin was not a small amount of money.

There were two types of coins used in the Kutu Principality: copper coins and silver coins from various Kingdoms.

The silver coin in Chen Heng's hand had high purity, and it was a big silver coin from the Kairs Kingdom. In terms of value, it was worth much more than a small silver coin from the Kutu Principality and worth hundreds of copper coins.

He had found such a sum of money, and yet he did not keep it for himself and was looking for its rightful owner.

How selfless was he?

By the side, seeing this scene, the peddler gulped, wishing he could accept it on behalf of the young man.

However, in the end, the young man resisted the temptation.

He gulped as he shook his head and said, "Sir, this is not mine; you have the wrong person."

Looking at the silver coin in Chen Heng's hand, there was a look of reluctance in his eyes, but he still spoke resolutely and did not take the silver coin.

A smile appeared on Chen Heng's face.

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