Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 25 Long Journey

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

In these three days, Chen Heng did not do too much; he just went to visit the people he was familiar with.

In the past half a year, he had gotten to know many people, so he was quite busy for these three days.

Early in the morning on the third day, Chen Heng came outside.

Outside the residence, there was already someone there.

"Sir, you're here."

Jit looked respectful as he gazed at Chen Heng.

"Uncle Jit, you're here too."

Chen Heng smiled and patted his shoulder, "I'll be troubling you."

"It's not matter," Jit shook his head, "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how things would be for me now.

"Now that you're leaving, I have to send you at least part of the way."

Speaking to there, he laughed and said, "In actuality, it's not just me."

"When they heard that you were leaving, my five children and my old friends all said they wanted to escort you."

"Is that so?" Chen Heng laughed; hearing these words, he could not help but feel somewhat happy.

"Please thank them for me."

Jit smiled and agreed.

Because it was still early, most people were still getting ready.

As such, the two of them began to idly chat.

After a while, the sounds of hooves could be heard, accompanied by many footsteps.

Mr. White brought some people and hurried over.

Chen Heng was not surprised by the appearance of most people.

However, what surprised Chen Heng was the middle-aged man behind Mr. White.

"Father, why are you here?" he hurriedly went over and asked respectfully.

Baron Kaisen wore a gray robe and he did not look too good; there were dark rings around his eyes, looking like he had not slept well last night.

"I wanted to send you off," Baron Kaisen shook his head as he spoke.

Now that his child was about to leave, as a father, how could he not feel worried.

He had not been able to sleep well the previous night, and he somewhat wanted to keep Chen Heng here.

However, in the end, he reigned in his impulses and rationally stopped himself.

"Remember to be careful on this trip," he looked at Chen Heng as he lightly sighed.

"I understand," Chen Heng smiled as he nodded looking at ease.

He thought about it and came before Baron Kaisen. Looking at him, he said earnestly, "I'm afraid I won't be able to come back for a while after leaving this time.

"I heard that the white birds of distant locations will miss their homes, families, and friends; I think I will be able to experience this now…

"I hope that while I'm not here, father, you will take care of your body and that I will be able to continue enjoying meals with you when I'm back…" he spoke lightly, his expression sincere and serious.

Around him, Mr White and the others felt quite touched by Chen Heng's filial piety.

Baron Kaisen's eyes reddened.

He opened his mouth as he looked at Chen Heng, wanting to say something. However, in the end, he was unable to say anything and only vigorously patted Chen Heng on the shoulder as he choked out a few words, "Be careful."

His eyes became slightly damp, "No matter what, come back safely."

"I will," Chen Heng smiled and replied earnestly.

After a while, Chen Heng began his journey.

He sat in the carriage and left this place.

On the carriage, Jit and the others accompanied him, either driving, navigating, or helping him with other things on the journey.

Only Baron Kaisen was left.

The cool morning breeze blew, making him feel a bit cold.

He stood there silently for a long time, and in the end, he could only give a long sigh.

At that moment, shouts sounded from afar, as if there were people training.

"What's that sound?" Baron Kaisen frowned as he asked.

"It's Sir Ormando training the soldiers," an attendant replied.

"Bastard!!" Baron Kaisen was enraged, "His little brother is about to embark on a long journey, and as the older brother, he didn't come to see him off even though he's awake!"

He left angrily and rushed towards where the sounds were coming from.

Chen Heng naturally did not know about any of this.

After leaving Baron Kaisen's side, this was both good and bad.

The bad things were obvious; after leaving Baron Kaisen's side, if anything happened over there, Chen Heng would not be able to do anything about it.

However, there was not a great likelihood of this.

In the past half a year, most of the people by Baron Kaisen's side had come to Chen Heng's side and leaned towards him.

Moreover, Baron Kaisen's health was still quite good, and he did not look like someone who was going to die.

As for Ormando, he did not need to think about him at all.

Perhaps without Chen Heng there, he would completely let loose and make a mess of things.

On the other hand, the benefits of leaving Baron Kaisen were also evident.

First, he had the opportunity to see the world.

This world was very big, and just the Kutu Principality was very big. Baron Kaisen was just an ordinary, small noble, and he was not even worth mentioning in the entire Kutu Principality.

Even though Baron Kaisen's territory was not small, it was still limited. If Chen Heng remained here, it would not be beneficial to his future development.

Now that he could leave in advance and go to the Kutu Principality's most prosperous city to study, this was a very good opportunity.

Not only was it beneficial to Chen Heng's future, but it was also beneficial to him gaining Points.

Those were the benefits.

Of course, how much he could gain here was up to him.

Thinking to there, he looked ahead.

They had come to a narrow path.

The surroundings were very narrow, and a few people could barely pass through together.

Looking at the terrain, Chen Heng silently sat up, his hand instinctively stretching out to the side and gripping his sword.

He had made preparations to deal with all variables.

However, as they passed through this place, they did not encounter anything unexpected.

Looking back at that narrow ravine they had passed through, Chen Heng inwardly shook his head.

It seemed that even though Ormando was quite stupid, he was not stupid to the point that he would send people to kill him.

After leaving, he had made preparations to deal with Ormando leading people to assassinate him, but his plans were unnecessary.

"What a pity…" Chen Heng lightly sighed.

If Ormando really dared to come here to kill him, he would have the right to act and get rid of Ormando.

If that happened, it would save him much effort.

It was a pity that perhaps Ormando did not think of this, or he did not have the guts to do it and did not come.

However, this was fine too.

As time passed, the conclusion would be the same regardless.

Chen Heng sat peacefully in the carriage as he thought to himself.

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